Dead Asian woman by PETA

Dead Asian woman by PETA

The activists from PETA (People For Ethical Treatment of Animals) packed themselves as meat to publicise the fact that Animals are killed and abused because we want to eat their meat. Great way to communicate a (IMHO) big issue. But I really wonder how many people are going to give up meat after watching these posters.

The girl above looks Asian to me. If I didn’t gave up meat allready many years ago, I think I would stop now šŸ˜‰


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  1. Just my two cents, but I think PETA is just a bunch of nuts. Many people believe that humans are OMNIvores…meaning that we are adapted to eating a variety of things. We even have teeth designed to cut and tear meat as well as a digestive system that is built to breakdown meat products. Some people can live off a strict vegetarian diet, but then again…some people have to switch back to a meat inclusive diet for health reasons. On the other side…people run into problems from eating too much meat. But again, the key is variety.

    Evolutionarily speaking, eating meat has allowed humans to become less dependent on eating all the time and large quantities (a la cows, whales, and other grazing animals), to being able to eat smaller, more energy dense meals and spend the rest of their time doing other things.

    To me, what is more inhumane…raising livestock for meat or paying immigrants sub-standard wages to pick fruits?? No one says that this is a perfect world. If people didn’t raise livestock…we would have to resort to hunting and killing wild animals…then Greenpeace and the WWF (the wildlife people, not the wrestlers) would start complaining. And domesitication also has it’s own negative impact on the environment. Again, I never said the world is perfect.

    What I find hypocritical is that many of the supporters of PETA are members of the fashion and model industry…anorexic and bulemic people who have no clue what healty eating is all about. They represent an unhealthy body image that too many people get sick trying to emulate. I can’t think of one athlete or fitness guru who endorses PETA. I’m sure there are some…but not many.

    Well, anyways…that’s just one man’s opinion. The girl is hot though…I’d let her taste my meat. šŸ˜›

  2. bball-jerk raises some good points. The fact is, human beings are omnivores. Vegetarians often cite the diet of our ape relatives as ‘proof’ that we are naturally vegetarian, but in fact eating meat is one of the key things that separates us from them. It was when our ancestors started hunting that our brain size increased exponentially, making us what we are today. A good demonstration of our move away from a strictly vegetarian diet is the appendix: this is a vestige of the ancestral vegetarian condition, which required a longer digetsive tract than does our current omnivorous diet. Now it is not only useless to us, but can be harmfull.

    And as for the ‘humanitrian’ side of things, the animals we raise for food are killed far more humanely than any animal would be in the wild. Indeed, domestic farm animals would go extinct very quickly if left to their own devices, as they have no defences against predators. Also, there is some experimental evidence that plants have ‘feelings’ – how do we know that killing them is any more humane than killing an animal? Indeed, we usually eat them when they are somehow still alive, which is very inhumane indeed! šŸ˜‰

  3. Which would you prefer Robin, being killed quickly in abattoir, or slowly and painfully by a pack of wolves? We all have to die some time, and every animal has its place in the food chain. Plants have just as much right to live as animals too.

  4. I should point out that I support PETA’s objections to our use of animals for purposes other than food (as these are very much unnecessary), but eating other animals is just part of nature.

  5. I think that is a very dumb remark Lee. Do you have any idea of the life most of the animals live in the bio-industry?? Maybe you should watch a documentary about it. I did. The animals may be killed instantly (do you even know how?), but the animal living in the wild killed by wolves has at least had a normal natural life.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying people should not eat meat. I am merely saying mankind should look carefully on how this ‘so called civilization’ is progressing into a machinery that uses living beings as products only. In my opinion mankind does not own the planet. But we sure are acting like it. Well, maybe for the best. The more we consume this planet the quicker it will all end and nature can take it’s way again! šŸ˜‰

    I am not going to debate this any further untill people that want to eat meat, and at the same time look down upon vegetarians, do some decent research into the matter. A lot of people who watch the footage I spoke of think different after that. We are just closing our eyes to the isue as long as we can have our piece of steak on our tables.

    Respect to the people at PETA.

  6. Of the common western farm animals, it seems to me that most of them lead a pretty easy and comfortable life – certainly more so than they would in the wild. The one common exception I can think of is battery hens, whose life is very miserable indeed. That’s why I only buy free range eggs.

    I am aware that there are some pretty brutal farming practices in the east which should be strongly objected to, but that’s not what PETA is attacking in this particular campaign. They are attacking western farming practices.

    There are probably specific practices that could be cleaned up (I watched my uncle castrate a cow once and whinced!), but in general I don’t think farm animals are treated inhumanely, as long as they aren’t kept in overly crowded or cramped conditions.

  7. These sorts of conditions are unheard of in Australia, but we do have a lot more space than Europe. However, I would like to know if this really is widepread or just a few isolated cases – organisations with an anti-meat message usually target a few extreme cases to push their agenda.

  8. One more thing Robin: this thread is getting away from the original subject of this article. What you are talking about is animal abuse, but the premise of this article is simply that we shouldn’t eat meat. And IMHO that’s BS.

  9. Well, there is a lot of ‘animal abuse’ going on then here in Europe.

    Agreed. It was about the Asian woman who packed herself as meat.

  10. I thought it was a nice ad to raise awareness, but nothing will change because people love meat and the industry supplies this demand using the most efficient way possible despite how cruel and inhumane it might be.

    We should be eating less meat and more vegetables as well as implement a healthier diet into our lives. In America, animals never see the light of day, are kept in close confinement with each other, and are pumped with hormones antibiotics. Cows are pumped with BGH to make them bigger and produce more milk and pumped with antibiotics mainly so that they are able to digest the corn that they are fed. These things are affecting our health as well as making bacteria more resistant to antibiotics.

    Iā€™m alright with using certain animals for meat and medical research. I do have a problem with non-essential uses and the cruel treatment that they entail, for instance ducks and geese that are constantly forced-fed with pipes so their liver will swell up to 10 times its normal size to make foie gras. Now this is ridiculous and the people who do this and support this should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. hehehe, she is pretty. but thats not the point. PETA is crazy. They are modern hippies who are ignorant of the way the world around them works.

  12. Yeah, things like foie gras have to stop. Once again, this is not about whether we should eat meat or not – it’s about animal abuse. This sort of thing just doesn’t happen in Asutralia except in very isolated cases. The animals that supply our meat are treated humanely, apart from battery hens as I mentioned.

    The antibiotics issue is another one altogether. This doesn’t harm the animals themselves so much as it harms us. It is the largest contributing factor to our growing immunity to antibiotics, and could lead to disater if it isn’t stopped.

    Once again, from my point of view the issue of whether we should eat meat or not is completely separate from the issue of animal abuse. The former is a part of nature; the latter has to end.

  13. In my opinion mankind does not own the planet.

    Robin, in my opinion, mankind absofuckingLUTEly owns the planet. And that is as it should be.

    Any of you guys watch “Penn & Teller: Bullshit”? I recommend it.

  14. Actually, the planet owns us. And if we abuse her too much, she will no longer allow us to live here. The extinction of species who exhaust the resources available to them is also part of nature, and we’re really pushing it.

  15. No, we left that hippy-dippy Gaia BS behind a long time ago. Most of this “save the planet” stuff is a First World luxury. Look, I’m all for good stewardship of the planet and its resources, but if you think we’re not the dominant lifeform here, you’re sadly mistaken. And if you’re the kind of people who believe the Earth would be an idyllic paradise if only Man weren’t here to spoil it, you’re just being naive. Nature is cruel. It’s not sentimental. It’s a jungle out there.

    See “Grizzly Man” for a vivid illustration of what it looks like when human sentimentality runs up against animal reality in nature.

    But wait–aren’t we here to talk about women?

  16. Yes Curtis, nature is cruel. No species can survive if it exhausts the resources available to it – not even the most arrogant creature ever to have evolved. If we want to avoid extinction, we have to learn to live within our means. It isn’t about saving the planet – not even a nuclear war would be powerful enough to destroy it, as the earth would simply bounce back over time. It’s actually about saving ourselves.

  17. Considering the Asian focus of this site, its interesting to note how the Asian world treats the issue. For buddhist and Hindus, it is a religious issue and for Muslims, like Jews its observance that determines how they eat meat. But if you look at how simple people, folks living close to the earth live; meat is astaple and its respected. There is no doubt about it that we are all one system and whether you realize it or not, people get eaten everyday. You might still have all your limbs when you wake up in the morning but the bacterial world and parasitic insects are surviving off of us all the time. Abusing any resource should be condemned but it is animism or self-rightious nonsense to assume that eating animals is somehow morally wrong. Religious beliefs aside, take what you need and do it with respect.

    But to be honest, if I hear one more petchulli wearing granola head tell me that eating a burger or owning a pet is wrong, Im going to to explode.

    Asian women should not be eaten. Just licked for a while.


  18. I agree with you, Dr. Lee, but I don’t see that we’re living beyond our means (unless you’re talking about our below-zero savings rate).

  19. Great comments redlaw. This is exactly my point: living in harmony with nature isn’t as simple as not eating meat. It’s about maintaining a sustainable balance, whether we eat meat, vegetables or whatever. And it’s also about treating the animals that supply our meat as humanely as possible.

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