Poor Tiara Lestari

Tiara Lestari

Indonesian Celebrities is trying to help out Tiara make up her mind about her career change.

On her blog she says that she is no longer happy posing nude in men’s magazines and would rather find an alternative way to make money. She has even asked her readers to participate in a poll to help her make up her mind. But as the poll’s questions are in Indonesian that unfortunately excludes non-Indonesians from participating.

That’s why Indonesian Celebrities has set up his own version of her poll in English. With a couple of additional answers of course.

Poor Tiara… once a rising model, now being mocked all over the world… Although I regret her decision to stop posing nude, and have my own thoughts about her comments on Playboy (Indonesia), I still wish her all the best.

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  1. I can’t say I have too much sympathy for her – she’s entirely responsible for the downward spiral of her modeling career, and she’s definitely smart enough to know better. She had the world at her feet, and she blew it.

  2. It would be nice to know her thoughts, but since she won’t (or can’t?) blog in English anymore, we don’t know what’s exactly going on.

  3. I agree Robin…it would be interesting to get Tiara’s thoughts. It could be possible that she may perceive her exit from nude modeling a success in itself (walking away from the lime light can be a difficult decision). Many of us, me included, would have revelled in the type of success Tiara had acheived. But it’s apparent that type of success is not for Tiara.

  4. Dr Lee since you are “boobs” expert. I would like to know whether Tiara boobs real ? πŸ™‚

  5. AM I the only one who thinks she’s just alright? She’s beautiful but not a Sung Hi Lee or Natasha Yi kind of beautiful, it seems like every other week we have a new way to bring up the same topic. “She stopped posing nude”, ok, let’s move on! Sorry just needed to rant there for a second.

  6. What downward spiral? No longer makes her living getting her tits out? Darn, what a comedown.

  7. she’s been appearing on MTV indonesia hosting top Indonesian songs , her wish is to be at least a TV star, but being a muslim woman who had posed nude her image is considered “forbidden” for the muslims audience – nevertheless , asian-sirens.com got the largest traffic from Indonesia when it featured her nude photos..talk about “forbidden” …lol

  8. Pleki, I am actually almost certian that Tiara’s boobs are natural!

    And isanity, if you think posing nude is so lowly, then why are you coming here to look at it?

  9. I actually hadn’t seen any of her nude stuff. Now having seen them, I can say I have a higher opinion of her. She has a great body and a fresh look to her that I find very appealing. Unaltered and natural. Too bad she’s giving it up. But then again, the career span of a nude glamour model is pretty short to begin with.

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