Cutiemish, YouTube Star

Cutiemish is a pretty Asian girl with a genuine British accent and a crazy personal style. No wonder she’s got over ten thousand subscribers to her YouTube Channel.

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  1. I know the world has changed due to stuff like this online. And I can see people tuning in for a few times. But more than that, you’ve really got to tune out, just to get back on track in your real life. This stuff, although eye candy, shouldn’t be abused. It’s like those magazines you keep next to the shitter. They are there for your amusement to past the time, but that’s it. Don’t spend your life reading that magazine……….For what it’s worth. I just felt like posting this stupid comment about the post.

  2. I can get that crap from a SoCal Asian babe…in real time…without a subscription.Thanx for nuthin’.You were fine ’til you opened your mouth.

  3. She’s not generating any income Stripes. She just has 11000+ people who are also members of YouTube who view her videos.

    She’s a cute girl. I love natural-looking Asians and I like the British accent, but I am not going to waste my time viewing her videos to fulfill some perverted desire like 99% of the people who subscribe to her are. She’s just dancing around doing nothing for attention. Look at what she wears in her videos, tight tops that show off her boobs. And what does she do in her videos, not a damn thing.

    And I bet you that she loves all of the attention that she is receiving from guys on the web who would normally say nothing to her unless they have a fetish for Asian women. Sites like MySpace and YouTube give attention to those who would normally never receive it. But if you enjoy her videos, then subscribe. I probably sound like a hater, but I rather cut the bs and watch porn than to watch this girl do nothing. Holla at me when she goes nude. And here is a vid of her trying to model. Enjoy.

  4. I agree with Candyman, however I wasn’t going to waste my time typing anything regarding her, since she doesn’t do anything to deserve my attention.
    Speaking of which, the cutie who posted the hate rant only succeeded in giving cutie_mish exactly what she’s seeking: Attention.

  5. Wow these girls need jobs. I seen some dude earlier with a hater video but I didn’t watch it though. How lame is that? Is Cutie Mish really worth hatin’ on? Let her enjoy her little bit of fame because she would have never received this much without the net and she’s not hurting anyone. Holla at me when that Cutie Mish hater goes nude. πŸ˜‰

  6. You guys are kidding, right? You recognize that the woman who made the “I Hate Cutie Mish” video is… Ms. Cutie Mish herself, right?

  7. I won’t lie, her babble made me chuckle a little. Glad she is enjoying the funnier side of the internet.

    Kids and their computers.. haha

  8. Can we all just agree that we’d do Cutiemish and the Cutiemish hater chick (whether they’re one-in-the-same or not), not give her/them any more attention and move on to chicks that deserve our attention?

  9. Its the same thing as Xiaxue did — the Singapore blogger that set up her own hate sites to promote herself. totally contrived.

    And as far as doing her… Leave the highschool girls alone to play on youtube, not YOUR tube.

  10. She’s probably trying to get an acting contract. May work. πŸ™‚

    It’s fun and she’s cute. I find her sexy, maybe that’s because I like that english accent on asians… πŸ™‚

  11. She is really cute, and sorry if you dont agree, but that british accent is extremely hot. I might take a look into some of her videos if I am desperately bored.

  12. It was fun watching the “Hater” one and yes I was thinking that it was the same person.
    At least it was obvious for me that the Hater was not really hating but just making fun out of it.

  13. Hi Lee….I don’t think she is so much crazy as she is a 18 year old girl having fun on her computer. We all did crazy stuff at her age. She likes acting and playing around using the internet and her web cam as her playtoys.

    Also, she says in one of her videos that she does not take herself seriously.

    Even though her videos are very amateur, I still have to give her credit for her video and audio editing and text titles, etc. For a kid playing around at home she’s very creative.

    Kids these days have amazing tools at their fingertips compered to 20-30 years ago!

  14. Yeah I think she’s cute. Don’t know why everyone is ripping her. Just a kid having….but the accent is extremely sexy but she’s too young for this yank.

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