– Smooth as Silk?

Silky Hair – video powered by Metacafe

This is one funny commercial! LMAO…

But on a more serious note, I think it is high time for to change… for the better of course. It’s been slightly over a year now since the resurrection of the portal last July 2005 and perhaps some enhancements are in order. Ideas may be like introducing weekly theme of specific topics e.g. “Thai Models Week etc.” or “the most shocking news about our featured models” or anything else that may spice up the experience.

Marco, Robin & Dr lee, just my 2 cents worth with all due respect gents… 🙂

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  1. Okay, ppl. Let’s hear ya thoughts on these proposed ‘enhancements’! 🙂

    (Kanyer, bear in mind that when we introduce a weekly theme, it HAS to be a weekly recurring thing 😉

  2. I don’t know. The blog format makes it pretty much a free for all – we just post whatever we want when we feel like it. If Kanyer would like to have a weekly themed post he is welcome to do so, and if other bloggers think it’s a good ide they might join in. That’s the beauty of a blog – it’s open-ended.

  3. Agree with Lee, the open end of blogs is one of it’s key succesfactors. And Kanyer, if you have any ideas for a theme, please let us know and we can add a new category!

  4. If I may add a comment as a reader

    I wouldn’t mind a fixed feature like a fresh new model/actress update every Friday. On the other hand its not something I miss currently.

    However what I enjoy the most here is the unexpected; something I wouldn’t think or know off when googling or jumping around wikipedia or IMDB.

    Keep the quality of posts high, trolls and juvenille comments out and you will keep at least one very happy reader 😉

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