Photographer Adam Yurman talks about Ingrid Vo

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photographer Adam Yurman was kind enough to supply us with some thoughts about, and photos of one of his favourite models: Ingrid Vo. We have featured her a couple of times before, here and here in our Asian-Sirens T-shirt.

Adam Yurman:
I never thought I would see myself scanning my own shots out of a popular magazine and uploading them to the Internet like some kind of scanmaster. People like me who make their living selling photos can be over protective of their work. But times have changed and sharing your favorite things on the internet is part of big business these days. So here is my favorite model from 2006, a few words about her and some of my favorite shots.

She is a leggy bombshell with an unusually pleasant personality. She tends to sleep half the day and arrive at photoshoots fashionably late but once she gets going, she is worth the wait. I don’t like to talk about model’s ehtnicity or mention which Asian countries I am currently shooting in because most Asian governments frown hard on glamour photography and who needs that kind of attention? Please excuse what seems like secrecy but it’s just my instinct for survival at work. I am sure most of you can figure it out anyway.Ingrid loves to model and can’t believe that foreigners think she is beautiful. We won’t tell her if you won’t. It could go to her head and she might sleep even later.

She is featured in my Pacific USA Calendar with a nice shot taken from the recent layout in Penthouse Magazine where she has 16 pages devoted to her! See the cheap page scans below, sorry the images are not that sharp. I have no flat bed scanner like you pro scanmasters out there. But then I like the cheap blurry look sometimes after seeing so much Hi_Rez perfection all day.

Ingrid is also featured on my Pacific USA Website and at the Pacific Beauty website. The respective URLS are imbedded in the scans of course.

Feel free to send any messages you want Ingrid to hear from you in this forum. I will tell her myself unless they are from ChinaLover who always has, well shall we say, a little too much personal enthusiasm in his replies for the average Asian model’s delicate ears.

Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

Photo: Adam Yurman

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0 thoughts on “Photographer Adam Yurman talks about Ingrid Vo”

  1. No offense Adam, is Tiara lestari getting a piece of commission from the sale of the calendar?…she could use the money , since she’s been unemployed now…

  2. But not modeling anymore was Tiara’s own choice I believe. And she does a lot of other thing now. Doesn’t she? TV and stuff. Well, I don’t know. She writes in Indonesian so I have no idea what’s she’s talking about.

    IMHO we should focus on beautiful Ingrid instead of Tiara here.

  3. I was wondering which issue of Penthouse she was in. I have a subscription but I can’t seem to find her layout.

  4. Oh yes, IMHO these new Ingrid photos are some of the sexiest shots Adam has done – I love the naughty public flashing, but with the class that only a true professional like Adam can bring to the table.

    And CLM, Adam’s comments do indicate one reason why I would like you to tone down your comments here (which you still haven’t done). Obviously you want to impress the ladies, but when it comes to Asian girls, trust me (and Adam) when I say your crasssness and boastfulness isn’t the way to do it.

  5. I…..I just gotta……can’t think……..must break free…………so fukcing hot!

    Holy bajowzers, Batfink! Some lucky girl named Ingrid just shot into my top 10! Where she lands no one knows, but I’ll be sure to keep my eyes on her 😛

    Hubba Hubba!

  6. Now that I’ve got that out of my system (how ever briefly)….

    Mr. Adam Yurman, you have the luckiest pair of eyes in the world. If I die any time soon, I want to come back as an Ingrid Vo photoshoot!

    But seriously, how can any one person be that damn hot?!? I’d much rather have an Ingrid than an Angelina or anything else outta Hollywood (aka Boringwood). Yes, Ingrid, you are overly sexy, and if I were you, I’d be spending half my day in bed with myself too! 😛

  7. this chick is the new definition for asian sex bombshell…..!! those tits are just incredible, her ass is just slapable, and her face…sooo lusty…my thingy is drooling…!!

  8. Wow, I have never seen legs on an Asian girl like Ingrid. Love the puffies, too.

    Thanks Adam, great work as always. Good luck to you, Ingrid. You have a fan in NYC.

  9. DR. LEE

    What did I do?

    I have tried not to use profanity at all and I haven’t made any stabs at anyone. Where do you get off claiming I used boastfulness…blah…blah…blah?
    I haven’t even entrered into any morality issue arguments.

  10. As a serious photo collector, I can’t think of any Asian hotter than Ingrid. I can’t think of any mixed Asian that’s hotter than her either. She holds the #1 spot on my list. She’s perfection.

    The issue that I have is that her pics are too low in resolution for someone this fine. They need to be higher.

  11. CLM, entering into morality arguments is fine in itself – it’s just how you went about it last time. And while your comments have improved, as Adam indicates they can still be a little too much, especially for any ladies who might be reading. I guess you aren’t really conscious of the way you write, but please try to be.

    Your comments aren’t bad enough for me to delete under our present guidelines, so all I can ask is that you try to think “what if a lady was reading this?”. Indeed, that might be a good idea for everyone actually!

  12. ROBIN


    Palau is part of Bush’s coalition of the willing. Basically, they don’t really do anything at all except “be there” while Bush messes up in Iraq. From what I’ve heard, Palau isn’t active in the war on terror at all.

    I want to have my honeymoon in Palau.
    One of the attractions there is a lake where you can swim with stingerless jellyfish (who lost their sting due to natural selection) and also you can take many helicopter tours I’ve seen.

  13. Judging from the language appearing at the bottom of two of the scans, it is the Thai edition of Penthouse.

    Adam, this raises an interesting question. It appears you are still shooting film and not digital?

  14. Nope, I can confirm he is shooting digital. The fact that he had to scan them probably has something to do with the publishing rights for the photos i.e. he is not allowed to post his original files, as they are the property of Thai Penthouse. Still, it is technically illegal for him to scan them anyway, so I think we’d all appreciate it if you could shed some light on this issue Adam!

  15. she’s amazing on all accounts. Her face and legs are what really stand out. My only gripe is that she has a bad boob job. They look too “attached” and not a natural extension of her body. It’s a shame. I would hope when she has more money that she has them re-done. But she’s absolutely gorgeous.

  16. Doc….half swedish?..she looks pure viet…i wonder if she is in saigon :))….sure wouldnt mind running into her…:)

  17. I agree she does look pure Viet, but according to Adam, she is part Swedish – that’s where she gets those eyes from (she may be wearing coloured contacts, but I have no reason to think so).

  18. I don’t think she is half Sweed. She looks Vietnamese. 99% of the time when it is half Asian and Caucasian the mix is very obvious. Plus she looks like she had a nose job. And how anyone tell from the picture that she is not wearing colored contacts. Isn’t it funny that most of the Asian women claiming that they are half White or something comes out looking more Asian. And the one that claims that they are pure Asian comes out looking mixed…hmm……

  19. oops…..revised…And how anyone CAN tell from the picture that she is NOT wearing colored contacts.

  20. clm…coalition of the willings..what a crock of sh!t. it is us brittain and some little island countries. 🙂 how pathetic. but i digressed 🙂

  21. Please see the original article on Ingrid – I have no reason to disbelieve what Adam says. Also, usually coloured contacts look somehow odd, but Ingrid’s eyes look natural – it is possible they are very good coloured contacts, but once again I have no reason to think so.

    I agree there is a strong possibility she’s had facial surgery (not just a nose job but possibly a chin job) – after all, the majority of Asian models do these days. However, if she has had surgery it’s a good job – her face doesn’t look obviously fake (although her boobs do of course!).

  22. she maybe what she is base on the article but i have seen a lot of pure vietnamese girls who came from a particular region in south vietnam that have a lot of western features. Throw in some color contact lens and you can pass them off as mixed. doc, if you ever go to saigon and go some high class joints you will see what i am talking about. as a viet, i can pick out mixed features pretty well and this girl looks very much like a very good looking pure viet girl or viet mixed with kmer blood…i could be wrong…lets asked her photographer to verify 🙂 i can check for you guys personally ; )

  23. plus her body is too thin and frail to be mixed with norwegian blood…have you seen kira kerner?…beautiful viet mixed with norwegian porn star.. she got some meat on her bones….

  24. Hello Law Boy,

    Ingrid was waring colored contacts for a different look. Many models do these days. She is pure Asian. I can not discuss specific countries due to political pressures. Sorry. Hope you will understand.

  25. In an answer to the question about if Tiara was paid royalties or not
    for the new Pacific USA calendar. The answer is, she was paid an
    industry standard fee for every useage and the calendar was very much a
    seperate usage which she was paid for. As a side note, Tiara was paid
    about 10 times more then any other model we have had in the last ten
    years in part due to her previous lawyer boyfriend who negotiated a
    strong deal for her. She was not on a buyout, it was case by case. The
    actual figures paid to any model are not going to be discussed in public
    but it would be pretty unfair to me to let a loaded question like that
    go unanswered after I have been so supportive, in many ways to our
    favorite super model. I heard she is working on her own projects.
    Recently I sent a video of myself, (by her request), to her answering
    some model/photographer type questions for a soon to be aired TV show
    featuring her in Jakarta.

  26. In answer to the question why would I scan something from a magzine if I
    had the original? I did provide the original for 80% of what was posted
    on A.S. on Ingrid. I threw in a few rough scans because I like the way
    they look and it has a more Scanmaster look to it. Just having fun,
    that’s all. Also, those mag/scanned shots are also on Pacific Beauty and
    I can not post to much stuff from those shootings because of contractual
    obligations. Stuff featured on my Pacific USA website, I can post as
    much as I want to.

  27. And a note to Chinese Lover Man, no offense meant and I don’t think your
    comments are harmful or strange for the Internet but I was just saying I
    would not be likely to assist in relaying them to a model as it might
    not go down well. A.S. welcomes all kinds as long as there is no
    malicious stuff going on or something horribly illegal.

  28. Wow, so Adam’s original claim of her being part Swedish was marketing! I guess I should trust my own eyes in future – I guess she is indeed pure Viet!

  29. you owed me $1 doc:)…..i told ya…i got an eye for these things but sometime i can be fooled too. thanks Adam for your response and post…greatly appreciated….

    doc email me and let me know how to contributes to your site…love to add a few posts of my own.

    adam if you ever need models in saigon, let me know ; )

    CLM….i love his comments and it surely add a different flavor to this site…but i guess it can be rough on tender ears or eyes…CLM must be from Detroit :))

  30. wow, i just checked out adam’s some hot asian there…are you the lucky SOB that gets to take all these pix? :))

  31. Hey Law boy,

    Last time I tried to find a model in Saigon I got ripped off so bad by the local (top) modeling agency there, ( a real one with Governement logos all over the place) I swore of Vietnam for future “looking for Miss Saigon” calendar photo excursions. That was 1999. You can tell me more about current conditions if you have time. Maybe an Email might be better.

  32. adam, i can help you out…email me..doc got my email…i dont think you will get rip off if i am assisting, and i know a lot of willing models…i am going back soon…

  33. Hey lawboy: as I said, I did think Ingrid looked pure Viet – I just trusted Adam’s PR. I guess I’ll think twice before doing that again. 😉

    And you are very welcome to join our blog team (I trust nobody has any objections?). I will send you an email with the info (I will use the email you registred under). It would be great if you could bring us some fresh Vietnamese babes!

  34. Yep, you should have recieved an email from me telling you where to send the manual – if you didn’t you can just get LawBoy’s address from the admin of course!

  35. I think I need to get in on this search for “Vietnam’s Next Top Smokin’ Hot Model Babe”. Just a small part is all I ask. Perhaps ‘nipple tweaker’ or something…make sure everyone is standing at attention for the photos! 😛

    I’ve got a passport and lots of sick days saved up. Lemme know.

    p.s. – I think I left a sock at Ingrid’s place so we might have to swing by so I can pick it up and all. 🙂

  36. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the response…I have been looking at Asian-Sirens for quite some time now and I think most of the Asian women here are beautiful. My only beef (forgive me for this comment) is that Asian women tend to add additional race in their profile (especially being mixed with any white) just to make them seem exotic. For instance Filipinas that claims that they are part Spanish, just because they have a Spanish last name. Like that porn star chick on Howard Stern that was posted a couple of days ago. She looks very Filipino-native. It just make it seem that they are not proud of being Asian. Just because we had Spanish influence all of a sudden all of as are part Spanish. The truth is we look more Malaysian and Chinese than Spanish. Anyway…sorry for the vent..but keep up the good work…Thanks 🙂

  37. I’ve been a big fan of Asian Sirens for a long time, but I’ve never felt compeled to write something until now. Ingrid has to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Can’t believe she is not aware of her own beauty. Great post Adam. I am really jealous of your job.

    Hey have you guys seen Grace Park? Actess on the new Battle Star Galactica TV show. She did a photo shoot for Maximum:
    Quite the beauty.

  38. nondrowsyformula,

    LOVE Grace Park! Really like Galactica for the stories but I stay for the Park. As for Ingrid’s comments I believe it’s just false modesty. I say the same thing to girls all the time….”oh I’m good looking?….really? I NEVER knew!”

    What you guys don’t believe me? I do. Really!…ahem…

  39. CLM…i am kidding with you bro…your attitude is all big city 🙂 which is refreshingly entertaining…i am from the midwest so we country bumpkins are more layback…:)….stop by vietnam sometime you will have a lot of fun and scare the natives 🙂

  40. Hi adam, I was wondering when your pacificusa website will be open to suscribers living outside U.S?

  41. Hi Marco,
    I am usually pretty quiet mainly because of international security concerns but I just had to share my enthusiasm for Ingrid’s modeling with the people who would understand her best at A.S.
    And that comment from hotbytes2000 above really got me going. He must be the Don Rickles of Asia. Had to reply to that one. Anyway, this thread has been a blast seeing folks respond warmly to Ingrid’s photos. I will make sure she gets all details. Well, almost all 🙂

  42. Adam, not sure if you will see this comment. However is there any chance you will do more non nude (ie fully clothed) shots of the model?

    Maybe its just me and my preference for clothing, but sometimes a model can have too many nude/topless shots and not enough with clothes on if you know what I mean.

    Great work though, and I look forward to seeing more of your work with this model!

    PS – maybe i should make an asianmodelspace t-shirt and ask people to wear that.. lol

  43. Hello Auron,
    I do tons of fully clothed shots of every model. But I can only post a few here on A.S. without getting in to trouble with publishing companies that buy my sets. I figured most of the folks around A.S. would like to see Ingrid in a more undressed state. Most magazine layouts my photos are featured in are about 16-20 pages and 30-60 photos. About 25% of those pages are non nude. Heck I started out as a fashion photographer in Los Angeles and was hesitant to even consider shooting a nude until about 1996.
    Your site looks interesting. You should have your own teeshirt and you should take pictures of the models you feature wearing it. Robin can tell you where to get them made and sold.

  44. Hey adam, I was wondering when your pacificusa website will be open to suscribers living outside U.S?

  45. @ Adam & Robin

    Thanks for the idea and the link to !

    @ Adam

    Thanks for the heads up about your photo sets. I can live with 25% non nude… and the 75% nude.. haha

  46. Hello Chandler,
    I am not sure how to provide truly secure transactions with credit cards online outside the USA banking system yet. I should have a mail order sign up form to accept other countries. Hmm, food for thought. Thanks, Adam

  47. Yes, they are listed but try entering a non-US credit card number(if u have one) and u will see an error message. It was stated on one of the pages before the fillup form too.

  48. To: Miss Ingrid
    By favour of: Mr. Adam Yurman

    Miss Ingrid, myself, I love to sleep half day and I have a terrible sense of punctuality (or none at all).

    Since we already have this in common, feel free to contact me and, who knows, maybe we can talk about it, put it all out and try to overcome this punctuality thing that everybody criticizes about us.

    By the way, you are so beautiful, I wouldn’t mind to wait for you all day long. I know how you must feel pressured about setting a schedule, so let’s not even mention it. Just show up anytime. 🙂

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