How many daily visitors has Asian Sirens?

How many daily visitors has Asian Sirens?

Always nice to know that we have approx. 10,000 daily visitors who consume between 20,000 and 40,000 pageviews. Most of them still come from the US and Canada but since we featured Tiara Lestar we have lots of visitors from Indonesia as well. Almost no people from South-America, Africa, Middle-East and Russia. Don’t they like Asian women or what?

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  1. It might have something to do with a lack of internet access. 😉

    Interestingly, the distribution for Sachiko’s site is quite different. The vast majority of her traffic comes from China! I guess this is because she has appeared in the Chinese media – as you can imagine, we are working hard to get a Chinese version of her site up ASAP!

  2. I have been an Asian Sirens fan for a very long time now and I am from Richards Bay South Africa… So we are around.many people only surf on the local sites….They don’t know what they are missing

  3. Lee, since when is internet access in South-America or South-Africa less than in other continents? Have you ever seen how active Brazilian people are in online communities like Hyves?

    Btw, if your site is focused on China than I would not only change the language but also the format. Chinese people don’t like black and clean sites 😉

  4. the format thing about chinese sites is rather true, and funny.

    Anyways, there is no dot in south florida… oh well. Interesting distribution. Arent as many users in the orient as I would have suspected.

  5. jd, the map is only a representation of the last day so it is not unlikely that it missed a few dots. I know that a lot of people are actually coming from South Florida.

  6. In response to Marco’s comments, I am of course talking about Africa and South America as a whole. Still, I guess it is a little surprising that there isn’t more traffic from the hot spots Marco mentioned.

    Regarding Sachiko’s traffic, we’ve never actually targeted the Chinese market, which makes the amount of traffic we get from them all the more remarkable – I guess it shows that the print media are still more powerful than the internet in giving a person a profile.

  7. Oh, i was not aware that it was a representation of one day. This is a Google tool, is it not? If so, I am confident there is some way of making it plot a graph of the distribution over a longer period of time.

  8. Wow! Congrats to Asian Sirens! That’s a really cool tool too!

    My apologies for not being around much lately. Been super busy with work and family issues. 🙁

    Take care everyon!
    xo, E.J.

  9. From BALI Indonesia With Love…Congratulations Asian-sirens, You are best asian beauty site. Is there other indonesian models here ? in Bali the place where I stay now, not on ly beautiful place but also so many beautiful ladies models too with exotic naturally beauty .may be is there photographer interest for some photoshot in Bali 😉 ….. ?

  10. Wow, I actually see my dot. At least, I think it’s mine… Congratulations on the success, and here’s a toast to plenty of beautiful Asian models to come!

  11. I never post, but I’m on asian sirens daily, and from France. Should have write before to tell you, you do a great job.
    Thanks again !

  12. Good to hear everyone is enjoying Asian Sirens! Although quite time consuming, we are having a lot of funrunning it. Thanks people! 🙂

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