Psyche Delusion: Crazy nude Asian?


I am not completely sure what this girl is all about, but she is marketing herself as being some weird ass chick. Her website does not give away a lot in the free tour (she mentions needles!?), so if anyone has seen some of the weird shit she speaks of, please do share it with us.

Her MySpace page holds more photos, but none very weird if you ask me. She claims te reside in Tokyo as well as California. On I read she is Korean. Some more photos here.

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0 thoughts on “Psyche Delusion: Crazy nude Asian?”

  1. I don’t like BDSM.
    I don’t like BDSM chix.
    Their standard marketing “schtik” -to appeal to that man who secretly wishes to be sissy trained-goes something along the lines of:

    “You’re giving yourself permission to step outside the tightly defined roles of our society…and SUBMIT to a new dynamic.”

    There’s actually a lot to like about those “tightly defined roles”.You know…like actually getting laid.Not interested in your “man hating” issues.

  2. I really hate these porn sites that give you a free ‘tour’ that doesn’t show you anything – I’d never join one of these sites. I also think her ‘wierd’ claims are just marketing BS – she’s probably using this gimmick because she isn’t attractive enough to trade on looks alone IMHO.

  3. kinky…maybe i am a sissy:)stripes?..she is ok but without pants she looks pretty hot in this pix….her other pix are no good…kinda chubby

  4. totallyhotasians….i like her look at least from this pix alone…something about about a girl with no pants:)…she looks like she can use a little toning on her arms…:)

  5. I dont care too much what she is into or if she is crazy or trying to call attention.
    Just looking at the pics I can say I like what I see. Thats enough for me. 🙂

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