Happy Halloween with Xiang Xiang


Happy Halloween! The day where the women you have always been attracted to post revealing photos of their sexy outfits on various social networking sites for the next three weeks. What a great holiday for stalking.**Don’t stalk people.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Halloween with Xiang Xiang”

  1. LOL at the jack-o-lantern.

    Most Chinese have no idea what Halloween is and if they landed in LAX on October 31, they’d get right back on the plane after they saw all the ghoblins.

    Or they’d think it was just like Harajuku.

    The look on her face makes me believe this was her final mission before her promotion to Sgt. in the Red Army.

    Cute, passable, about like 35 million other girls in China (5% of the female population).

  2. I think this girl could’ve fit in the 50s as a pin up girl with the rather plain, straight forward approach to posing, but she’s still a cute one. At least she can look back on this set and feel she didn’t do anything tasteless.

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