Nicolas Cage married Asian


In a glossy magazine I bought for my gf I read that American actor Nicolas Cage married a real (Korean?) beauty in 2004. He met Alice Kim at a sushi bar where she was a waitress. She was only 20-years-old at the time they married. Anyone has some more info on her?


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  1. I saw another pic of her a few months ago when his son Kal-El (yup that Kal-El) was born and she is stunningly beautiful. Good for him!

  2. She definately is a Korean. Korean name is Kim Yong Kyung. Will she be his final wife? fyi… Wesley Snipe’s wife is Korean too.

  3. “Since my wife is Korean, Korea is my second homeland,” said Wesley Snipes (41) at a press conference on June 25 at Shilla Hotel in Seoul. “I am very familiar with Korea as I have many Korean friends back in United States. I am very excited to visit.” He also added that his wife cooks him Korean food all the time, which often includes Kalbi and Bulgogi (meat prepared in Korean seasoning).

    As the press shifted its focus to his wife and their marriage, Snipes simply answered, “We owe it to Cupid’s arrow and God’s blessings.” After living together for many years, Snipes and his wife Nikki Park (30, painter) registered their marriage last March. When asked about his grasp of the language, he shouted “On your knee!” in Korean bringing laughter to the crowd. He confessed “I learned it from my two kids and my Korean is improving”. The Snipes’ have a daughter (3) and a son (1) between them. Snipes expressed a lot of love for his mother-in-law, and also joked around by saying, “between my two kids my son looks a lot more like me. If it was my daughter that would be a problem”.

    Complete article here.

  4. Million isnt what it used to be Doc. Especially down under. A millian Ausie dollars cant even buy me a new Bugatti Veyron to impress the korean honeys. South Korea is one of the most expensive places around. I bet those K-gals know how to count the money in your wallet with one glance.

    They are very spicey.


  5. Alice plays a small part in Cage’s latest movie: Next. She is an extra in the first scene. She climbs on stage with Cage who plays a ‘magician’ and is puzzled on how he managed to do his magic-trick on her.

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