Nozomi Sasaki

These days I stay pretty busy with work and family and taking care of other commitments along with trying to stay active within this community of those who truly appreciate the beauty of Asian women that I don’t get nearly enough time to look for pictures. So the time that I do have, I try to find the best stuff of the hottest chicks. Every once in a while I come across someone who I think is so incredible that I need to write an article on to spread the word. And that person today is Nozomi Sasaki.I found out about Nozomi a few months ago while searching for pictures. I figured that someone would have done an article on her by now, but since she hasn’t been featured yet, I might as well go ahead and write an article. Nozomi is 20 years old and has been featured in many Japanese publications and a few photobooks.

During my searching, I came across this picture of her licking either a lollipop or a popsicle and immediately fell in love with her. She reminds me a little of Leah Dizon but cuter. And I am in love with her petite frame. Nozomi is the essence of Asian beauty.

My Nozomi Sasaki Sampler
Nozomi Sasaki @ Really Cute Asians
More Nozomi Sasaki Pics
Nozomi Sasaki’s Blog
Clips @ YouTube


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  1. Outstanding, Candyman.

    I’d have to say that Nozomi is pretty close to perfection. Definitely cuter than Leah Dizon, and far more natural looking.

  2. This girl is an ANGEL !

    10 outta 10.

    Once I saw the 2nd pic, I was *gone*.

    (jaw drops, cant believe my eyes, there IS a god…)

  3. She is just phenomenal. I love how naturally cute she is and her skinny frame. I would love to wrap my arms around her waist. Here is the pic that made me fall in love with her.

    Nozomi Sasaki

  4. May I take this oppurtunity to compliment the way Candyman has delivered this guest post! A perfect word file, all text, photos and links included! I only had to put it all in our ancient cms. Great work Candyman! (and feel free to keep ’em coming! πŸ˜‰

  5. Not a big fan of Japanese women, generally, but Nozomi is very pretty. Good job. Not a big fan of the pedophilia vibe that Flashpoint puts out, but in most photos she pulls it off anyway without me feeling uncomfortable. Great proportions too.

  6. Thanks. I’m thankful that I am in the position where I can come across someone as beautiful as her. Starting out I wasn’t a big fan of Japanese women, but over the past months I have been becoming a bigger fan of them mainly because the photo quality coming out of Japan is superior to anything else out there. And with cuties such as her, it’s hard not to be a fan.

    I’m not getting the pedophile thing though. There’s a difference between someone who looks at her and someone who is sexually attracted to children.

  7. Damn that’s good! Not liking great looking Japanese women to me is like smoking cigarettes – it’s suicidal.

  8. There is someone (maybe Flashpoint?) seemingly always making a pedophile mindset point re photos with models like this. Whats the point?

    Candyman contributor. Lollypop the bomb. Pic #2 is …a killer. Either way quite the explosion of…well. She’s very cute. Any photobooks? Nuff said.

  9. Maybe the initial pedophile comment was a cry for help, or something. I mean, you wouldn’t think it unless…maybe it’s a deep down fantasy you’ve been having. ;( The thought never even crossed my mind about her looking underaged, untillll… came along. ;p

  10. Wow. She is absolutely gorgeous! This is just a re-affirmation to me that Japanese girls are the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me. Mmmm…

    I am totally digging the third pic down. The slightly punky hair and the subtle, inviting half-smile.

    I’ve always had a thing for girls who are equal parts sexy and cute. Japanese models tend to play to that delicate balance. Ms. Sasaki is a perfect reflection of this.

    As per the pedofilia comments in this thread – I just don’t get it. There is no way that this girl looks under the age of consent. Perhaps it’s because she isn’t sporting huge breasts and has a very petite frame. All I can say is, if liking Nozomi-chan is akin to being a pedophile, then I’m in trouble…

  11. “I’ve always had a thing for girls who are equal parts sexy and cute.”

    You got that right, seven. Innocent sexiness is the thing that really does it, for me. Overt sluttiness is just not attractive to me.

    A woman like Nozomi or Reon Kadena, really hit the optimum balance (the sweet-spot, if you will), IMO, between sexuality, and fun innocence. Cute and Hot! Damn, that’s good.

  12. Think she is HOT!!! What a find, cannot fault her in anyway…
    The pics are great, like her in long hair better, very cute shot with her yellow t and tiny panties….
    Great find Candyman

  13. Fully agree with seven. Best with long simple hair, favorite is the schoolgirl pic (biiiig surprise there, lol). To anyone who thinks she looks like a child doesn’t have an inkling as to what a real Japanese child looks like. She’s all woman to me, with real breasts that aren’t a product of technology. Guess that’s what’s throwing people who are used to ridiculous fake ones.

  14. Extremely cute! Goooooooooooooooood Morning little schoolgirl!

    BTW, as for pedophilia, states that “Most mental health professionals, however, confine the definition of pedophilia to sexual activity with prepubescent children, who are generally age 13 or younger”. So, does anyone out there believe this young lady looks prepubescent? Not even for an American girl and certainly not for a Japanese.

  15. No one is arguing that she looks underage. The argument is that her photos are designed to have her dress and appear like underage girls dress and appear. She is found with a lollypop, in childish schoolgirl uniforms, in underage pajamas – even her bikinis look like they were designed for younger girls…

    She does not look underage. But her outfits and the way the photographs are taken are designed to sort of dress her up AS THOUGH she were underage. She still looks great and I have no problem enjoying the photographs, but I also enjoy seeing women dressed and photographed… You know… as women. Not as little kids.

  16. Travis: But she is clearly NOT underage – and there lies the rub. Pedophiles are not interested in women who dress “young” – they are interested in prepubescent children.

    The pictures are designed to portray an innocent, cute, and submissive woman. These types of personality traits are alluring in Japanese culture. Hell, many girls maintain a high pitched, squeaky voice to further those characteristics.

    That said, these pictures are NOT designed to make these women look like children. It takes a bit of leap to make that distinction I think. It’s understandable, perhaps, for those not familiar with the culture to blur the lines – I just fail to see it that way.

  17. Maybe if she was tied up, preferably to my bed I would consider her portrayed as submissive, but to me the pics she’s in have her portrayed as young, cute and innocent. A pedophile isn’t interested in someone who looks young because there are plenty of Asian women who are of age who can fit that bill. Their sexual attraction lies with someone who is prepubescent. Someone who’s still a child. That’s why I hate when someone tries to make this correlation because it makes it seem like I am one step away from pedophilia just because I like chicks not Nozomi.

    And here are some more pics of Nozomi in that pokadot bikini. Damn she is fine.

  18. I have to agree with TravisS on this one. Sasaki-san is plainly very cute. But the clothes, hairstyles and poses are also plainly meant to create the Lolita image: very young girl projected as provocative sexual fantasy. I’m not saying Sasaki-san IS very young; only that that is the effect intended in the shots.

    Contrast these elements with the clothes, hairstyles and poses of Hwang Mi Hee in photos on the same site that Candyman notes:

    Cute young girl, youthful vibe, but no Lolita image. The differences seem obvious, to me anyway.

    I guess the main thing people worry about in images like these is the sexualization of children that it potentially represents. After all, they are images *suggesting* very youthful sexuality, even if they are not genuine exploitation of an underage girl.

    Related (and very interesting) questions have come up in cyberspace regarding child avatars and sex. Is it okay to assume the avatar of a very young girl or very young boy in SECOND LIFE and have cybersex in that persona? Does it matter if the person represented by the avatar is not in fact underage at all? After all, it’s not a “real” underage child, just an image representing a person this way.

    Interestingly, game management has held, pretty uniformly, that this is *not* okay: that the actual age of the gamer is not relevant, and that the image counts. The issues don’t seem so different from what we are talking about.

    I’m not preaching here, judging, or trying to make anyone feel guilty. But I think the questions raised about this “look” in photography are legit for us at AS (and not simply “parade rainfall”) since asian girls, with their childlike (pedomorphic) features, are prime candidates for representation this way.

  19. You all are apparently failing to understand the difference between “pedophilia vibe” and “she looks like someone that is meant to attract pedophiles.” As I said once before:

    “She does not look underage. But her outfits and the way the photographs are taken are designed to sort of dress her up AS THOUGH she were underage. She still looks great and I have no problem enjoying the photographs, but I also enjoy seeing women dressed and photographed… You know… as women. Not as little kids.”

    Those outfits are not coincidence. They are chosen by the photographer, and this photographer decided to dress her up like a child. Does she look like a child? No. She is very hot, and I would be happy to have sex with her multiple times over, wearing those outfits, and not feel remotely guilty. But I like seeing women dressed and photographed as women more. I find childish clothing to be great for cute photographs, but less alluring than I think she could be.

  20. I’m am a huge fantasy fan so chicks who look like elves are A-O-K with me, Lawboy… haha!

    It has been a while since I had the chance to get on here! Hopefully I can drop some jaws again with posts of b-e-a-u-tiful Asian Women!

    Anyway… haha! Nozomi, Nozomi, Nozomi… Oh sorry, I was just hoping that saying her name three time would make her appear in front of me (Beetle Juice)… haha! She is a nice one. I especially like the one where she’s in the yellow shirt. It melts me… (sigh) I love the soft focus, it gets me almost every time… haha!

  21. Travis & Urgal:

    Comparing “pedophilia vibe” and “looks like someone that is meant to attract pedophiles” is splitting hairs. Once again,
    Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children – they are not attracted to women who are dressed in “lolita” style.

    I think the real argument here might be what some men find attractive and what some don’t. Some men enjoy a woman who is dressed up in “lolita” style – some don’t. That is not to say that those who are attracted have some sort of predisposition for pedophilia. That’s patently ridiculous (and yes, I realize you were not trying to *really* imply that).

    Let’s put it this way, as an analogy, I am attracted to women in school girl uniforms. I am NOT attracted to school girls in school girl uniforms. That’s a quite a big distinction. On the flip side, you could dress a grown woman as a baby and a pedophile would not be attracted to that woman, however, if you showed them an 8 year old child dressed as a baby/woman/alien/etc, they would be attracted.

  22. @urgal, The reason I feel that Hwang Mi Hee doesn’t give off that lolita vibe is because she’s so curvy. If she was more petite, then she’d probably give off that look.

    I would say that lolita best describes the look of Nozomi in some of the pictures that she is in, but there are also plenty of pictures of her dressed as a woman. If she had more curves, this wouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t have a problem with whatever she wants to be photographed in because she’s 20. What do you expect the photographer to do, dress her in old people clothes? Doesn’t that sound sexy?

    All I am saying is that there is a difference. Speaking of which, I do have a problem with the Japanese producing photobooks of 10 year olds. That creeps the hell out of me. I don’t get how the Japanese aren’t creeped out by that also unless they are creeped out but don’t speak about it.

  23. I was speaking about the “lolita style” and not about “pedophiles” or “pedophile vibes”. But let’s not split hairs about what the “lolita style” represents either: it’s an image of adult sexuality superimposed on a child (or someone portraying one). Some do find this extremely attractive.

    As I said, for many the issue is less one of pedophilia per se, than of the sexualization of children, and the desensitization to the line between children and adults that this brings. It would be hard to convince me that the popularity of the lolita style in Japan is unconnected to the presence of photobooks of 10 year olds. After all, the distinction between someone who looks like a child posing in sexual shots, and someone who is a child posing in the very same shots, is a legal one, not a visual or aesthetic one. We’ve all met girls who could pass for considerably above or below their real age. With the right person, you couldn’t tell from the photo. The distinction is not in the image itself.

    As for Sasaki Nozomi herself, as Candyman points out there are of shots of her in other styles, so it’s not that her face, figure etc. require this style. Conversely, Hwang Mi Hee has also done school girl lolita shots, so it’s not that her curves forbid it (they can be smoothed). Photographers consciously choose the lolita style.

    Bottom line, I guess: lolita style photography, which is so popular in Japan for reasons of culture and the very youthful look of asian girls, turns some of us on, leaves some of us cold, and makes others of us frankly uncomfortable.

  24. I haven’t commented on this post until now because honestly, this girl left me without words. She’s just absolutely beautiful.

    About all of this pedophilia nonsense, get over it guys, do any of us really care? Let’s focus on the women, not strange ‘mind disorders’.

    urgal, thanks for the link to the 황미희 pics. She’s gorgeous.

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