My Irrational Love – Cho Hye Eun


I had been saving Cho Hye Eun, considering never featuring her on this site for one reason – she is my irrational love. I love this girl. I have loved this girl since she started modeling in 2002. Cho Hye Eun is the reason I decided to promote The Black Alley, because it used to be Asian4You, and Cho was one of its main models. Cho Hye Eun is not her real name, there is a 95% chance she is Thai and not Korean, and there is nothing I can describe that makes her more attractive to me than any of the other models I have placed on this site. Nothing. I recognize that – that is why the love is irrational. I cannot describe what makes her more attractive to me than other models, but she is. Cho Hye Eun drives me wild, and because I recognized how irrational my love was for her, I was originally planning on keeping her all to myself and never featuring her so that I could stay under the misguided belief that I would be the only one to love her.

But whatever. I am over it now, and happy to bring her to you, even though I doubt you will share the irrational love that I do. And that’s okay, because I recognize that the extent of my attraction to her is irrational, and that only makes me like her that much more.Whenever I was talking about women with a friend of mine a while back, I would end the conversation with “Whatever, she’s no Cho.” Cho, if you’re reading this right now… I love you. I love the way you smile in almost every photo. Everything. Man…


Age: ?
Height: 4’10”?
Ethnicity: Thai?
Located: ?
























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  1. Travis, I can understand your attraction. Some models transcend the page and make an impact beyond their objective assets or describable beauty.

    There is certainly something about Cho. Her smile, even laugh, is infectious. She seems approachable and fun. Great nipples, too.


    I lover her little figure and the poses (for the most part) really fit her.

    Any videos of this girl, Travis?

  2. As with most Thai/A4Y models, she does nothing for me, but I’m clearly in a minority around here. She’s certainly cute enough though, and her body’s nicely proportioned (even if her boob job could be a little better). Ironically, I feel almost the opposite way to Travis – I can’t see anything much wrong with her objectively, but nothing about her excites me. Very interesting!

  3. Wow. What isn’t to love. That first photo in particular just sucks you in. I can’t say that *I* love her, but I can certainly say that I can understand anyone that does.

  4. her face somehow reminds me of nat channapa. i think cho’s body is not as great as nat’s, but her face is absolutely cuter

  5. If you’re attracted to petite Thai girls, she’s definitely cute and personable so I can understand your irrational love. I’m more into the NE Asian girls myself. But she’s sure nice to look at first thing in the morning.

  6. Travis —

    There’s nothing irrational about it.
    She is quite special and we all have her one.

    Make it happen… she has been waiting for your profession of love for too long now..


  7. Rubbish – this girl wouldn’t have a drop of Korean blood. The Thai sites give them Chinese, Japanese and Korean names to make them sound “higher class”, but they’re all Thai. Cho almost certainly is.

  8. She’s a cutie Travis. I have the same “irrational love” for another A4U model: Nancy Ho. Nobody else seems to think much of her but I get all schoolboy about her.Happens.

  9. The way you feel about Cho is how I feel about Amara. I don’t see what’s so irrational with being in love with a hot, naked Thai chick. Now if she was a straight butterface, then I would call your love irrational because I wouldn’t be able to rationalize your infatuation with someone fugly.

    Again, she’s not Korean. That’s always been the one thing I hated about these sites is that they take Thai models and give them Japanese, Chinese, or Korean-sounding names instead of just some nickname for them to model under. I’m sure most people would realize that they were Thai, but I guess not. And there’s nothing I can do about it. The only thing I’m paying attention to is to whether they are hot or not. But if it helps get more people to pay attention to them, whatever.

  10. I fully agree that these sites are trying to mislead people.

    I’ll even accept that this model is “100% Thai”.

    However, I also believe there is more than just a few number of Thai residents of mixed Asian heritage, including Japanese and Korean, (just like in the Philippines) and it could easily assist these sites in finding models that tend towards those ethnic looks.

  11. I agree that she may not be 100% Thai – in fact, as I mentioned in another thread, it’s very risky to call anyone 100% anything these days. But I’m quite sure there isn’t a trace of Korean in this girl (a bit of Chinese or Vietnamese is certainly possible though).

    As for Stripes’ “irrational love”, I can understand that one: Nancy has great tits. 🙂

  12. AAh, Cho Hye Eun! I like almost all of the Black Alley and A4U girls, but especially Cho, Jang E. Ping and Nancy Ho. I have downloaded some hardcore shots of all of them but I can’t figure out how to upload them to Asian Sirens.

    I also have an irrational love for Ran Asakawa, and from the Playboy Asians Special Edition: Penny Phang, San San, Elizabeth Corpuz and Susie Lee. Any photos or info would be much appreciated.

  13. If they are doing extensive retouching then they missed the lips – major cracks.

    She’s a cutie.

  14. What a doll. Normally have no interest in short haired girls but her smile just lights everything up. What a cutie.

  15. Very cute, petite, she seems to be a lot of fun.

    Love is not irrational, it’s just beyond understanding and explanation. It just is. So, it’s yours and you’re entitled to it. 😉

  16. She’s too pretty to be full Korean.

    Not only that, her body is too hot (meaning slim, firm, and with curves) to be Korean.

    But then again, who’s to say her father wasn’t from Korea. There are ot’s of Korean mean passing on thier on kind and seeking and marrying Thai and Filipina women over the years.

  17. TedS: your comments about Koreans are just so far off base that I don’t even know where to start. Have you heard of somebody named Sung Hi Lee (the model who started the entire Asian Sirens enterprise)? And that’s just one example. Koreans have some of the hottest, slimmest and firmest bodies in Asia (although they also have some of the stockiest: they seem to often either be tall, slim and gorgeous, or short, stocky and unattractive).

  18. @Doc: you quite rightly call Ted to task for his silliness, and then weigh in in the last sentence with a most ridiculous generalisation of your own.

    By far most Koreans I know – some them the most delectable yummy mummies – fall quite nicely between the two extremes.

    And I just can’t see beyond Thai for this girl. I’d most definitely pick her out of a fishbowl. In fact, I may have done. 🙂

  19. Of course there will be many in between, but Koreans seem to be the most “split” of all oriental ethnicities – it is quite striking how often they tend to one of these two extremes. Once again, of course they don’t always do this, but it seems they do far more often than any other oriental ethnicity.

  20. Well there are plenty of tall ‘uns for sure. I reckon goes it’s due in part to Korea’s astonishing rise from one of the poorest nations in the world 50 years ago to one of the richest. Better nutrition, time for exercise & sport, genetics & natural selection, they all play a part.

    The young urban generation, plus US returnees, are strikingly taller than their parents. Provincial folk less so.

  21. Doc, I felt the same way on my visits to Korea. When they’re hot, they’re HOT, but when they’re not………I worked with a couple of Korean cuties also, and it would make me smile just to see them (read, schoolboy crush).

  22. Yeah – Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese girls are mostly basically attractive, but rarely as hot as the hottest Koreans. Yet on the other hand, there’s a lot of Koreans who are a good deal less attractive than the average Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese girl – Koreans really seem to be far more extreme.

  23. And just to clarify, that should have been “schoolboy crush” as I haven’t been a schoolboy for a long, long time:-(

  24. I 100% Agree with U Travis! Can’t put my finger on it. But this Lady is Yummy Yummy Hot!!!! Thanks 4 sharing!

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