Nicole Oring is starting to do hardcore movies

Nicole Oring is starting to do hardcore movies

Earlier this week Zamscan mentioned that Don “Asianman” Fernando has shot Playboy model Nicole Oring for her first hardcore porn video entitled “Nicole Oring: Interactive”. The video will be distributed by New Machine Publishing who also distribute Jade Hsu: Interactive.

Since the last time I spoke with Don “Asianman” Fernando in LA, he became a successful director and has won several “Best Actor” Awards for his hardcore performance. Don told me this week that they are looking at a July 1 release date for “Nicole Oring: Interactive”.

Don, don’t forget to send us some previews when the video is available!

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  1. I don’t see what the appeal of her is. She has fake tits, multiple large tatoos, and a very average face.

    Hmmmm, I guess I just described 80% of what you see these days in the US. Guess I prefer the other 20%….

  2. Don’t mind the boobs, but I can’t disgree with the rest of what Clint says. Then and again, I am increasingly finding that the models who I think are ordinary are the most popular amongst our readers!

  3. Right on Clint. You can see 50 girls like her or better on any weekend in a mall in California. All with the look of……”how can I appear any less Asian?”

    Between the fake tits, the nose jobs, the tatoos, dyed hair etc. you can’t even tell what the hell they are………which is maybe the point.

  4. Funny you should say that, as I’ve had the same thoughts. Go to an import show, and so many of the Asian models are doing everything they can to not look Asian.

    And the ones I find to be truly attractive are, funnily enough, the ones who actually look Asian.

  5. Once again, I can’t disgree – I have actually written about this at AS several times in the past. Be proud of what you are girls!

  6. I’d like to read that Doc. I have strong feelings on the subject and would like to see what someone else has to say about it.

  7. Press Release of last week:


    NEW MACHINE PUBLISHING/HARDLINE STUDIOS is proud to release NICOLE ORING INTERACTIVE. This is the very first time this PLAYBOY TV/HBO/CINEMAX softcore star has ever done a hardcore scene and NICOLE ORING INTERACTIVE is a must-stock for her fans for sure. This interactive hardcore DVD allows the viewer to control the action and as fans know NEW MACHINE interactive are fun viewing with easy to use features.

    The street date for NICOLE ORING INTERACTIVE is August 21st and the UPC code is 616317204606.

    NICOLE ORING INTERACTIVE provides viewers with a hot view of this top PLAYBOY TV star that they will never have seen before. Director/ADULT VIDEO NEWS Hall Of Famer DON FERNANDO coaxes a titillating performance out of the Asian beauties. Among the many fascinating things that she says, ORING confesses blushingly to a masturbation addiction. The hottie needs to satisfy herself five times a day and viewers will find themselves in the same situation once they pick this title up!

    Nicole Oring was born on January 19, 1977 in Seoul, Korea. She was adopted at 4 months old to parents in Southern California. She is a model and actress, a full time student and a small business owner according to her official website. Nicole is 5’3” tall and her measurements are 32D-23-31.

    “I am really excited about this release and this was a lot more fun to film than I thought it was going to be,” Oring said.

    NICOLE ORING INTERACTIVE is fully loaded with great XXX action including a sexy interview with the ravishing model, striptease, foot fetish play, oral sex, and various fuck positions with Multi-Angle options throughout along with other fun viewing options.

    NICOLE ORING is a ravishing sex goddess and this is a complete must-see. She is completely at ease with her sexuality as you’ll see in The Behind The Scenes option where she gets herself off before the production even begins! This mainstream personality has done little if any hardcore and this is her first interactive title with many phenomenal features you come to appreciate with NEW MACHINE DVDs. Do NOT miss the opportunity to stock this mainstream hottie doing porno stuff on camera FOR THE FIRST TIME!

    For media inquiries and NICOLE ORING interview requests, contact HEIDI JOY PIKE via email at or by phone at 818-326-2838.

    For sales information, contact DAVID GROSS via email at or by phone at 973-571-2220.

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