Choi Hye Young


Since it’s been days, possibly even DAYS since I last posted a Korean Race Queen that decided to start posing nude, I thought I’d bring you another one. This is Choi Hye Young. Once again I’m not wild about the photography here. Choi Hye Young has hit 30 and could probably have used a little bit of makeup and more friendlier settings, especially when you compare these photos to her earlier modeling ones, but then again beggers can’t be choosers. That’s two nude Korean race queens if you’re keeping track. Hooray for trends!Stats:

Age: 30
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: South Korea




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0 thoughts on “Choi Hye Young”

  1. Holy crapola, EXACTLY the same name as my former girlfriend several years ago.

    Mind you, she looked nothing like this. Well, as different as koreans can look from each other that is… Biggest difference: SUN TAN!!! yeah 🙂

    I likee her velly muchee.

  2. Like her a lot. Lean,tall,athletic body.Nice boobies.Korean “girl next door” face.I just dig Korean girls in general more than any other far-east women.I can at least thank L.A. for giving me this appreciation.

  3. Not so much with the others, but I did a double take with her face and tits in the first pic; I thought it was my ex-wife!
    I like the angles of the tree shots, but a shame about the sloping horizon in the second seaside shot. haha I know you noticed it!


    1) What’s the cutoff age for being a “race queen”? Not saying she can’t still be that…but in America most girls have “transitioned” by the age of 30.

    2)I don’t pretend to know everything about female anatomy…but how comfortable is sitting naked & upright on a sandy beach?

  5. I am in looovveee! Maybe top 5 all time on AS. If it weren’t for her bunion on her toes in pic #3 she’d be a 10. So in final I give her 9.99.

  6. Nice find Travis. She has a natural look that I really dig.

    @STRIPES Probably uncomfortable but the trick is to be the one who is there to brush the sand off afterwards.

  7. I like the face. Great eyes. And I usually don’t like short hair but she pulls it off in the last picture. Nice and tall = tall kids. Just needs a set of D sized implants and she’d be Green Card Worthy.

  8. I think she’s close to perfect for me (minus the bunion, of course ) :#).

    The stark photos are fine by me, but I agree the poses could be better. Still, I really like Choi Hye.

  9. “I likee her velly muchee.

    Posted by: kroos on Nov 18, 11 | 10:08 am”

    Wow, can you be any more racist? What a douchebag …

  10. @DDuana: if you review kroos’s posting history, I think you’d realise this comment was satirical. However, I realise a new reader wouldn’t necessarily pick this up, so perhaps he would be well advised to be more careful about this sort of thing in the future. In any case, please refrain from calling any of our other contributors a “douchebag”, or using any other such insult.

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