Real Or Not?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question on Asian Sirens is “hey Doc, are they real or not?” Well, here’s an absolutely gigantic but very natural looking pair of breasts on a really tiny Asian girl, also spotted on YouTube. So, are they real or not?Believe it or not, the answer is – computer generated! It is from the web site Farang Ding Dong, which features several impossibly busty Thai girls (literally). Most of the time they simply stuff their shirts, but sometimes the owner of the site (JS) shows off his extraordinary morphing skills with some remarkably life-like pics and videos of gigantic breasts on very petitie Thai girls, either wearing see-through tops, bursting out of their bras, or even completely topless. Amazing what you can do with computers these days! 😉

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  1. I could tell it was generated from the frist time they started moving… makes me sad and mad.

    But I… I have no point.

  2. Hehe… I’m just amused by Dr. Lee’s comment….”Well, here’s an absolutely gigantic but very natural looking pair of breasts”

    I don’t think that nature ever intended that. 😛

  3. In the immortal words of Johnny Sokko: “TreMENdous!”

    That’s the most brilliant marketing strategy I’ve seen in…well, a long time, anyway.

  4. On second (and third) look, I’m going to have to say they’re prostheses, not CGI (unless the site says otherwise). Not even Lucasfilm is that good.

  5. If you look closely, you will see they have that slightly ‘watery’ movement that only CGI has, as well as that characteristic CGI ‘shine’. This is also why she’s standing still – when JS uses prosthetics (as he does under their shirts), he always has them dancing around. However, I do agree it is a great job!

  6. I don’t consider myself a “boob man,” but I can’t let this go. 🙂

    There’s some commentary at Mango Sauce ( that mentions “up to six operations to turn [their] cute handfuls into massive comedy breasts” and includes a convincing picture.

  7. Underneath the ridiculous “breasts” featured on FDD are some really adorable women with sweet faces and beautiful figures — south of the midriff, that is. “Dr. Bust” has good taste in the raw material, even if his finished product is a bit dopey. Or a lot dopey. The appearance of hardcore (e.g. model “Bon”) & bondage (e.g. archives set 8) is surprising, disturbing, and unnecessary on a site that should be cute and lighthearted, and bills itself as having no nudity.

  8. I totally agree QGR – there are some really cute girls with lovely figures featured at FDD. A shame we don’t see them doing mainstream modelling! And I also agree the hardcore and bondage stuff is totally out of place on this site.

  9. If those boobs were real, they would weigh almost 30 pounds and her back would be fucked.

    The only way breasts could grow this way on a girl like this would be if there were a hormonal imbalance or some type of cancer.

    I personally don’t date Asian girls looking for big breasts. If I wanted big breasts I’d get a Black girl instead of Whites/Asians.

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