Pace Wu (in MAXIM Hong Kong)

Pace Wu (Photography: Fu)

When I was in Hong Kong at the beginning of this month, I picked up some magazines. One of them was the MAXIM. (I also bought a more explicit magazine, but I will post from that one later on ;-)) Featured in this September issue is a beautiful lady named Pace Wu. Allmosty all text is in Chinese, so the only info I could extract was her name. But then a Google search was more informative.

Pace Wu (born 1978) is a Chinese (Taiwanese) actress, pop-singer and model! On her official site there are some nice glamour style photo’s and some information, unfortunately mostly in Chinese. There is quite a lot of info on her to be found on the web, so if this posting isn’t enough for you, be my guest and Google on! Or just check these photo’s on

But here I present to you 5 of the original 11 MAXIM photo’s. (Scanning is very time consuming! ;-))I totally agree with MAXIM: she is very sexy!

Pace Wu (Photography: Fu)

Pace Wu (Photography: Fu)

Pace Wu (Photography: Fu)

Pace Wu (Photography: Fu)

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0 thoughts on “Pace Wu (in MAXIM Hong Kong)”

  1. I’m still trying to track down before and after shots, which so far has proven to be impossible. I’ve got one particular famous Asian singer in mind to use as a very good (extreme) example, but while I’ve seen pics in magazines, getting them off the net has so far proven very difficult.

  2. Robin, thanks for posting these photos. I really like photos of Asian girls. The girls are all so pretty, especially in the photos.

    But Ms. Wu’s photos are the best I’ve seen today!

  3. She is very beautiful! She doesn’t look 100% Asian to me either. I think it’s the big upper eyelids and the thin nose that does it.

    I too am looking forward to Dr. Lee’s posting on facial surgery! 🙂

  4. And no offence intended Dr. Lee, but I think Sachiko’s breasts are too big… Sorry! I think breasts should be in proportion with the rest of the body. So small Asian women should not have a cup D.

    (But I guess this is no surprise to you coming from me ;-))

  5. Hi Robin. You may be interested and surprised to learn that I actually got them this size because I feel it is the right proportions for me – any smaller (or bigger) and I feel my body isn’t balanced! So what is ‘in proportion’ is very much in the eye of the beholder!

  6. Hi Sachiko, good to get a reply from you yourself 😉

    What you say ofcourse is true… beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    But it’s just my opinion, don’t let it get you down (and I’m sure it won’t) 😉
    I am glad you feel balanced.

  7. No problem at all. A model who puts themsleves up on the net has to have a pretty thick skin, as people generally just say what they think about you! I actually quite like this though, and the feedback I do get is overwhelmingly positive.

  8. Since Robin mentions me, i’ll react. 🙂

    My stance on this is as follows. Personally I dislike implants. No matter if you have cup AA, I will like them more naturally.

    But. If you are unhappy with your breasts yourself, you can do something about them. Self confidence is important.

    But don’t think anyone is going to think more of you when you have bigger breasts. (ok maybe horny men ;-).

  9. I have to tell you guys something that I’m sure you’ll find amazing: people DO think more of me since I got my implants, ESPECIALLY WOMEN! You wouldn’t believe the reaction I get from them (I still don’t) – they treat me like a godess! Men ususally try (unsuccessfully) to hide their feelings, but women just come right out and tell me how much they love my boobs! (They say they love my hair and my stomach too.)

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