0 thoughts on “Nao Oikawa Versus Hard Gay!”

  1. What the??? Anyhoo I wonder how many Gucci bags she got for that skit?….See what I did there? I alluded to the story two down about girls giving it up for fine goods and…ah never mind..

  2. Well, maybe some sub-titles would have been helpful. I have no clue as to what that was all about or what the attraction is other than, by clothed appearances, a very generous rack on an otherwise mediocre-looking girl. (too harsh?)

  3. in a nutshell: late-night risque tv show. the theme of the game is: “making unsexy things sexy: who can do it better?” hence all the posing and vamping with the ice cream & othello.

    nao-chan isn’t drop-ded gorgeous, but has a HOT body and has definitely aged quite well. she must be in her early- or mid-30’s by now.

  4. gay guys dont scare me except when they wear leather. what a horrible thing to say. i just get a little nervous when a guy eat an icecream cone so seductively…weird when they paired that up with a hot japanese girl….i really miss japan!

  5. Nao Oikawa “mediocre-looking” and not “drop-dead gorgeous”? I have always thought that she was very fine indeed—from head-to-toe. Many Japanese seem to think so anyway as I have not seen anyone successfully turn out more JAV product. And yes, I think she is aging very well.

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