Risa Kudo as Zombie Hunter Rika

Zombie Hunter Rika

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, here’s popular gravure idol Risa Kudo (as well as the supporting cast) of the 2008 gore-fest Zombie Hunter Rika, a movie that proves when it comes to comedy/horrors with awful scripts, high-school special effects, and bad acting from beautiful, buxom young ladies, the Japanese definitely do not take a back seat to their counterparts in Hong Kong.
Risa Kudo as Rika
Risa Kudo stars as Rika, whose surgeon grandfather grafts the right arm of a fearless zombie hunter to her, thus transforming her into one herself. Throughout the whole movie, she doesn’t strip past her school uniform, so she may have been chosen for the role due to her acting abilities, which, comparatively, aren’t that bad. See more of her here.

Tsugumi Nagasawa
JAV actress Tsugumi Nagasawa (formerly known as Asami Tachibana) plays Rika’s grandfather’s wife, Sayaka Shiratori, who schemes with her boyfriend to kill the old man so that she can inherit all he owns. She also provides the film with some titillating scenes. (Pun intended.) Tsugumi’s other splatter movie credits include Tokyo Gore Police (2008) and Grotesque (2009). A nice topless shot of her on the set of the former; here.

Akina Serizawa, Mina Arai and Lemon Hanazawa
One notable scene in the move is where the three maids at Rika’s grandfather’s mansion (played by Akina Serizawa, Mina Arai, and Lemon Hanazawa) are interrupted by one of the flesh-eating ghouls while comparing boobs with each other. Lemon’s also appeared in such gems as Lunch Box (2004) and Molester’s Train: Sensitive Fingers (2007).

Clip of granddad’s wife, Sayaka (Tsugumi), making out with her boyfriend as a voyeuristic zombie watches, followed by the above-mentioned scene with the three maids.

Official trailer

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  1. The girl in the poster looks a lot like Go Go Yubari. [ The character played by Chiaki Kuryama in Kill Bill vol. 1]

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