Pizza Hut campaign

Pizza Hut campaign

Found this campaign by Pizza Hut (for Asia) on Twenty Four. It’s telling its customers to wash their hands before a meal. The other two ads (unfortunately with men) are in
Pizza Hut campaign

Pizza Hut campaign

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  1. Why would a food service company do something so idiotic as psychologically associate their product line with this (thanks dark…)”ick”???

  2. they’re saying that if ppl dont wash their hands its the same as the actions that the pictures are depicting

  3. I would do it as a public service and keep my logo off of it…..

    Subconsciously we tend to associate the image with the negative activity just as we used to positively associate smoking with coolness and still associate alcohol with sex….

    I live in China where, at home many are compulsively clean, but public areas are often free-for-all zones re: hygeine.

    The Beijing government has just issued a book to locals to telling them how not to gross out foreign visitors coming to the Olympics….

  4. The Chinese Gov’t has also passed a law for the olympics, you can’t spit on the sidewalk…Spitting on the sidewalk is very commmon in China, it done all the time by everyone…For us Foreigners it’s a little gross….

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