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I am not feeling well today, so this post will contain very little information. This is Abbie Chan, she has a gallery over at Met Art. Not sure if she has done anything else and I cannot find any stats on her.Stats (courtesy of metelrider – Thanks):

Age: 19
Eyecolor: BROWN
Haircolor: BLACK
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Breast Size: Medium (?)
Measurements: 88/61/87
Country: China (Hong Kong)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn 12/22-1/19








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  1. good work under duress. Met art seems to focus on the nudity rather than ‘art’ and I, for one appreciate it. She looks nice, I love her boobs in the last couple of shots especially. Get well soon

  2. She’s pretty cute, and has a nice body – good work Travis! I’ve only just recovered after a long period of illness myself, so I know how you feel. 🙁

    And MET Porn is more like it – their obsession with pussy shots is hardly what I would call art. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you like it of course, but I do wish they’d be more honest. And the MET part (“most erotic teens”) isn’t exactly accurate either – this girl and many of their other models are hardly teens.

  3. Not spectacular, by girl next door cute. Although, if there was agirl next door like her, I’d be a dead man by now. Sorry you’re feeling badly Travis, get well soon. Doc, obviously your illness didn’t keep from your AS work, but I’m glad you’re feeling better. Who else would keep us honest around here?

  4. ehhhh….nothing great about her and too plain….way too skinny…look almost anorexic…I can see her rib cage….

  5. She’s pretty and she looks sweet natured, but she’s just okay for me. She looks like thousands of girls around the socal area (all the rest of the ones that dont look like import models). She looks like an average cute chinese girl to me but being as how I love them all i’m glad to see her.

  6. Abbie is pretty cute. Met Art is very hit or miss with the Asian girls. This girl would certainly be more attractive with better makeup and a better photographer. But the amateurishness is part of the appeal in a way. It doesn’t seem so fake.

    This gives me a chance to provide a little update on another Met Art model who has been featured here, listed in the previous post as “Publika”.

    Actually her name in the Met Art world is “Yuka B”. The previous post chose two of the most unflattering pictures of her, so I’m not surprised she hasn’t sparked much interest here.

    She is featured in 5 other galleries at Met Art, and I think she looks particularly good in this one:

    And I find this one sexy as well:

    There’s also this set in a bedroom which I like. This is the cover. I can’t find a set of previews:

    And this set with a Japanese model:

    There are also a few pics of her in this set with another woman:

    A little bit of Googling suggests she’s a regular collaborator (ie, more than just a model) for the photographer/filmmaker Roy Stuart.

    She’s on the cover of his latest book of erotic photos from Taschen, Roy Stuart, Vol. 5. (At least I think that’s her).

    This art photo by Stuart suggest that her name (for Roy Stuart purposes) is Zhao Yu. Makes sense because she looks very northern Chinese to me:

    (comment continued below)

  7. (sorry, had to split my comment in two because of the character limits)

    And if you poke around Roy Stuart’s website one might surmise she appears in some of his “Glimpse” DVDs, but someone else is going to have to research that, since they cost more than $100 each. The Taschen book comes with a DVD sampler though, and eventually when I have time I’ll pick up the book and take a look.

    For my money, there are very few pics out there of attractive northern Chinese women who look (or are made to look) as sophisticated as this woman.

  8. thanks Ahinama, that first gallery you link to is funny, there are no great shots of her head but plenty of close up box shots. She has that wonderful straight pubic hair 🙂 I never realised that the MET part was meant to mean anything but I agree they do look far from teens.

  9. Flashpoint, I’m not getting the USMC connection, especially seeing as she’s not from the Rock (Okinawa to those that have never been there).

  10. I’m guessing Abbie is getting such positive reviews BECAUSE she looks so average – in that, she looks like someone any guy can be with if he has the guts to go talk to her. I mean, I like her too, but her appeal to me is that I have female friends with intelligence and charming personalities that look just like her. The only difference is they would never pose like this.

  11. Actually Travis, for me her attraction is the same as it is for you: she isn’t outstanding to be sure, but she’s still cute and has a nice body. And more importantly, the fact that she looks like so many other Chinese girls I know – but who would never take their clothes off for a camera – to me gives her a certain kind of appeal. She also looks quite sweet (something else she shares with many of the Chinese girls I know).

  12. I would tend to agree with most observations here – Abbie is cute, but pretty average. I’m actually kind of shocked at the amount of positive comments for her as well, but I think Travis hit the nail on the head – the attraction is that she looks so approachable. She’s not someone who seems “out of your league”.

  13. She sure looks approachable. Regarding posing, some girls enjoy also doing some posing, just for ‘us’….. 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better Travis! Good effort for the team.

  14. Approachable….

    Well I guess I don’t fit the bill. I’m not “eye-candy” to girls. I look scary and people mistake me for a criminal. I have been mistaken for a bad guy when I walked into a convenient store. The security guy told me to drop my gun. I didn’t have a gun at all. I was reaching for my wallet. But I let him frisk me and all that guy found was my wallet.

    Anyway, I enjoy this site so I can look at gorgeous women without them looking at me with disgust.

  15. Alden, don’t worry, it happens. But there’s always a piece of the pie waiting for you, somewhere.

    If you want to feel like a king for some days, try Thailand or the Philippines. The girls won’t mind your looks, they will ‘love you long time’ as long as you take care of them in some way, if ya know what I mean. And some hot looking girls out there, trust me.

  16. Holy crap!!!…Yes, Alden. Thailand or the Philippines is your best bet. You’ll be king either route. Trust us.

  17. I completely agree with that her looking like the cute Asian girl you actually know is the key here. To me, there’s nothing hotter than finding a sexy pic on the Web that resembles an Asian babe (or other ethnicity as well) that you know but will never get the chance to see that way (because you love your wife and also love your life).

  18. Haven’t been to Thailand, but I’m sure you can still live like a king in the PI — just treat them nicely and remember that even the bargirls will act like jealous girlfriends, so be careful about playing the field.

  19. Thanks for trying to cheer me up arf and daznlover, but it I still feel strongly pessemistic about it.

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