Met-Art Model Publika Photographed by Roy Stuart

Met-Art Model Publika

Here’s a sample gallery featuring 19 images of their model Publika. These photographs and this model are not the typical for Met-Art. But still, she is attractive in her own way. More earthy than glamorous maybe. For another sample, click
Met-Art Model Publika

Publika Sample Gallery Main Site

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0 thoughts on “Met-Art Model Publika Photographed by Roy Stuart”

  1. Love the rack.Love the pubes.She needs to start training those legs.That’s pretty sad when you’re all of 90lbs and your legs lack even modest muscle tone.

  2. God damn Met Art is blocked here in China!

    Hey, you young guys who have been raised on shaved p*****, you need to learn to appreciate a full bush, especially on a soft, slender, feminine gals.

  3. I wasn’t raised on shaved but I definitely prefer it! It’s not the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s anymore. Leave the long hair on the head!

    This girl is awkward.

  4. Yeah i like her. She could use alittle more definition downstairs and a shave but nice tits and cute face.

  5. When I started to ‘read’ Playboy back in the mid eighties ‘bush’ was still okay to a certain limit (landing strip?).

    But once I had experienced ‘shaved’ first hand, I have trouble going back to ‘the Amazon’! I am not saying it isn’t natural, but it just isn’t very ‘convenient’… 😛

  6. I think she is attractive with a nice set for certain. The skinny legs are pretty typical of a lot of Chinese women here in my area. It would be nice to have a little more athletic thighs. Did anyone else notice the disinterested guys walking behind her in one of the shots? I cant imagine a naked woman getting photographed is so common that they wouldnt stop to take a peek. I know I would have liked a glimpse of her behind.

  7. Her body is great from the bush on up. I hate her legs though. Other than that, she’s beautiful. I don’t know when Met-Art decided to start photographing beautiful Asian women, but it’s about time that they started putting out more sets with Asians. It wouldn’t hurt for them to be a little more diverse in the models that they use.

  8. holly shit! i just noticed her pits in the sample gallery…either shave it or she has dropped 10 spots in the AP ranking and 12 spots in the Coaches ranking:)

  9. @ LawBoy

    This is another example of why we need more asian models doing shots with clothes on. You wouldn’t have noticed the pit hair then..

  10. auron…either that or take one step closer to the razors….suprisingly girls in vietnam shave their underarms…but not their leggs…not much hair on the legs anyway…hairy pits give me the willies…:)

  11. You bald vagina freaks are lacking some
    erotic maturity. These cleanly shaved
    glossy women look as erotic as new born
    baby, no sexual appeal, no personality, just
    obeying to some fashion ideals of gents
    magazines. sorry to say that to those guys,
    who can never feel the beauty of women
    with a natural bush. Natural bushes are
    godly given to attract us men, it’s a symbol
    of eros and maturity, makes a child an adult.
    All this nonsense of “trapping bacteria” or smelly hairy vaginas is pure bullshit. erosdeliria is quite right when he said that a majority of men have to learn appreciating full bushes.

  12. By the same logic afreak, we should all learn to appreciate unshaven armpits, as it is a symbol of maturity also. The fact of the matter is, the human species has evolved many of its characteristics through a process known as neotony, which basically means the preservation of immature features in adults (that’s why we look more like baby chimps than adult chimps). So it is natural for us to be sexually attracted to immature features. I can argue the science with anybody, but ultimately, it’s all really just a matter of taste! 😉

  13. maybe because i grew up in the US and not europe…but my taste does not lend to big bush and ESPECIALLY HAIRY PITS…way too gross….but to each his own..

  14. I agree to some degree to Dr. Lee. We can
    argue scientifically for both extremes, the hairy and the shaven. It’s a matter of taste,
    but this taste surprisingly varied through centuries. As all of you know, there was no discussion as ours in the 60-80ties, since all of us accepted a full bush without thinking. The sterile fashion suddenly appeared in the mid 80ties and most people find it to be the most normal, even a naturally given obligation to shave almost all body hair (especially women).
    And there is another interesting aspect. Particularly in art magzines we see unshaven pubes, on rather pornographic images we mostly see the bald versions. What does it mean ? It isn’t a 100% rule of course, but a tendency. To return to the asian topic, for asian women with all in all few body hair, natural hair on the erogene zones is heavenly for me .

  15. I believe the reason for the preference for baldness in porn is so that viewers can see the ‘action’ more clearly. Also, it is true that a shaven pubic area is less likely to pick up certain STDs, such as crabs.

    As for different sexual fashions over time, this is very interesting, and not just as regards the pubic area. Look at our current obsession with thinness, for example. When we liked ‘rubenesqe’ figures, only the rich could be like that; but now obesity is more prevalent amongst the poor, so we like thin.

  16. Yes, I think so, too. Baldness has practical reasons in porn. The medical impact rather depends on peoples intimate hygiene, I guess.

    However, let me promote the beauty of hair once more. Even some celebs seem to be on my side:

    I know I swerve from the asian topic a little – at least one celeb is asian though – and of course it isn’t about nude celebs (just armpits). I think, some of them can really wear it with dignity, can’t they. My motivation to start this “hairy” discussion was just to make people think (and doubt) about the subjective forgone conclusion that shaven pubes and pits are better. It’s a matter of taste, time and culture and that’s it.

  17. Afreak you are aptly named. You must be French….well in any case thanks for that link now I have to go and gouge my eyeballs out.

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