Playboy Philippines Miss June 2009 Aya Montez

Aya Montez

She looks great in bikini and fashion shoots, but Filipina model Aya Montez photographs best naked. Good thing she sheds her clothes in a seaside photoshoot as Playboy Philippines‘ Playmate of the Month for June 2009.

Aya hails from the Philippine province of Ilocos, on the northwest shore of Luzon island. Nothing like a beautiful girl to complement a beautiful beach.

Aya Montez
Aya Montez
Aya Montez
Aya Montez
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0 thoughts on “Playboy Philippines Miss June 2009 Aya Montez”

  1. She’s all wrapped around herself in these shots. I wish she would drop her arms, remove the props, and let it shine.

  2. Aya looks great, but she needs to show it loud and proud. She’s got nothing to be bashful about.

  3. I’m all for pretty girls being put on here, but when it comes to Playboy…aren’t we supposed to be seeing their naked bodies with nothing ridiculous in the way like arms, hands, clothes?

  4. How does Playboy stay in business? Their strict rules against visible nudity and competition from free and equally beautiful internet girls ought to be killing them by now.

  5. They stay in business because apparently in every other country they are published in, they show the girls completely naked. So, people actually subscribe to those magazines and those websites.

    This may as well be FHM, Maxim or something like that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a jerk who has to see every model on this site nude–not a bad idea there!

    I think Aya is gorgeous, like most Playboy models after they are photoshopped to Hell! But I’ve seen women as good looking as her and in similar states of undress in Maxim and other mags of that type. If Playboy Philippines is like this, I see no compelling reason to give it more than a passing glance.

    But when I see the word Playboy and then a woman, I’ve got this expectation of seeing the woman naked.

  6. I suggest you guys buy the magazine before babbling more criticisms and see what you’ve been dying to see.
    These are only the preview of the pictures. If the blogger put up all the pics that would demean the purpose of the magazine itself.

    Feast your eyes on the centerfold men.

  7. Oh and another thing, PLAYBOY PHILIPPINES DO NOT and I mean DO NOT PHOTOSHOP the models. Isn’t it obvious? U’ll know the difference bet. a photoshopped picture to hell against a picture untouched. All you’re seeing right now are real and natural as captured on SLR camera.

    Playboy does show nudity in art form of course and not in the pornographic way. It also depends on the model if she wants to expose herself or not. This is because once you’re in playboy, then you’re family and they would respect your rights as a human being.

  8. Thank you for all the comments and even though there are still some criticisms well at least it’s something to think and defend about.

    So if you wanna see more of me, then go buy the mag! 🙂

    It’s now available in all your favorite bookstores and stands:

    7-11 outlets, filbar, powerbooks, national bookstore, etc.

  9. Wow, Aya you actually visit here! Personally, I think you’re very pretty. I’m definitely planning on getting the issue. You go girl! Mahal kita 🙂

  10. Welcome to Asian Sirens Aya. 🙂 So are you saying we can see your breasts fully (for example) in the magazine? I doubt it will be available at our “favourite bookstores and stands” outside of the Philippines though, unless they are some kind of import adult shop.

    I find it very difficult (read: impossible) to believe that Playboy Philippines’ photos aren’t Photoshopped at all, but I agree that these previews don’t look Photoshopped “to hell”.

  11. Cool that you came here and commented, Aya! I’m not an expert on touched up pics but even I know that Playboy does it. I’m not saying you’re not beautiful, that’d be like saying the sun doesn’t rise in the east. I like your pics here I’m just kind of disappointed about the lack of nudity after Mike posted you here and the first thing he states is you look best naked!

    Also, don’t give too much weight to my criticism. I have the “swat a fly with a bazooka” attitude when it comes to criticism. And I didn’t mean to imply that you need to be photoshopped to look good only that most anyone can look good with a little ‘help’. So, I’m sorry if you took it that way.

    Lucky for me there’s quite a few Filipino bakeries, shops and other stores here in Vegas. So, as soon as I can make a trip that way, I’ll take your Playboy Challenge and see for myself!

    Damn! I feel weird talking to you about your own nude pics. Even moreso since I’ve never met you or took the pics myself.

  12. I was going to say something kinda funny… but I don’t think I will. Sorry my people! Not my cup o’ tea… I’ll leave it at that.

  13. photos from playboy philippines like any other playboy abroad are not photoshoped. the problem with pinoy used to seeing fhm and maxim really can’t see the difference from playboy.

    if the philippine version only wanted to promote nudity, do you think it would even sell in 7-11 stores??? playboy is not just about sex. compare it to other men’s magazine and you’ll see that there are article worth reading. only playboy can interview the likes of president marcos, senator honasan, senator escudero, dot secretary ace durano, gina lopez of abscbn, atty gozon of gma 7, the beatles, among others.

    there’s more to see in playboy than just sexy and pretty girls. and only intellectual people can understand that.

  14. Nudity wouldn’t do anything to conflict with any intellectual pretensions that Playboy might have. The bottom line here is the we want to see Aya fully nude (not this frustrating “implied nude” stuff), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

  15. aya did a full breast exposure in the june issue. i hope that’s enough to satisfy some of you. don’t ask playboy philippines to show full frontal coz as far as i know, that wont happen. unless playboy philippines wants to get banned for good.

    and fyi. aya is really naked in that shoot. and it’s not photoshopped.

  16. I’ve seen US Playboy try to claim they aren’t Photohopped too, even though their photos are blatantly airbrushed to hell. 🙂 Still, I agree there isn’t any obvious Photoshopping in Aya’s photos.

  17. Beautiful. We get Playboy Philipines and FHM here at some of our newstands, can’t wait to pick it up. It’s interesting that FHM also has nudity in the Filipino version, unlike when they were published in the US. They’ve since gone away here.

    Btw, Mike thanks for posting the Filipino girls. They’re always lovely and more importantly sexy.

  18. I just registered yesterday. I saw all these comments and can’t help but voice out and debate on some of your “issues”.
    Thank you Dr. Lee for finally noticing that IT IS NOT A PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURE TO HELL or to whatever extent that may be. 🙂
    Photoshop is ONLY used to CROP pictures, lay it out beautifully on the mag and that’s it baby we’re good to go!
    You can even see the fine lines of my face for that matter.
    Playboy Philippines does full breast exposure but they will never go beyond exposing below the belt (if you know what I mean). Just like what Jeman said, do you want Playboy be banned for good? Even FHM or Maxim does not do such “revelation”.
    More importantly, Playboy is not just about the sexy girls on the glossy pages. They’re just a compliment to the magazine. I remembered what Hugh Hefner said about the mag, “if it wasn’t for the girls in it, it would be a literary magazine”. The contents of it has a lot to think about, it even features respectable and influential people around the globe.

  19. I get that because you’re a model for them, you can’t say anything even barely considered negative about Playboy. But, sweetheart, the mag is about the girls. Playboy wouldn’t have even been talking to you if it wasn’t and no one beyond the people you already know likely would even know you exist.

    When people get a Playboy in hand, they either go straight for the girls or they fool themselves into looking at something else for a few minutes so they don’t feel guilty, then go to the girls, then see what else is there after they’re done looking at the girls.

    It built its reputation and wealth around the girls and if there were no nude girls in it, I’m fairly certain Playboy would have gone under a long time ago if it were just a literary magazine. You can tell yourself its artsy, not-porn, or whatever helps you get through the day, but at the end of the day, guys don’t get or look at the magazine for the “interesting articles” or “influential people” (unless they are naked) no matter what they tell their wives or girlfriends.

  20. Wow she looks great. Very nice, delicate features coupled with a very nice body, which is just what I like.

    There’s definitely is a lot of cropping going on as is usually the case with SLRs and their traditional 3:2 ratio. No noticeable airbrushing but I’m no professional, just a dedicated amateur when it comes to photography.

    Now as far as Playboy goes, I beg to differ. Halloweendm is right in that Playboy IS about the girls, and it is the articles that compliment the sexy girls and never the other way around. And while Hefner may have said that “if it wasn’t for the girls in it, it would be a literary magazine” he failed to mention that without the girls his magazines would not sell. Having said that, PB is not your average dirty porn mag. PB shows more discretion and their models/ photographers are of a much higher standard giving its photos more of an artistic feel.

  21. I’m going to have to try and get my hands on this issue to see if I can confirm this “no Photoshopping” claim – it would be quite remarkable if true, as Playboy USA really is Photoshopped to hell (despite claims to the contrary)! Still, even if these photos haven’t been retouched, it does look as though there’s been some processing of colour/contrast.

  22. I have to disagree on some aspects of that. I’ve had a subscription to PB since I turned 18, and while it was certainly the nude women that got me to buy it at first I long ago stopped buying it for the pics and kept it for the fiction, articles,interviews etc. You’ve either never really read the mag or have no interest in what they have for articles if you think people don’t read the magazine but they are renowned for getting the top writers. Hundreds of authors have written great short stories specifically for the mag. Their interviews are also well respected in most literary circles. I read every issue almost in it’s entirety and although most of the women are beautiful it’s not why I keep subscribing (they haven’t had an asian centerfold in a long time).

    Also I don’t have to tell myself it’s artsy or not-porn because it’s not. Nudity is not always porn (unless you subscribe to the thinking that all those old renaissance paintings are porn) except in the fundamentalist right wing puritan American mind and in a few other religions. If you really find pictures like PB to be porn I feel sad for you, please don’t ever open up a Hustler or hard core mag. I’ve certainly never considered PB porn in any stretch of the word, but the beautiful women are definitely a bonus.

    That said, you’re probably right that they wouldn’t have survived without the girls and it most certainly is the reason a majority of people buy the magazine. However, when I want porn I go to the internet where it’s free and dirty:).

  23. I agree with slackerking’s basic point. If you just want pictures of attractive, naked women, there are easier, cheaper, and better ways to get them. That being said, the magazine’s quality in regard to its interviews, fiction, culture, coverage of current events issues, etc. has gone downhill considerably, especially as it dumbed itself down in an attempt to stave off competition from competing young men’s magazines that were aimed, frankly, at guys who do not read. Of course the mag would never have been a success if not for the women. But it has, historically, been about more than just naked women.

  24. Aya is sexy, PB is a good read and we read it for the girls and the good articles, PB Philippines can’t show more than breasts. That pretty much sums it.

    I’d wish PB Philippines would show more, because filipinas are beautiful and that should be shown to the world, in an artistic way ofc.

  25. Oh my. Aya sure stuns me in that first shot. Probably won’t be seeing a copy around here in Michigan to pick up though. Shame.

  26. First of all, being a part of the porn industry makes Playboy a porn mag. I didn’t do the labeling there, it was put in that category long before I was even born. As a matter of fact PB may have been the pioneer of the porn industry. Now you may have your own opinion which you are entitled to, but that doesn’t change anything (unless your opinion can somehow change which industry PB falls under, which I highly doubt). So there’s no need to “feel sad” for me because I called something what it is.

    As far as the articles go, I have read them and I’m aware that PB has good articles. I’ve never said anything to discredit the writers or their work. I was merely making a point that what sells their mags has always been the girls. And their marketing team knows this. They market their magazines to a certain demographic (males 18 – 40?) with a huge picture of that month’s cover model right in the center (wearing a skimpy outfit or next to nothing) and along the sides are very brief mentions of articles found in that month’s issue.

    Oh, and I’m all for free internet porn too. I’m glad we agree on something. 🙂

  27. She may not be Flipn’s cup of tea, but she’s my cup of coffee, soda, water, etc..

    Playboy is NOT porn, although I have had a difficult time convincing my wife of that. And although I haven’t read one in quite awhile, I always found the articles, interviews and fiction to be top-notch. That being said, it’s all about the women, baby!

  28. You know what guys… not trying to sound rude or stuck up or anything… but I give Pinays a hard time. I have seen some very good looking Pinays for the ones that try too hard to impress me much.

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