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Amelia Nightmare is an alternative model known for her colorful photos and unusual portfolio. I know a lot of you don’t like tattoos, but there’s a difference between a model that chooses to get a tattoo here and there and a model that tattoos herself for the art form and to represent color and be an alternative model. Without her tattoos, you wouldn’t be seeing her here today. Her body is a part of the style she uses to create modeling as an art, not just as a way of looking pretty.

So… you know… don’t freak out in the comments or I’m going to be annoyed.Stats:

Age 26
Height: 5’3
Located: California
Ethnicity: ?












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  1. she could be very attractive if she dressed and looked more mainstream…too bad we may never know. But kudos to her for finding a niche little market there…

  2. I think that her approach to tattoo’s is a good one. There seems to be some cohesion to the designs and they are chosen to suit her body shape. It reminds me of Levy Tran who is gorgeous and has well done tatts IMO. I think Nikki Sotelo looked as if each tatt was chosen individually without consideration to the placement, more spur of the moment (ie the awful snatch tatt).
    On Amelia herself, her body is fantastic and she looks quite pretty but it is hard to tell with all the make up. But I applaud her for adopting a look and going all out to make it work.

  3. I got a big surprise when I first saw this post – I don’t like tats and really don’t like garish makeup/styling at all, and yet I find this girl sexy as hell! One reason is that she clearly has a truly excellent body – and I suspect she is quite pretty too – but there’s more to it than that. I’m not sure what it is – perhaps it’s her adventurousness, apparent feistiness and wildness, or the fact that she looks like a whole lot of fun to be around.

  4. For those who fantasise about making love to a second-hand graffitied plastic troll-doll.

    No thanks. Although I am curious about the colour of her pubic hair….. I’m guessing silver and pink glitter.

    Oh, and her nipples really are on high beam in the 5th photo….

  5. not to sure about all the tats, but wow what a body she is sooooo sexy and the 2nd photo what a great ass, don’t know if I could walk down the street with her but hey I would give it a go and I bet she would be lots of fun in bed.

  6. I think she is a living canvas. She has some Lady gaga hair influences and classic fashion model poses. Great photography and photoshop too. Thanks Travis, gave me a smile 🙂

  7. Yes. She’s found her style and she’s sharing it in all the right ways. Well done Miss Nightmare.

  8. Hey Adam, nice of you to drop by. 🙂 I agree the quality of the photography is excellent, and is probably a big contributor to my surprisingly positive reaction to her.

  9. I don’t mind tats, I actually prefer a woman to have small and subtle ones. But a huge green skull… um no.

    Other than that, nice photos (bit too over photoshopped in some) colourful poses, great body.

    I wonder if the heart shaped nipples are photoshop or some sort of tattooing/surgery?

  10. lol..I played the “Find the Heart Shaped Aureolas” – too easy! Hmm yes, I wonder how she got them too.
    And I am agreeing with most (so far) that the tats suit her and she has a killer body.
    Lovin’ her cute sexy arse in pic 2!
    Where’s arf btw?

  11. Travis, she is Korean.

    She has the classic “Varga Doll” personality and many of her pin-up poses have the classic Vargas in mind.

    Smoking hot body, well-thought out niche, very unique and sexy as hell. What a website she has! A real professional.

    These are modern times….but in another era, I could see that second photo right at home on the side of an American warplane. The classic “ass and looking over her shoulder” pose.

    Simply gorgeous- I can’t get enough of her (or her perfectly perky breasts).

    Thank you, Travis!

  12. Really like this girl. She’s doing her own thing which I find really attractive, love the artsy, fringe elements. She’s certainly not going to appeal to everyone, but that’s kind of the point.

    I like that the response here has been positive, was expecting loads of negativity but it’s nice to see people appreciate someone diferent.

  13. Wonderful figure. Artistic poses. I can appreciate the creativity that goes into her work.

    Too bad you would never know what she really looks like. Does not appeal to me. Soooo NOT my type.

  14. Oh nice!…now this is more like it! Like a little piece of pink and blue cotton candy to melt in your mouth. Agree with Mr longtack on the nice little sexy butt too.

  15. Thought you might like her arf! (wink)
    Yes, agree a similar image might have adorned a WWII bomber.
    And really she is following the niche trend of 50’s burlesque women in the west. But less obese…sorry I mean BBW.

  16. late thought: Probably stating the obvious, but I think the hearts might just be painted on round her nipples.

  17. You could be right Longtack… but her areola must be pretty small…

    Re the WW11 comment…. I’d say it would be pretty doubtful that an allied bomber would have had an asian lady painted on the side…. 🙂 Did the Japanese paint naked ladies on their planes????

  18. Gents, true….a WWII-era American bomber would not have had an Asian woman as artwork on the side of the plane. The pose, yes, but not Amelia here.

    I saw a few Japanese WWII-era planes (in-person while in Japan and many more in photographs) with clothed women painted on the side 🙁

    I truly believe that if I were one of those American soldiers sent to the Pacific in WWII I never would have left. I would have gone native. Viet, Japanese, Burmese, Chinese women….wow. No way I would have come back to the USA.

    As I think about it, I met a WWII vet at the American embassy in Tokyo in the 1990s….he never left Japan. And I grew up with friends who were half Viet (American fathers/Asian mothers). My babysitter was Cambodian (she kicked my ass if I did not go to bed on time- which I never did because she was hot).

    Back to Amelia here, I LOVE those heart-shaped nipples and that fine arse. This is not the girl that fits in at the local McDonalds.

    I always loved pin-up style art. If you are familiar with Alberto Vargas…

    …then you will know that Amelia here has the classic pin-up body and poses. Vargas always used petite models in his paintings- sometimes he would paint the legs longer (early “photoshopping”, lol) but preferred women with Amelia’s body because to him that was “perfection”.

  19. Stellar body, terrific photography. Tats are over the top, but as noted, suit her manufactured image. The Vargas influence is very apparent.

    Her face isn’t extremely attractive, but it isn’t unattractive either–except for when she makes the ridiculous faces. There is far too much of the horrid Lady Gaga going on in the hair and in some of the pics.

    Oh yes, even though I already mentioned her great body, her ass gets its own special “Yowza!”

  20. Hey, if you’re gonna get tats, at least make them colorful, right? Kind of reminds me of Annie Lennox when the Eurythmics first came out – I knew there was a beautiful women under all the makeup, wigs, etc.

    Think her butt in the second photo is Photoshopped? It looks a bit too perfect to me but would love to check it out personally:-)

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