Nikki Sotelo


I’m not sure how many people Nikki Sotelo is going to appeal to on here, but she definitely appealed to me when I saw her sexy curves on Instagram. I hope some of you guys like Nikki as well.Stats:
Birthdate: November 8, 1986
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 130 lbs
Ethnicity: Japanese, Filipino, Puerto Rican
Hometown: Pearl City, Oahu, HI
Location: Honolulu, HI, USA







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0 thoughts on “Nikki Sotelo”

  1. She’s hot…but just hope she hasn’t had them butt implants done like some of the stars nowadays.. I don’t mind fake boobs…but fake buttocks a no no.

  2. Agree with Kroos….

    In my opinion, not attractive at all.

    Implants look more Japanese-style than American-style….which is better for her body shape, probably.

    What is up with that tattoo right above her private part?


  3. With that grin, and the body, she has real porn star looks. Would I like her as a girlfriend? Definitely yes, wife – maybe not.

  4. I want to like her…but yeah,she’s killin’ me with the tatts and the busted extensions.Hey toots: Save your money and get with the laser doc to remove any and all tatts in the chest / boob /butt cheek area.If I wanted a trailer park white girl…

  5. Yes, I can appreciate the nice curves = Womanly.

    I don’t like the tattoos one bit and the bleached hair. It makes her look too rough and ghetto fabulous. Not my type at all.

  6. I think Arf picked it up, but what is with the ass in the last pic? Some sort of padding? She seems to work the camera well with her ‘cheeky’ look but overall I will pass too.

  7. I have been resisting the urge to post on this one, but I have succumbed. My problem with Nikki is that everything about her seems calculated and unnatural. Fake body parts, calculated image, excessive tattoos–even the poses don’t seem genuine. I’ve always been turned off by phony and/or cartoonish looking women. And everything about Nikki seems fabricated and over-sized.

    I know she will appeal to some and she will probably do well for herself because of her created body and image. But it isn’t for me.

  8. Another Nikki in the spotlight nowadays…Minaj…also has one of them fake butts implants which just doesn’t do a thing for me. I don’t mind fake boobs like I said but leave the lower parts alone or build naturally at the gym.

  9. Like the curves, the rest is just okay for me. Still take her over the thinspo girls any day of the week.

  10. Seen a pic of her with minimal make up on , she actually looked cute, but yeah, we live in a day in age, where some encourage women to get things done to the their bodies.. There will be those guys into heavy tats that will encourage her to get more etc. They feel getting this and that done gives them power..

  11. I think if she could get more tatts that somehow tied them all together it would be beneficial.

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