Photoshoot in China


Found this nice photoshoot for a Chinese men’s magazine. I don’t think the photos need a lot of text, but the article has some info in Chinese.







At the original location the images also are a bit bigger…

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  1. The girl in the middle in the light blue bikini (sixth from the left and fifth from the right in the back shot) has quite an impressive body: very slender and leggy but also very curvaceous. The shape of her legs and her waistline are very nice indeed!

  2. The third and fifth girls from the left in the top two pics are HAWT! Oh yeah, and the girl in the last picture also. It’s so hard to choose. Heck, maybe I like all of them.

  3. Ah, so it’s one of those crap Windows IE only pages? It doesn’t work in Mac IE either. It’s time all web designers realised that there are other browsers (such as Safari and FireFox) and operating systems (i.e. Mac OS) with rapidly growing marketshare.

    And Robin, your comment was a breach of our posting guidelines – if you do it again I may have to ban you. 😉

  4. As usual, my taste is different from arf’s. The third girl is the only one here who really has a butt, but apart from that, for my taste the sixth one definitely has the best body (as you can tell, I’m not a butt man!). But judging from the first photo, she isn’t very pretty.

  5. Arf likes tan woman with butt for sure. Just not to big of a butt. Healthy butt = happy arfdaddy.

  6. the girl in the pink bikini, fourth photo from top — i have so many problems with this photo. first of all, i’m fairly certain that her face didn’t really win her any beauty contests so whoever picked her must’ve liked her for her body. BUT, seriously, that’s her sternum showing, and that pretty much means that she’s just a coat hanger for a bunch of blood vessels at the moment.

    i agree with lee when he says none of these girls have butts except for the tan girl, third from left. i don’t personally like her style (tattoos & haircut), but i think it’s nice to see that a tan girl made it into the photoshoot and it’s not all light-skinned girls. i also agree with lee that girl 6 has the best body, alongside the tan girl.

    the 2nd girl has the best potential for having a nice butt if she would work out. did anyone notice she’s actually white?

  7. Just joking of course. Trying to stay within the guidelines of the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, of course.

  8. I love chinese girls too. I was just making a reference to christine’s white girl findings. Once again, totally joking, nothing wrong with white girls. I just wanted to clear that up.

  9. Yeah I realized that BlueSkies, I figured that out about 2 seconds after reading it, but just in case someone else thought something different after reading my comment. It’s sugoi.

  10. Christine, I tend to like really thin women, but i agree with you on the girl in the pink bikini. That’s just too skinny, especially from the boobs up. Not at all attractive.

    OTOH, the girl jumping into the pool looks thin, but fit, and very pretty, IMO.

    As Mike said, the last picture is quite sexy in an innocent way. Very nice.

    I also like the juxtaposition of the very exotic, girl in the bikini and high heels sitting on hay bales. That girl has some nice pins…no?

  11. 5 from right is indeed hot. Best of bunch and the one next to her. Super waists; nice curves. They did appear to stick a white girl in; to show they are inclusive.

    I don’t know about you but woman in last photo, despite heaving titties, seems to have a rather unsightly patch of skin near bikini. What’s with that? But of course, there are the heaving titties.

  12. whoa, bubalabobo, you’re right. that looks like a serious rash. maybe a full-body wax gone wrong?

  13. Bigfoot Dean, I would say that the girl jumping into the pool looks very pretty and slender/thin, but I’m not sure she’s fit. That’s something you can’t judge from looks at all! 🙂

  14. I said she “looks” fit, not she is. I think her abs look toned, in that picture, and she doesn’t look bony and/or decimated, like the girl in the pink bikini.

    But, you knew that’s what i meant. :#)

    Perhaps we should bring her in for an exam to be sure.

    As for the girl in the last pic, i think that might be dirt, guys. She looks as though she has been playing volleyball on a dirt court.

  15. if it’s dirt, then wouldn’t some get smeared on the bikini bottom too? it seems to just be on her skin o___o;;

  16. also, don’t you think the girl on the far right in that one photo where they’re all holding that rainbow thing looks awfully stretched out?

  17. Well, if it’s dry dirt, it will stick to moist/sweaty skin, but just wipe off a dry surface. I’m not certain, just suggesting that as an possibility.

    As for the Olive Oil on the far right, she certainly is stretched out, and sickly looking. It’s kind of creepy. And they say the camera adds 5 pounds. Perhaps they should have a few more photogs there. :#)

    I’m not all that impressed with the group shots, I have to say. The few really pretty women are too hidden by the others, IMO. And, yes, I know the girls are not hidden in the group “booty pic”.

  18. after seeing all those babes, I have a conclusion.

    There is a God. HORAY………….. Thank you God. You’ve made the world a beautiful place.

  19. Maybe it’s a birthmark on the last girl’s bikini area. Or a diaper/depends rash. I would say it’s just sand like Bigfoot Dean said. I’m not at all worried about it. She still looks hot.

  20. “Sand” arf, yes. Not “dirt”. I’m not sure why I wrote “dirt.

    Yesterday was my first day with the new brain. I’m still breaking it in.

    Thanks for the correction.

  21. I agree with christine that the girl on pic 4 is too skinny, but her face looks really pretty to me. Oh well, a matter of taste.
    Still, pic 7 wins my vote.

  22. Dr. Lee, you should learn Chinesse languange.
    these all about China.
    Christine, the girl who has no butt, since in the culture (as you can see in Chinesse movies) girls do not have butts. It makes more attractive oposite gender (like arf, blueskies, and me of course).
    It helpfulls to make you can move faster.
    Do you want to make questionnaire for these little butts?

  23. firstly i’m not sure that having no ass helps you move faster. if a girl’s ass is from a firm gluteus maximus, then i’m pretty sure that she will run farther distances than most of the frighteningly skinny ladies up there.

    secondly i agree that a lot of people here (the US) have fat asses that are ridden with cellulite and are just…uncomely. but i always thought jessica alba’s butt was the quintessential perfect butt, and i’m pretty sure that no girl up there comes even close to having a butt like that. i’m also fairly certain that if one of the asian girls up there DID have a butt like that, no one would be complaining – chinese, american, or otherwise.

    before this turns into another ass-discussion, which we’ve been having a lot of recently for some odd reason, i’m glad Niners mentioned a “questionnaire” for these butts — beeeeecause, we already have one going! butt discussion here.

    but, really, if i were to show up smack in the middle of Shanghai with my US booty, would men be repulsed? i think they’d be more repulsed by my accent before they were turned off by anything big n’ round in the back.

  24. Christine, if you want to show what you have on your body, I will be the first one who will see you in every single inch. And I will make your pictures become my wall paper. What do you say???
    In China, yes, you more attractive if you have not a fat butt.

  25. i can see it, niners. is it blocked for you? maybe this will work: link

    unfortunately, niners, i will not be sending out my photo so that you can post it as your wallpaper, but it also looks like, by china’s standards, i would be quite the pretty girl if i moved. pretty ugly, that is.

  26. so, niners, is the tan girl who has a bigger butt than the rest of them (she is standing third from the left) considered unattractive in china?

  27. (well, obviously she’s not unattractive or else she wouldn’t be in this series of photos, but my question is if she would be considered less attractive compared to the other girls in the photo)

  28. pretty ugly, that is

    I’ve tried to avoid jumping on the Christine-ass-kissing-wagon, but if you look anything like your cousins in that last photo… I think you’d do just fine.

  29. no worries, blueskies, my ass is big enough to accommodate a lot of kissing. kiss on!

    (jk again)

  30. Christine, yes. Comapres with others, that one is unattractive. Sorry, I have to let you down at this time.
    So, when will you walk in the middle of Shanghai? Are you in Shanghai? (Right now)
    Your “link”, for me, no problems. I like her eventhough she stands against the wall.

  31. haha Niners, not a problem. i just wanted to clarify this cultural difference; it helps me better understand a lot of the international students that are here at berkeley because i don’t really get why so many of the girls here walk around with visors and longsleeves/pants on during the summer and insist on never going to the gym, just starving themselves

    i’m happy with the way i look, but obviously this is based on an american cultural norm and i’m not sure how i would feel about my body if i were in china at the moment! probably really out of place. haha.

    i’m not in china right now, niners, but i might be in a few years?

  32. I’m sure I’ll stick out more. Big, skinheaded honkey with the broad shoulders and chest of a linebacker. But I’ll make due. I hope.

  33. Christine, you’re welcome.
    But the bottom line is no matter our difference, the most important, yes I agree with you, how to our self not others.
    Sure, Chine always open for everyone.

  34. Sorry? I was talking about traveling to China, which I plan on doing in the not-too-distant future and how much I may stick out. As a person who prefers to draw no attention to himself, it may be odd for me.

  35. LOL! I seriously don’t anticipate that happening! Photos of the Great Wall, Huangshan, and such, sure… Nude Chinese ladies? Well, I can dream!

  36. “Christine, if you want to show what you have on your body, I will be the first one who will see you in every single inch. And I will make your pictures become my wall paper. What do you say???”

    ditto…we should all be the judge of your ass christine :))

  37. Lawboy, we are like soldiers who will go to around the world following the instruction. That is an order.

  38. Hi guys, just got home. Did I miss some ass kissin around here. Darnitt! This is why hate going to work.

  39. I like the 4th babe from the right, in the little pink string bikini and the 7″ stiletto heels with the long nails. She looks like a wild xiaojie. 🙂 I was in Shanghai a short while ago and saw a couple photo shoots– few things turn me on like seeing slender Chinese beauties in string bikinis and spiked heels like that.

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