Reprise of’s Model Viky's Model Viky’s model Viky was very well received in her first Asian-Sirens feature a while back. When my buddy alerted me of another brand new gallery of Viky, I thought I would share all 19 new images. Photography by Pasha. Enjoy!'s Model Viky's Model Viky

Links for Met-Art Model Viky

Viky’s Sample Gallery 2
Viky’s Sample Gallery 1
Viky @ Asian-Sirens Main Site

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0 thoughts on “Reprise of’s Model Viky”

  1. ……must………marry……….Viky!!!

    Are there any rules against keeping a prisoner of love? Hmmm, guess that’s probably called ‘kidnapping’ or something, huh?

    Excuse my boyish exhuberance over Viky but DAMN! I’m going to have to enter Viky into my Top Ten! If she starts doing hardcore…she may even be a contender to Kobe’s #1 spot!

    Bless you, Northman.

  2. Thanks,she has amazing beauty….There must be hundreds of Met Art scouts just looking for that extra quality in all the many woman they come across

  3. maybe its the photographer but she doesnt have the usual skinny model type body. a real woman figure yet the angles and lightings make her so beautiful in a natural sexy ways. this is a very hot girl!….woof, woof:)

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