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The beautiful and talented Jeannie Mai is a makeup artist, past actress on the show Stir TV,” and host of the commercial show “Character Fantasy” on the USA network. Despite a fairly prominent television presence (that show has been around for years), there are almost 0 modeling photos of her, and few that capture how attractive I think she is on television. Hopefully these will suffice for now and I hope to find more in the future.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese and Vietnamese






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  1. Nice post Travis. She’s very cute & great smile…though as much as I am a fan of ‘nice’ tattoo’s, I’m not sure whats going on with the ladybird on her shoulder.

  2. ADVICE COLUMN: It is realistic that the large majority of A-S viewers are voyers(IMO)…yet there are some visitors who sincerely wish to discover an Asian woman as their future mate (certainly not at this site). Reviewing the photos presented here of Jeannie remind me of a search I began some years ago to find a Chinese mate.
    It took three trips to SW China to discover my beautiful,loyal Sichuan spouse. There are many,many Chinese women who will promise ANYTHING to escape to the United States. I met four.
    It is a short internet search to discover agencies in Asian countries anxious to intoduce you to beautiful Asian women.

    Why Jeannie?? Each of us has an intuitive sense of female quality and sincerity. This is dangerous…but she seems to exibit this quality?! Be careful gentlemen…there are many TRAPS out there!!!

  3. Although I don’t find her very attractive overall, she does have a hint of that Vietnamese beauty that I really do find attractive, and which may be what nighthawk is responding to. But the tats pretty much totally ruin it!

  4. Oyeeeeee Doctor!! Not talking about physical ‘beauty’ here!!! How about “character”…and “loyalty”???

    You want “sexy”…you want “pussy”..ok,available IN ABUNDANCE!! Forget the tats…I RESPOND to the “SPIRIT” of the photos displayed here!!(thanks VB)

    Thanks Doctor…I have a better perspective of your perceptions!!


  5. Nighthawk: I think we often subconsciously associate the sort of beauty I’m talking about with the sort of character you mention.

  6. Ahhhheeee….with due respect amigo: please give me “plain-language” of your last comment??

  7. A real cutie.

    No superlatives or nit-picking. This is just a very good looking women.

    And yes, she looks like she has character, intelligence and class. That’s a great look to have, even if it isn’t reflective of the truth. For me, it makes a 7 into a 8.5.

    Of course, as Doc mentions, that can be very deceptive. One you know her, that 8.5 might turn into a 6.5. :#)

  8. Re: Jeannie
    I think she’s gorgeous! Very appealing and since one of my friends got me watching USA network (House and Burn Notice), I’ve seen her a more than a few times and each time she completely captures my attention!

    I don’t care for the 1st and 3rd pic, maybe its just me, but those B/W pics do not seem appealing, but the color ones are excellent!

    Nighthawk, what are you trying to say here, dude?

    First, I don’t think the “large majority” of people here are voyeurs. There are other sites far more explicit that this one to get off to. And one thing I like about this site is the women with clothes are are often as appealing as those semi or completely nude.

    Then you go to the opposite end of that statement to say people come here looking for Asian wives. Again, not exactly what this site is for, as far as I know.

    If Jeannie reminds you of going to China to get your own wife, that’s cool. But what are you saying about your wife if you tell us she is loyal and then in the next breath you state that there are Chinese women who will do “anything” to get state-side? That’s not loyalty, that’s desperation.

    And what exactly is so dangerous about this “female quality” and “sincerity” and the traps? I’m not exactly following your point here. I wouldn’t mind being “trapped” with Jeannie at all!

    I’m not certain there are too many people here that are on your frequency. I’m puzzled how you can discern character and loyalty from a photo. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but Jeannie could be a nasty, wicked harpy giving Kate Gosselin a run for Biggest Bitch of the USA and you’d never know it from a photo.

    And if Jeannie reads this: I think you’re beautiful and I’d like to think you are a wonderful person who’d be willing to get to know me better if I were ever so lucky as to have more of your attention than a passing glance!

  9. Smashingly beautiful woman..Thanks Travis you reached a new submission pinnacle IMHO.

    Maybe the Dr. chose his words poorly to express himself here but…To each his own, but if I want loyalty I’ll get a dog. In my soul mate I want a partner with brains AND beauty (inside and out and by MY criteria) and a loving character of solid gold…and I got all that in my Italian-Siren I met in high school and we’ve been joined at the hip since 1979. Loyalty-thing reminds me of that old tired Asian female stereotype of being docile and subordinate to the male, following 3 steps behind and doing their bidding without complaint…I think (hope) the sincerity is more what the Dr. was was trying to get across.

    Voyeurs, asian fetishists…this is not an asian porn site, if I want that I have a bookmark full of them but I don’t visit them often. I visit HERE daily because I love beautiful Asian women (and women in general since I’ve been stuck in puberty for 25 years and there isn’t an Italian-Sirens website 🙁 )and am fascinated by Asian culture (I have every Martin Yen cookbook ever published too).

    The ladybugs crawling outta Jeannie’s armpit…I’m not a big fan of tats but in this case I’ll adopt a sense of whimsy ’cause this photo spread and Jeannie send my mind swirling.

  10. of these days;I will learn to keep my trap shut! Judging from the commentary: I grossly failed to make a point. 1) Apologies to the non-voyers here. 2) When shopping for a mate in a country where many would like to immigrate elsewhere; be alert to real intentions. 3) C-K: My China Doll is anything-but a lap dog. Quite the opposite: It’s “her way or the hiway!!”
    Finally: I apologize for incomplete and misleading expressions.

  11. Ooops, sorry and apologies here too as I mistakenly applied NH’s post to Dr. Lee. (more coffee please!).

    NH…good elaboration; we both have a good thing going and soul-mate nirvana.

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen her, but based on her looks, I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

  13. Chairman, I’d love to see an Italian Sirens site pop up and I’d be there as often as I am here! Italian women are HOT!

    First model would have to be Monica Bellucci!

  14. This girl is super cute and has a great energy.

    I never watch these makeover shows, but I saw her on one and watched it. Great, fun, bubbly energy. And a real nice bod to go along with it.

    P.S. I have no idea what the f*ck NIGHTHAWK is talking about.

  15. I just happened to catch her on DailyMotion right when this article went up. Why not watch along with me.


    I had that second black and white picture of her for a long time but did not know who it was and did not have the time to search around, so I’m glad that I can finally put a name to a face.

    I like Jeannie. She’s cute and has spunk. And I love her tats. She’s not a model and how often are you going to see her tats to be bothered by them? Plus the ladybugs are cute. As long as she doesn’t have something ugly like a tramp stamp or the name of an ex-boyfriend, I’m cool.

  16. She *kind of* reminds me of Ming-Na (Wen) in the 3rd photo of the article and the 2nd photo DrFuManchu31 posted. In the other photos, she kind of reminds me of a friend of mine. heh

  17. Haha… I have an Aunt that looks like a creamy skinned version of Jeannie. It makes it hard for me to go to her place for family gatherings where I’m always helping out in the kitchen and she’s always saying things like: Flip… could you help me with something & Come here Flip, I want you to tell me what you think of this… haha! She’s always gotta snap me out of whatever sick day-dream I’m having. I’m pretty sure she knows I’ve got the hots for her, she’s caught me looking at her ass and other parts more than once… haha!

  18. Thanks Travis, I love this type of girl. Perfect. I have seen some modeling pics of her before, I’ll see if I have any on my harddrive.

  19. Tattoo’s always in the wrong place….just like Tequila — beautiful women until you see the farking tattoo’s!!

  20. ….and BTW — I am glad CJ Miles has no tattoo’s….she reminds me so much of my wife and I love it!

  21. Flipn, Aunt by blood or marriage? You know what I’m getting at here:-)

    Not to repeat myself, but Jeannie is yet another example of someone I don’t think of as a true Asian siren, and yet in the real world it would be drool city.

  22. Flipn, by blood is completely verboten, whereas by marriage you just have keep it on the down low (not that I’m advocating adultery, but it’s better than incest). j/k

  23. She was my batchmate in Milpitas High School, typical cheerleader, going out with star players on our football league. There was also a rumor during high school that she had a sex tape. On our last day of school before the graduation, we drenched her with super soaker and she was not wearing any bra and you can see her tits on her white t-shirt. She was also considered as 3-Style Bitches.

  24. I saw a commercial for her show “How Do I Look?” on Style Network, and although I didn’t remember her from this post, I thought she looked great. Good thing I used the AS search feature before commenting on her.

  25. Holy shit man this is Jeannie Mai – she’s so fucking hot she rescues other bitches on TV who don’t know how to use clothes or makeup or even how to get a god damn haircut. Fuck Night Stalkers comments that guy is way off. this site showcases beauty from around the globe not mail order brides. I used to live in China (and I’m white) and I will guarantee you there is no one there who looks like Jeanie mai – She’s a 1 in a billion, The style she carries does not exist in Mainland china & she ain’t no one’s wife either and unfortunately she hasn’t even showed off her body maybe she has a birth defect or a birth mark which causes her to not model but fully clothed she’s scorching. I doubt that Mr Night Stalker even bothered to learn chinese I did for 8 years – Chinese women and white american men have such different thoughts, I have tried and tried to level with Chinese women and unless you bring them to the U.S. they really have no idea of what its like to live here and have low expectations. So when someone like me starts to complain about the bathroom or the quality of air, they just figure i’m being spoiled. oh shit am I off toppic damn!!! Jeanie mai rules!

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