Playboy Philippines First Anniversary

Playboy Philippines April 2009

For their first anniversary issue this April, Playboy Philippines unites all the playmates from their first year on the cover. They also throw in a double whammy for Playmate of the Month. Asian Sirens readers, as connoisseurs of Asian beauty, get an advanced sneak peek inside the magazine.

Andrea Shin and Ruby Basco

Andrea Shin (left) and Ruby Basco (right) take a break from their case-opening duties in the Philippine edition of Deal or No Deal, sharing the title of Playmate of the Month for this special April issue. Ruby just got back from the beach, and her vacation photos reveal a vivaciously fun-loving girl.

Victoria Roc, Jessie Medina, and Lorraine Santos

Miss September 2008 Victoria Roc (left), Miss March 2009 Jessie Medina (center), and Miss July 2008 Lorraine Santos (right) await you in the tub. Jessie strikes me as quite the girl-next-door: she looks good even when goofing off at her desk.

Joyce Castro, Danica Hann, and Lorraine Santos

Miss November 2008 Joyce Castro (left), Miss October 2008 Danica Hann (center), and Miss July 2008 Lorraine Santos (right) plot our course in the captain’s quarters.

Sachie Sanders, Bridgette Suarez, and Billy Abeleda

Miss June 2008 Sachie Sanders (left), Miss December 2008 Bridgette Suarez (center), and Miss May 2008 Billy Abeleda (right) join us on deck.

Sachie Sanders, Weng Santos, and Joy Pagurayan

Miss June 2008 Sachie Sanders (left), Miss April 2008 Weng Santos (center), and Miss April 2008 Joy Pagurayan (right) take control at the helm. Yes, they had two Miss Aprils for their first issue, too. Besides being natural seafarers, Filipinos are also very social people: the more, the merrier.

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0 thoughts on “Playboy Philippines First Anniversary”

  1. wow! Filipinas are hot! The chick on the right with the pink undies on the second pix is freaking gorgeous especially them lips! I think Filipinas are the hottest asians because they either have a nice ass or boobs…and plus they don’t look like stick figures…

  2. Could I please be sandwiched in between the perfect sexy thickness of Andrea & Ruby!?!
    I don’t think it’s asking too much.

  3. i read somewhere that playboy philippines..doesnt contain any nude photography..only pics like the ones above..anyone know for sure?

  4. nice photos and some very sexy ladies, I would have expected Playboy to thin down Andrea’s thighs (photo #2). I would love to see more of Ruby Basco, and the others too, my magnifying glass isn’t doing them justice! but Weng Santos looks hot. Is there a decent site?

  5. What, no comments about them either not looking Asian enough or looking too native? Seriously though, I think these ladies are hot, much better overall than the Philippines beauty pageant contestants that have been featured here before.

    BTW Quyen, there are plenty of Filipinas who don’t have a great ass or boobs (NBA girls No Boobs or Ass) but still look great, but some of them certainly do — must be the Spanish blood.

  6. Wingsfan19- youre right they don’t look Asian enough cause they’re not Asian besides alot of them are mix. Some of the girls look hot and some not so much.

  7. What do you mean they are not asian?

    It’s a mix of asian, asian-spanish, asian-american. And a beautiful mix, most of the times. 🙂

    I agree many of the playmates aren’t much asian looking.

    And I’d wish that topless would be the minimum allowed, not the maximum. The Philippines is a hotbed of sexuality, but always appearing so conservative, what a contrast.

  8. Playboy has never been my thing. They don’t show “everything” and their photography always has that glossy, over-produced quality to it. That’s not to say that the photography isn’t good – quite the contrary – it just has that “unreal” quality to it that is a big turn off for me.

    I’d like to see some pics of these girls (Ruby especially!) in other photo shoots – preferably of the non-Maxim, FHM, or Playboy variety.

  9. Maybe a bit unreal but there are some ‘perfect’ women out there. I’ll never stop admiring some of the most beautiful creatures, even if a little ‘enhanced’, and thanks Playboy for that.

  10. As usual with Filipinas I guess, I’m going to have to be the odd man out here: these girls do absolutely nothing for me. These photos are massively touched up, yet they still don’t look particularly attractive; if you saw them without the makeup and touch-ups, I think you might shudder (especially the one on the left in the second photograph). A couple of them are a little on the thick side too.

  11. I agree with the Doc about Andrea Shin, although I guess I could get used to being her Thighmaster (as long as it’s dark enough).

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