Playboy Philippines August Cover Girl Grace Oracion

Grace Oracion

Filipina performer Grace Oracion is one of the Mocha Girls, a Filipina vocal group you might remember from their lesbian makeout videos earlier this year. Grace herself is considered the most conservative of the bunch, but that doesn’t stop her from appearing on the cover of Playboy Philippines this August.

Aside from exuding the natural charm of a demure Filipina, Grace excels both physically and intellectually: as a powerful dancer for the Mocha Girls, and as an information technology graduate. Hooray for holistic Asian sirens.

Grace Oracion
Grace Oracion
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  1. As with so many Filipina celebrities it seems she looks very western, but in this case she appears quite attractive anyway. I still think Mocha herself is the hottest one though. 🙂

  2. She is very beautiful..I remember that video with her bandmates..HOT!

    Question:I’m a long-time lurker on this site and I just started dating a filipina who is so amazing..but there are some cultural issues.. can anyone please recommend the BEST book or guide for dating Asian women in general and filipinas specifically? Any help would be appreciated.

  3. killer…there aint no book on this subject mate……but a common theme ….get the girl….you get the entire family with it, and the associated expectations that come….the obligations as a significant other are generally far greater than those in the west….

  4. She’s lovely.

    BTW, a book on “Asian girls” is about as helpful as a book on “Western girls”.

    No one would think a Russian chick is the same as a Greek or French gal.

    There are pretty big cultural differences between the Confucian-influenced countries and the rest, between Buddhist an non-Buddhist countries, the Philipines have their own unique peculiarities, and the Japanese are way out there, culture/society-wise, even though they look like the rest of North Asia.

    You would be better off reading up on Filipino culture & history, or get yourself some Filipino friends.

  5. > Grace excels both physically and intellectually… and as an information technology graduate.

    I have met several female IT graduates from the Philippines. Trust me when I assure you that the simple fact of being one is no way sufficient information to claim someone has excelled intellectually. It means they probably are not brain dead, but only just barely.

    (I am not making a statement about all such graduates, just making a statement about the sufficiency of the criteria.)

  6. Actually, there is a book, “A Man’s Guide to Life and Love in the Phillipines” by Larry Elterman. He is an X-pat living over there, and discusses meeting and dating women from there, but also covers the cultural aspects of Phillipino women. (Check Amazon for the book, I got in on Kindle) I read the book after traveling there and meeting my GF, but it was still interesting, and fun reading

  7. Oh them legs and beautiful face. Grace is perfect. And them makeout videos were oh so nice. I just watched them again and they made me happy.

  8. SUPPORT FOR ‘KILLER’::: They ARE “EXOTIC” aren’t they? So different from our ‘locals’! Easy targets for us ‘country boys’! From your text: I will venture that this is an Asian woman ‘IN’ the US??? (Interim Green Card or 10 Year Green Card) “Cultural-Differences” would be an ‘understatement’, my friend.
    For many Asians, it is a “primary-motive” to bring members of her family to the United States!! (WHO…among the Asian men at this site will refute this???)
    This IS…killer…a part of what you will inherit as a US Citizen with a Filipino sweetheart! Did I say this is a ‘bad-thing’? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! You may GAIN a loving family that does not-now exist for you! I WISH THE VERY BEST FOR YOU…!!

  9. AYE…’BAD NEWS’…forgot to acknowledge your ‘wisdom’…! (Another FOSTERS…please!!)

  10. Hey their Mr. the killer, I went through the exact same, how should I say this, poo poo, when I married my filipina wife back in 2001. Comments like, get ready to have your future wife send all of your hard earned money to her family back home, while you sit back and smile…BUTTTT that isn’t always the case with all filipinas. Theirs always ways around this, like laying the law down, first hand. Let her know right away, and happiness is yours. Nice looking children too! IMHO.

  11. Killer: Having been married to a Filipina for a loooooooooong time now, and having worked with many over the years, my best advice is:

    1) Treat her as an individual, not as a Filipina
    2) Make sure she’s into you, and not just a meal ticket, green card, etc. My wife bought me a birthday present soon after we met even though she barely had any money. That helped make my decision to marry her a lot easier.
    3) Laying down the law with a Filipina; nice concept, exactly how does that work, arf?
    4) I don’t like to make generalities usually, but Filipinas are typically very jealous.

  12. Addendum to treating her as an individual — there are shy Filipinas and bold ones, wild ones and demure ones, sweet ones and mean ones — just like anywhere else. Do they tend to have a bit more of a temper than some cultures? Probably, but PMS is universal, baby.

  13. Thanks for all the information guys. I agree it’s silly to lump all asians in one category, I was just hoping there was a good book that broke it down my country and/or a specific one about filipinas. Thanks Billw I ordered that book from Amazon. The woman I’m dating has been in America 9 years and divorced her filipino ex for cheating. I’ve actually known her for 4 years and we dated for awhile at the start..but she was dating alot at that time so I moved on. We reconnected after my recent breakup and it seems she’s serious for a good guy that will treat her right. She’s not just fabulously beautiful but a real sweetheart as well(except during her period, WOW). Her mother and stepfather live here too.

  14. Starting with Grace, she is a hottie and more tanned than the usual Playboy filipinas. Good thing!

    @thekiller, just google about filipino culture and filipina dating and you will find lots of information out there.

    If the filipina is living in America, most of the troubling issues may be taken care of. Nevertheless, culture is always an issue, so get informed and know what to expect.

    Taking out of the equation some bad motives out there, I can say that genuine loving filipinas can be very warm, passionate and great wifes. Jealous too, sometimes. And PMS is universal, so don’t mind it. 🙂

    Just make sure it’s the real deal, like in every relationship. Give it time, think about the whole thing. Beautiful women sometimes are a lot to handle. 🙂

  15. Hey daznlover, I said that first about PMS:-) Anyway, to thekiller: she sounds a lot like my wife (but I know its not because she really is a good girl other than the whole jealousy and emotional roller coaster thing).

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