Rae Malaya


Rae Malaya is a Goth/Fetish/Dominatrix model. She has her own fetish website with some photos, but primarily can be found on other fetish sites that are looking for models open to most non-disgusting fetishes.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’1
Shoe Size: 6
Ethnicity: Filipino
Lives: SoCal












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  1. Travis, the 32-24-37 is more important than the shoe size.

    She’s cute, but not my cup of calamansi:-)

  2. Rae Haiku:

    Don’t Mess With Me Dude
    I’ll Burn Sexy On Your Back
    Rough I’ll Show You Rough

    Not my taste but I appreciate her style and personality. Not much size up top but the body is still in shape.

  3. I can understand that many of you guys don’t like girl like Rae with the tattoo’s and all,but as a guy who likes girls with tattoo’s and the Goth look I found this girl really atractive…thanks Travis you made my day

  4. I’m not impressed with her looks, but I’m all for the genre. We need more Asian goth/fetish types posted here! 😛

  5. Am I the only person who has a problem with this whole Suicide Girls thing? I mean, even the name – glorifying suicide for goodness sake? This whole thing screams “I’m totally f***ed up with a really nasty attitude, and I’m proud of it!”. Is that healthy?

  6. Well doc as a Heavy Metal musician I would say that the whole suicide thing is just a “scene” a business,I’m confident that this girls aren’t even half of bad ass as they picture themselves…don’t be like others that judge the book by it’s cover…let’s don’t do to this girls what society did to Ozzy because “Suicide Solution” or what people blame on video games because they can handle their kids…there is a band called The Suicide Machines…they have nothing of a nasty attitude…is just a movement…nothing more nothing less…some may say that is a way of life…some may say something different…

  7. I think this is very different from that video game BS. Video games are games, but these are real women saying a bad attitude and suicide are sexy. I don’t think it’s the same as heavy metal bands either, as they are often making a statement that such things are bad, not sexy. Indeed, the lyrics in metal can often be surprisingly intelligent protest songs, and in my experience, metalheads are usually very nice people (I think they release all their anger through their music). But Suicide Girls effectively says this crap is sexy, which is wrong.

  8. I have been a member of Suicide Girls going on 7 years now, in no way does the name have anything to do with glorifying suicide, or saying that suicide is sexy, don’t know where you got that idea Dr. Lee. That’s all it is, just a name. For the record, I like my girls with a little attitude! So Hot!

  9. Certainly not my type. As for name “Suicide Girls”, people these days chose all sorts of words and images like this simply for shock value. It’s BS, as BTW is the notion of having “a little attitude” in my opinion.

  10. Well yes, I can agree with that: maximum shock value regardless of the potential consequences – that is the way these businesses operate, and it is total and utter BS.

  11. Clearly, the group is not trying to actually perpetuate the idea that “suicide” is something that should be promoted. It’s obviously a name that is intended to “shock” – and indeed, is total and utter BS. I’m certainly not a fan…

    That said, if someone is going to be manipulated into thinking that suicide is “sexy” or “cool” by a group (or anyone else for that matter) – then I say, good riddance – decrease the surplus population.

  12. You certainly have a point sevendeuce. 🙂

    Still, even though it was chosen for shock value, I think it potentially has the effect of glorifying suicide. Indeed, the whole thing seems to promote self destructive behaviour in many ways.

    But yeah, the human gene pool could do with some trimming it seems. 😉

  13. Not really my type but I know this hot girl who could pass for her twin, although younger. I do like the lips and eyes.

    Doc, you ever heard of a Suicide something band whose members really commited suicide? Just word games. 🙂

  14. She wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the overabundance of tats. They’ve just gotten so passe.

  15. She’s attractive enough and the tats really don’t bother me. But, even if you remove the tats, she still doesn’t do it for me.

  16. Like I said, band names are often parodies e.g. “My Life In the Thrill Kill Cult”, or even protests of sorts. “Suicide Girls” isn’t a parody or a protest though, and it seems young girls are very impressionable when it comes to fashion and perceptions of beauty, as the prevalance of such things as anorexia nervosa clearly shows.

  17. It is a name chosen to sound cool, and for what it’s worth I think it does sort of. I think Kamikazi has been simliarly used(exploited). I am sure if the people in charge thought it promoted suicde they would be horified.
    I find her quite sexy, I don’t know why as she is not very attractive. I think she would look better without the chest piece but the other tatts suit her.

  18. Perhaps, she has license to kill :)))
    Doc, before she begins her mayhem, better you make sure that you are in safe position.
    Or maybe worst, she is your type?
    Just joking.

  19. I really should let sleeping dogs lie, but I just can’t. 😉

    I e-mailed Missy, the woman who started Suicide Girls asking where she got the name from. This was her reply.

    ‘The name comes from the Chuck Palahniuk book Survivor, loosely. It stands for girls who “commit social suicide” by choosing to not fit into the norm.’

    Let the debate begin all over again. 😀

  20. ^ I don’t see why there should be any more debate now. There it is there, right from the source.
    I was never really a fan of the SGs, but I sort of guessed the name was all about wild girls who like to live on the edge….or at least look like they do.

  21. Yes, that is interesting. I still think it is irresponsible (given the way it will obviously be interpreted by almost everyone), but it is good to know there is something behind it other than pure shock value.

  22. And yet some demented soul will misinterpret and probably kill their selves. An in my darker moments, I believe it might improve the human gene pool. But then I think about all the suicides, murders, accidents and such in history and it doesn’t appear to have helped much. Think we need a much longer time frame (several dozen millennia).

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