Nanao Arai is a model/talent in Japan and is known for having the best pair of …., can you guess by looking at this picture? She has been very active in the modelling world in Japan but is also a familiar face in the variety programs that are all the rage in Japan. She has recently put out a new picture books full of clamorous pictures. Check them out after the jump.So yes, this girl is ALL about the legs. The pictures give you a good idea, but you need to see the girl in video to get an idea of the height of those legs! Here is Nanao talking about her new photobook.
Nanao used to be mainly a race queen before entering into modelling, so you can also check out some of her racequeen pictures below.

Birthdate: 1988, October 28th
Birthplace: Saitama
Blood Type O

Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 80 – 57 – 83 cm
Leg length /Proportion of height: 85 cm / 49.4 % (This girl is almost half made of legs!!!)

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0 thoughts on “Nanao”

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is one of the hottest Japanese model on here that’s NOT a cookie cutter gravure idol. She doesn’t look Japanese to me. She could pass by as Chinese or Korean due to her long legs. GREAT find!!!!!

  2. SWEET!! Very hi-fashion gams, figure and face. Perhaps the the Doktor would like to assist her with the other “pair”…eh? =:-} Thanks XM

  3. If I had a Strine accent, I’d have to be careful saying her name to her cos it sounds like “Not now, allright” and that would definitely not be something I’d want to say.
    She is kinda heavenly.

  4. I’m not really enamored of her face. It some photos, she looks quite pretty but in most of them just average. Her body is rockin’, though.

    I totally agree with Basho — the photos here are better than the gallery ones.

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