Amy (from AKASI magazine)

Amy (Photography: Kenny)

As mentioned in my previous posting, I also bought a more explicit magazine in Hong Kong called AKASI – For Your Eyes Only (I could not find it on the web). Lot’s of photo sessions with nice young models. I guess you could call some of the photo’s pornography, but I’ve seen more explicit porn 😉

I think it is nice to pick a couple of these models and feature them on Asian Sirens. It is however quite difficult to extract information from the Chinese text, but whenever there is something in western typography which I can read, I will mention it here.

Let’s start with 19 year old Amy (of course there is no last name). She is the featured model in an extra 20 page booklet attached with the magazine (including fold-out). The only extra info I can give you is that she is 167cm in length, and has the following measurements: 33-24-34. The Photo’s are by a man named Kenny. There were 31 different photo’s. I scanned 3 for you.Want to see more of Amy? Buy AKASI magazine #135 😉
More models coming soon!

Amy (Photography: Kenny)

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  1. Good picture lady, but I can’t find the movie lady, can you tell me where is it I can download it ?

    Redy Susilo

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