Peter Klashorst @

Peter Klashorst @

Dutch painter Peter Klashorst used to travel (and live) in Africa and make nude paintings of all the girls he met there. He became intimite with quite a few also 😉 He had a real reputation for taking big risks in that department. The ‘delicate muslim’ situation there did not allow him to continue his ‘Artwork’ (he was even imprisoned once and escaped!). So now he recides in Thailand. And he is taking pictures also this time. Check out his girls at his flickr account. He also has a blog. More nude pictures there.

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  1. I looked at his pictures. I try to see them through western man’s eyes. But I have to say, I don’t mean rude, but most of the girls are very ugly. I mean, you can walk down any street in Thailand and most of the girls are prettier. I think a normal Thai girl won’t pose for nude picture.

    A photographer named Kung (Shrimp) used to take very pretty photos of very pretty Thai girls, nude. He got in trouble. Peter might have trouble too. You can do many things in private in Thailand. But if you make it public, like posting on the internet or make a calendar like Kung, you will get trouble and can’t stay in Thailand. He needs to be careful.

  2. I agree. None of the girls look hot. Also, I don’t see anything artistic about the few I saw. I mean I think they look just as good as any Joe Schmoe on the street could do if they weren’t trying hard.

  3. I agree with the others, few of them look atractive or artistic at all. They are, as I would say “myspace quality”. And from what asiansweetheart says, he ought to be careful.

  4. Yet another photopgrapher who seems to think an unattractive close-up equals art. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of this style of photgraphy.

    BTW, I should finally have time to do my “10 questions for” later this month, in which I will spill the beans on what I think is wrong with most glamour and ‘art’ photography today, and explain my own approach and philosophy on it. I guess it will also be a good chance for all the photographers I’ve criticised to get their own back. 😉

  5. The pics are ok, nothing spectacular or artistic. Plus most of the chicks are unattractive; I swear one of them is also a dude.

    Thailand has many beautiful women. It would be great if he found more attractive women to photograph, but the chicks who are willing to be photographed the most to someone who isn’t a professional photographer are the ugly ones who need money.

    I am going to use this as an example of what I won’t do when I photograph chicks in Thailand. I know my pics won’t come out as bad as I feel his are, but if they do, then I’ll just quit photography.

  6. He is a personal friend – we met in Pattaya Thailand a few weeks ago in fact.

    Peter does not claim to be a photographer. He uses the photos he takes to aid him in his painting and as a way to document his life.

    Like Peter I use flickr not as a portfolio of my best work but simply as a way of sharing my life through photographs.

  7. I just got back from Bangkok and spent a bunch of time with Peter. He removed many of his photos for a very good reason.

    He has had problems logging in to this site. This is a message from him.

    Dear people ,this is Peter himself with some explanation ….I am very surprised by these postings and my appearance on this site ….I am not a glamour or pornartist …..and dont claim to be one ….no fake tits ,phoney smiles ,sexy well known poses or soft focus for me …..the ladies I photograph and paint are just friends no professional models .. they dont seduce … a friend I am not only interested in the pussy or the big tits ,but as crazy as it may sounds …I am trying to picture the psyche …the invisible ….and maybe that can be ugly sometimes …because it mirrors the eye of the beholder ….anyway I greet you all with respect and happy wanking for all you glamourlovers out there

  8. This is much more to my taste than Peter’s or Sonny’s photos – as Peter himself says, they are not glamourous at all. I’m not sure why Robin is so enamoured with the them. 😉

  9. glad you like them, doc! i want to shoot more girls here, but time and money have prevented me so far.

    btw, what do you think of this girl’s boobs? just curious…

  10. Semansco… you make friends quickly.. ‘we met a few weeks ago and we are personal friends’.
    Let me guess: you are dutch and love hanging around with so called ‘famous’ people?
    Here i go being dumb and thinking friendship is a relation build over years and on trust and all that crap. Are you his personal friend when he gets arrested for having paid sex with (under aged) women and he has to stay in BKK hilton for 8 to 10 years? What would you do when you sit next to him when the boys in brown (cops) come? Still declaring your intimate friendship?

    To get back to the subject: the girls he photographs and paints are no professional models, correct, but professional sex workers. Again, the use of the word friend. So you pay for sex, pay extra for pictures and then call them friends?
    Now i start to see why you two are friends too.

    If you try to “picture” psyche, maybe start with yourself. The psyche of the ‘artist’ is distorted that far, that the only company he can have is with admirers, drunks, tossers, hookers and wannabee’s. A real artist you would say…

    I got no opinion about his pics, do what you want. But think about the fact that paying a desperate girl 20 quid to put her naked pics on the internet, for her son or daughter to find her years later or worse, his or her classmate. You think a girl would go with a dodgy old fart like Peter if they had enough money to feed the kids? It is abusing the power of the $$, given to him by sad ‘fans’…

    Now this is my two cents, i would love a thoughtful reaction…

  11. JD: while I agree with 90% of what you wrote about these guys, we all abuse the power of the $. And that includes you too, unless you are a hermit living in a cave wearing a loincloth and eating worms. You buy products that are made with cheap third world labor. You use fossil fuels because you can, hastening global warming and making life more unbearable for the poorest of the poor who barely scrape out a living.

    In other words, we all have blood on our hands, living in privilege at the cost of the less fortunate. It always intrigues me when the subject of sex workers comes up and those to whom it would never otherwise occur to them suddenly become full of righteous indignation and cry “exploitation”!

  12. luvjgirls.. i have to admit i am not far from being human, and after the worms i like to flush it with a cold beer. The loincloth is in the laundry. I know what you mean, exploiting the world we all do in more or lesser ways.

    Living on the cost of less fortunate i will accept, but that a kid sowing a nike football is differently exploited than a 18 year old girl sold by her parents and gets a dirty desperate dutch tosser on top of her that tries to f*ck away his sorrows of not having any skirt in his home country, we all have to admit.

    Sex is sex, and sex sales. Sex is a taboo for most so that gives a little clue why people react differently. A whore in Holland or England that chooses the job to pay the bills, fine. A young girl, i have heard mr klashorst is very fond of the young models under 18, in a situation that is not her own choosing is a hole different ball game!!

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