Rei Aoki


Rei Aoki is the kind of model that will not get as much attention amidst many of the other JGirls around, but she does have that “girlfriend” look that I often appreciate. Also her skin is nice. And since she’s next on the list, here she is.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokyo
















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  1. Like you guys would have a chance with her! She is beautiful in everyway imagineable. You studs think you have a gift with all the women!

  2. I wouldn’t give this one a second look. Plus her boobs look weird to me, especially the left one.

    Nice smile though–that’s enough to make her a 5.

    Last girl I posted a hint that we should move on to the next girl. Let me be more specific: Move on to the next girl–AND make the next one hotter than this one! And girls with bigger racks would be nice, I hate having to break out the magnifying glass looking for the boobs on these girls.

  3. I have to agree that she’s pretty average as a model, yet I find her oddly cute and attractive. Her smile looks unusually genuine, and she gives me the impression that she’d be a lot of fun to be with (not to mention quite willing!).

  4. Love the smile and poses.
    The boobs are photoshopped. Wish they’d have been left alone. Lovely body.

  5. Travis, stop whining about my whining–if you think I’m whining, then I can only believe that your telling me to stop is much the same.

    And take a look at the past three girls that have been posted. All three of them together would barely add up to a B cup. Don’t threaten to post boobless chicks when its already been done!

    Why am I suddenly “whining” anyway? Its your job to post chicks, right? You post them, its our “job” to comment on them. You post a lot of A cup girls, how can you not expect at least one person to comment on it? You don’t want to read comments on it, then start posting girls that look like they’ve gone through puberty and don’t skip meals–and don’t overreact and assume I want busty chicks all the time. Throw some variety in mix, not just a handful of bland, skinny, flat-on-both-sides models that no one is going to remember the following week.

    13 of the 16 posts before this one are actual comments about this model. And I think 5 or 6 of them are negative–that she is either average (calling a model average sounds insulting when by definition a model is supposed to be above average) or below average. So, I’m not the only one not happy with this model–I’m just specific about what I’m not happy about.

    The previous one, Lana, I think most of the comments about her (not her skill at porn) are likewise negative (average, below average, small boobs, etc.), so she’s another one a lot of people weren’t really happy with.

    The one before that, Yayoi. Same thing, average, etc., with Dr. Lee’s “remarkably unremarkable”!

    You’ve done a lot of good work in the past, but lately, you’re posting below average girls here and with all the smokin hot girls in the world, you can’t tell me the well is running a little dry.

    You want me to stop whining, fine. Start posting Asians that are actually Sirens, not this sorry stuff you’re passing off on us. They don’t even need to be naked (but its nice if they are), but they do need to be exceptionally beautiful, not average, not below average and not just because they’re in the news now. If they don’t rate an 8-10 (maybe a 7 is ok), I don’t think they should be here. While everyone has different ideas of beauty and taste in women, it should be a challenge to honestly refer to a woman here as average (or worse), not commonplace.

  6. Alright Halloweendm: nobody around here likes big tits more than I do, but unless you want to step up to the plate and start posting yourself, I suggest you stop trying to tell Travis how to do his job, and simply restrict your comments to your opinion of the girl at hand.

    I think our readers would often do well to remember that Asian Sirens is completely FREE for all to enjoy.

  7. I think she’s cute. Her girl-next-door quality makes her more attractive than Lana Croft, in my opinion.

  8. Geez Champ, take it easy. Travis seems to put a fair bit of work into his posts with the number of photo’s, information and links and I for one, appreciate it. It is pretty quick and easy to slap them down but how about putting in the time and submitting something better instead. While this lady isn’t to my taste I think her boobs are a fair size for her body. Perhaps all the enhanced sets have skewed your judgement.

  9. Wow. That was long. Remarks, in list form:

    1) This is not my job. I volunteer. I don’t have to do anything.

    2) And I say this with love – No one cares who you like. Really. You are welcome to like, dislike, love or hate any model on this site. It’s great for dialogue, and you are welcome to share your opinion of the model and respond to the opinion of others, but whether you like a model or not is irrelevant because….

    2a) I don’t post models based on whether you, specifically, will like them. That is because attraction is subjective. If we posted models only Dr. Lee liked, we’d have nearly zero Filipinas, Thais, Cambodians or other darker skinned Asian women. If we only posted girls that you liked, we’d only have enormously breasted, likely Japanese women. In fact, I don’t even only post girls that I like, because if I only posted women I like, there would be almost no Japanese women. Attraction is 100% subjective. Someone you think may be a Siren may be someone no one else likes, and that goes for everyone on this website. For example, I think Hitomi Tanaka is legitimately terrible. Ignoring her monstrous breasts, which I don’t like, I think her face is almost cartoonishly awful. her body is yuck, and her skin tone is nothing special. But because we don’t post based on what I like, you got a chance to see her, and you got to like her. See how that works?

    3) I don’t care if you don’t like a model I post, because as I said, sometimes I don’t like them. But other people do. And so here they are. That’s been true since I posted the my first model sometime last year. Once again, you are welcome to not like them at your leisure, and share it. But you should probably get over thinking that somehow what you are attracted to is “right.”

    4) …. Really?

    5) As Doc said, you’re welcome to start posting too. No one’s stopping you. I would welcome it, and I don’t mean that sarcastically.

  10. Whoa, whoa, and whoa there fellas! He’s the one that called me a whiner, something I took seriously, when he said he was serious. I simply called him out on it.

    If he thinks I’m whining (which I wasn’t), his posts are the reason for it. Doc, you and Luke both jumped to his defense pretty quick, yet I noticed that neither of you disputed any of the points I made. It isn’t about if I could do a better job or not, I never said that. It isn’t about this site being free. And telling me to put up or shut up are just deflections from his deficient submissions.

    And if no one tells him to improve the quality of his submissions, then he’s just going to keep putting lower quality submissions out for us.

    Like I said, he’s done a lot of great ones in the past, and if he’d start submitting great ones again, I’d be happy. But he’s not, and while I offered my (whine-free) opinion on this girl, he chose to call it whining and start this issue.

    This site is Asian Sirens, not Average Asians. All I’m asking for is some Sirens, which the past few definitely don’t seem to be, based on a lot of the comments–including yours, Doc.

    I’m not alone here, other people have been less than satisfied with these past few models. And maybe I’m in the minority (of people not satisfied), but then again, maybe I’m just the one willing to speak out and let you guys know I’m not satisfied.

    Why am I suddenly the bad guy just for speaking up? I’ve been polite and (mostly) mature about the points I’ve made. I haven’t resorted to name calling (of people posting) or taken a hostile attitude. I haven’t been aggressive at all and I haven’t attacked Travis personally.

    Any business would want to know if their customers weren’t happy about something. This isn’t much different. Instead of coming after me, why not do some investigating? If I’m wrong, point it out. But if I’m right, then take it into consideration and maybe do something about it if you want more of the people that come here to be satisfied with the site.

    Luke, I’m not skewed toward big boobs, but I do like variety. Only one of the girls on the site’s first page (out of 10) has bigger than a B cup, two, maybe 3, have B cup boobs, and the rest are all A cups. 7 out of 10 no-boobs, flat butt submissions has maybe skewed you into thinking that’s all there is.

  11. You haven’t broken any of our forum rules, but the fact that I personally agree with you about the girls posted recently (and say so) only reinforces my point: it is perfectly okay to post your opinion on the girls posted here, but if you want to tell our contributors how to do their job, then I invite you to step up and do a better one. Travis is sensitive to what our readers want when the comments go in a particular direction, but he obviously isn’t going to be responsive to what he perceives as whining.

  12. This is a ridiculous argument:

    Travis is a major contributor and we remain indebted to him.

    Large fake breasts should not ever replace nice, real shapely breasts.

    This woman is not flat and she is actually quite attractive (AS is not about the ‘Tila’s).

    Please don’t lose touch with reality. There are other less tasteful, airbrushed sites JUST FOR YOU!

    Thanks as always Travis. Please keep up all the great posts. Many of us share your vision and taste in real women.

    (from one of the thanirz originals)

  13. Actually weekend, whether we prefer small natural tits or big fake ones is completely beside the point here, as it is utterly irrelevant to the (great) job Travis does for us – once again, entirely for FREE.

  14. Travis…I agree with your Selection Criteria! Keep up your good works!!

    Haloween…ummm…never mind…

  15. Travis and everyone that posts the Sirens for us to view….keep it up.

    Any type of siren you wish if fine by me. Some i like, some i don’t (that much). However i do always enjoy having the oppurtunity to view a new post every couple days.

    So please keep posting any girl you want.

    And thanks for you efforts

  16. I actually prefer posting many different types and nationalities of women rather than one specific look all the time. Is this girl my cup of tea? Not really, but she’s actually more indicative of what you’d meet in Japan on a day to day basis than most of the girls posted here. She has a typical Japanese figure and a more typical face.

    Travis, you just keep doin’ what you’ve been doin’. Many people don’t realize the time and effort it takes to put these posts together and you’ve always supplemented them with as much detailed information as you could find. I certainly appreciate your efforts!

  17. Agreed. If people preferred a certain type of girl then they can go start their own blog. I enjoy the diversity and am sometimes surprised at whom I find attractive here. Nice post, nice girl.

  18. Dr Lee: Ok, first off, I don’t even get where the whining thing came from. Everyone on this site, I assume is over 18, so he should be mature enough to handle someone criticizing his submissions without calling it whining. And he’s sensitive to suggestions when they go a certain way? I’d say he’s been overly sensitive to me, but if you mean he actually responds well when they go a certain way, I will again agree; he responds when people comment that they like what he’s done. Not being able to take constructive criticism or respond to it without labeling it as something it isn’t (whining) isn’t a good thing–whether this site is free or not.

    And, as before, I’ve admitted that he does great work. Just not lately in my opinion.

    Weekend: Anyone here that likes his work, including me, can be appreciative. But indebted? That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think? I’m not the one losing touch with reality! Just because I don’t seem to worship Travis like you do or prefer tiny breasts to more developed ones doesn’t indicate a loss of reality.

    I get that you and some of the others are starting to attack me personally (losing touch with reality) or deflecting (if I don’t like his submissions, I should try to do better) because you cannot refute the truth of my words. But just because I get it doesn’t mean that I accept it.

    If you like average or below average looking women, then definitely encourage Travis and tell him he’s doing a good job. But if you want some more variety, then tell him that too. I don’t think he’s so thin-skinned or immature or fragile that he can’t handle people critiquing his efforts. Just because he doesn’t get paid, doesn’t mean that offering a negative opinion is forbidden.

    Hakka: Many women in Japan have a similar body type to this one, but not all or even most! The name of this site implies exceptional Asian women, yet your statements (you prefer different types rather than a specific type; and this one has a typical body/face) support my position more than it opposes it.

    Is Travis really so immature and temperamental that he would just disappear if you guys don’t stroke his ego? These last few posts since I spoke up and explained myself, you guys are practically stumbling over each other to throw compliments at him and stroke his ego like you were deathly afraid of him just up and leaving and not coming back.

  19. Uh… Halloweendm, I didn’t say most women in Japan have a similar body type to this one, you did. I said she had a typical body type. There is more than one typical body type in any culture. If you want to quote me, please quote me accurately.

    “Exceptional” is a subjective term. For me, big boobs on a girl with narrow shoulders and a tiny waist looks ridiculous, but that’s just me. Many on this site love that figure. That’s fine with me. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

    To be honest, the more you rail about this, the more you sound like an immature kid.

  20. Halloween: I think the annoying part is when you kinda tell Travis to do his job. This isn’t a job and if he feels pressured, I’m sure it will steal some of the fun Travis has been having.

    So why don’t you express yourself but without the “demands”? Will make it more pleasant for all of us. Try it in real life too, it may open a lot of doors for you, ya know.

    Now heading to Aoki (pun intended) and her girlfriend looks. She sure looks genuine in the first picture, as if she was waiting home for her man. That’s how I like to see it, at least. She sure seems ‘real’ and in our league, guess that makes her ‘real’ enough. She gets my points. 🙂

  21. Hakka: I wasn’t quoting you, otherwise there would have been quotes. Your statement was that her body type was more indicative of day to day women in Japan. I disagreed. Maybe you’ve been to Japan more than me, maybe you even live there. But I’ve seen and known enough Japanese women to know that your statement was as stereotypical as saying black women people meet day to day have big butts.

    Also, I’m not railing, shouting, going off, or any of that. I make posts. Posts are made of dialogue. Its a discussion to me. If you want to take it as railing, that’s your choice, but calling it something it is not doesn’t make it true.

    And suggesting that I’m immature for discussing this point seems immature on your part. Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I’m railing or immature.

    What are you trying to do anyway? Get me to shut up? Are you worried if I say too much that Travis will disappear and not post anything for a while? Or that if you call me immature or say that I’m railing that I will be embarrassed and just go away?

    I have every right to post here as much as the next person. I haven’t insulted anyone posting here–unlike a few of you that have insulted me for voicing my opinion and I’ve kept within the posting rules as well. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, I’m not attempting to agitate anyone or stir anything up, in fact, I’ve gone out of my way to be civil and polite because people tend not to take constructive criticism well and tend to be overly sensitive about it–something I think has been well demonstrated here.

  22. I have made 100 posts. Probably… 60% or more have had several people, sometimes the majority, not like the model. That’s the purpose of this site – you look at someone, and you decide to like them or not like them, and you share it. If you think you are somehow original and/or the only person that has the balls to not like a model, you are out of your mind, and should probably get over yourself. But demanding I give you, as if you are somehow relevant larger breasts just because you don’t like the model. Or instructing me to make a new post because you are unhappy. That makes you whiny and irritating. Of the thousands of negative comments about these models that have been thrown out here, I called you out specifically for a reason. Your negativity “Make a new post! This sucks! I hate small boobs and somehow I am important enough to make demands!” is whining.

    Share that you don’t like a model. Say things like “I much prefer larger boobs!” All of those are fine. But the more you actually expect me to listen to what you request just because you requested it, the less likely I am to give it to you.

  23. Travis, I never said I was the only one not to like the models you’ve been posting recently, nor did I demand anything of you.

    If you are getting irritated by my posts, that’s on you. I can’t control your emotional state and I’m not responsible for it either. If you want to read whiny into it, again, that’s your perspective.

    Where else but your imagination did you get that quote from? I never wrote that. If that is what set you off, maybe you should check yourself before coming after me. This all could have been avoided if you hadn’t made that crack calling me whiny.

    Lastly, I don’t really expect you to do anything I say here–or anyone else for that matter. The only thing I’ve come to expect from you in response to my posts is overreaction and exaggeration.

    You want to keep posting mediocre girls just to spite me, go ahead. It won’t hurt me any and just means less time here until the quality of girls posted here improves.

    I don’t even know what needs to be done to submit a girl for this site. So, if you or Dr. Lee want to send me anything on how to get submissions in, go ahead.

  24. “Last girl I posted a hint that we should move on to the next girl. Let me be more specific: Move on to the next girl–AND make the next one hotter than this one! And girls with bigger racks would be nice, I hate having to break out the magnifying glass looking for the boobs on these girls.”

    Keep your comments about the model. That’s a demand. This isn’t that hard to understand.

    As far as submitting models, we are generally looking for full submissions – so it should include specifically picked out photos, bio information, etc. In general they should have a little more substance than I usually put in my posts – take Candyman’s posts, for instance. He’s good at putting more detail.

    They should then be sent to Robin, who will post them as guest posts to make sure they look okay, and then Dr. Lee will see about adding you as a team member.

    If you are interested in doing this, the best thing to do is use the “Contact Asian Sirens” link at the top left of the page. There you can express your interest, and one of Dr. Lee or Robin will likely contact you.

  25. @ Halloweendm: Yes, I have been in Japan more than you and yes, it is a common body build there. Japan is relatively racially pure and because of that, they tend to have more commonality in that respect than a country with a mixed population.

    You might want to travel a bit more before you make statements about other countries. Any Samoan would tell you that Samoans are big people. Is that a stereotype or an accurate observation?

    I was originally made aware of Japanese body types by a Japanese women while I was in Japan. The reason she brought it up was because she did NOT have a typical Japanese body type and the other Japanese women were fascinated by the fact she did not.

    If you’re not quoting me, then don’t address that part of your post to me.

    The rest of your post was a rant, just the thing you deny doing. You overly criticize, people tell you to lighten up and then you criticize them for it as being critical. If that’s not an immature response, I don’t know what is. You expect everyone else to have thick skin but yours is allowed to be thin? If anything, the responses to your criticism have been pretty mild.

  26. Wow, this post has gotten wild since the last time I checked it.

    Let me start off with Rei. I think she looks alright. Cute face and a nice body. Compared to other JAV actresses, she would be average in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t check her out. Plus she does look to be a fun time in more ways than one.

    I’m cracking up at some of these comments I’m reading. You guys are fortunate that the internet gives you anonymity because I bet alot of y’all are probably completely lackluster your damn selves. If you want to call her average, that’s one thing. But to trash her off the bat when you know damn well that you would do anything just to get next to her is crazy.

    For those that are trashing her, let’s see what your girl look like and have the world comment on her. Let’s see how she compares to Rei. I’m sure that will never happen though.

    And comments like bring on the next girl is really uncalled for. It’s not funny. It takes alot of work to post an article on here for the world to dissect. It’s not easy, plus we don’t get paid, so we are taking our free time to bring you women to oogle at and critique.

    As for myself, it takes me at least a week to write an article that has something to it. Even longer just to find someone to write about before I throw her out to the internet wolves. Without Travis, this site would go a while without an update. Without any updates, who are you going to comment on? And if we just wrote about big breasted Japanese women, it would get boring real quick.

    So all I ask is to show a little class. It’s not easy to write an article. And if you think you can do better, go for it. Let’s see what you got.

  27. Sheewee! That’s a whole lot of reading back there. All I know is, I’ve been very happy with just every post Travis has done so far, including Rei. So keep up the good work. Life is too short to be picky.

  28. “And if you think you can do better, go for it. Let’s see what you got.”

    To elaborate on this point, that’s not a challenge. That’s a legitimate invitation. Candyman, Sefu and I aren’t competing. The more volunteers, the better this site gets, because there is more variety. If someone’s taste is only enormous breasted Japanese women, then go for it. The more enormous breasted Japanese women someone posts, the more I (or Candyman, or Sefu, or CEC) can post other women without worrying about site variety.

  29. While this particular girl does nothing for me, myself and everyone else here owes Travis their gratitude for the excellent job he does. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but we all have our likes and dislikes, and almost no model is unanimously adored or disliked. Travis does such a great job with his posts and I am thankful every day I log in and see a new post he has done.

  30. Alright, I think this diversion has gone on more than long enough: I’m calling a halt to it now. Everyone has said as much as there is to say – I think we’re just going around in circles now. I really think a lot of our readers would do well to show more respect to the people who bring you this web site, once again absolutely for free. If you don’t like something, there’s plenty else here to see, and once again everyone is completely free to express their opinion on the models featured here.

  31. Yup, while not outrageously beautiful, there is something I like about Rei. Nice smile, good compact body. Probably looks very nice, in person.

    Deceptively hot, I think.

  32. On the internet, and specially on Asian Sirens, I’d have to agree she is average, but if I you met her in real life I bet she’d turn your head, looks fun too.

    It’s the nature of things on the internet!

  33. Very heavy article about this girl, but anyway she is still a girl who attractive some of us. And she will stay do what she does, no matter we discuss or not. She will be what she is, some of us will say she is very beauty, other will say average, but remain will say not attractive at all.
    According to my oppinion, I like this girl but not very much.
    We cannot judge Travis about his job round here.
    Just keep smiling guys.

  34. Candyman, I agree with most of your comments, but the issue isn’t whether we are lackluster or what our girl looks like. On this site, we are free to make negative comments about the models as long as we aren’t too harsh, crude, rude etc. I find Rei unremarkable (here’s the key) as an Asian Siren. In the grocery store, the mall, or certainly if she showed up at my door looking like that, it would be an entirely different story. A story with an unhappy ending, probably (wingsfan shot down in flames)

    Her tits are too small? This is Asian Sirens, not Big Booby Haven.

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