Korean Actress Lee Jenny

I first caught Lee Jenny (also known by her English name, Jennifer Lee) back in the late 90s, when she was was co-starring in a sitcom called Three Guys, Three Girls, which was sort of a Korean version of Friends.

She was quite a head-turner back then, know for having a voluptuous figure (especially by Korean standards), even though the character she played on the show was portrayed as innocent and cute, rather than outright sexy. However, as this video of a fairly recent photo shoot shows; the now 29-year-old Jenny is definitely sexy first, and cute second.

Lee Jenny

Lee Jenny

Lee Jenny

Lee Jenny

Lee Jenny
This and all the above: From recent photo shoots

Lee Jenny
As she looked in the late 90s

Her Official Website

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0 thoughts on “Korean Actress Lee Jenny”

  1. Actually CEC, I think cute and sexy are in a tie!

    Great post, great smile. A nice change from Rae Malaya and her ‘tude…thanks!

  2. Lee Jenny, Jenny Lee, Jenny (take a ride) – she’s hot by any name. More revealing pics would be nice, though.

  3. Extremely cute! And I would have to agree with Wingsfan19 – we need more revealing pics! *wishful thinking*

  4. Lee Jenny Haiku:

    Sexy to the soul
    If on I’ll watch more TV
    Re-runs okay too

    She’s beautiful. I find Korean women very attractive…although a lot of TV stars and singers get a lot of work done on their looks. Jenny has an infectious smile and a rack to boot.

  5. Whatever job she did, if any, it was excellent. She is stunning, what a face and smile. A 10 in my book.

    She was beautiful 10 years ago, she’s aged to get even better.
    This is the kind of look that gets me into korean girls…….

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