‘Painted Lady’ Kichi Paterno


Back in 2000, when Playboy released their Asian Beauties news stand special, Marco wrote about who he considered to be the hottest up and comers in the issue. One of these was the very cute Kichi Paterno. Given that she also has one of the most perfect pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen, it’s not hard to see why! Just click on “More…” to see for yourself.

So what has happened since then? Amazingly, she only appeared in one more Playboy news stand special after that (2003’s Exotic Beauties). She is however a regular ‘painted lady’ at Playboy mansion parties (see the photo below).

So how come a girl who has been a Playboy model and a regular at Playboy parties not had a more active modelling career? To find out, I tried contacting her from her MySpace page. I am happy to say that not only was she very cooperative, but very sweet and down to earth as well. Which is why I think her career might not have been as successful as it could have been: there’s an awful lot of BS in the modelling industry!


Here’s Kichi’s vital statistics:

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 108lb
Measurements: 34D-24-33
Ethnicity: half Filipina half Japanese

Sadly, there are no other Kichi links to speak of apart from the ones in my article.

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  1. I’m not sure about that actually – perhaps Kichi herself can enlighten us? Come on Kichi, don’t be shy! But then and again, Playboy airbrush away just about everything. 😉

  2. actually, playboy doesn’t really “airbrush”…what you see comes mostly from the lighting they use. i think i look kind of washed out in that whole picture, i could have swore i had more of a tan at the time.

    my nipples are actually really, really light for some reason and i kind of wish it was a bit colder in the room, if you know what i mean…

  3. Welcome to Asian Sirens Kichi – it’s great to have your input! Personally, I like small, light-coloured nipples, so for me (as I’ve said before) your breasts are just about perfect! Perfectly formed, very perky, and a really nice size.

    Hope to hear more from you at Asain Sirens in the future!

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  6. iwantimport, if you don’t like a model faetured here you are welcome to say so, but please do so in a more respectful and courteous manner.

  7. She is hot but more than that she is such a wonderful nice approachable person. She is kind and considerate. I wish her continue successmitch

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