Name those models!

Name those models!

Do we have an expert in the house who can name all these models?

UPDATE: Thanks to our readers we now have names for the following models:
from left to right: Eri MoriyamaCarlynne YuJenny ChuNautica ThornSabrine MauiAlex LynnLeah Dizon – model 8?

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  1. Yeah, Alex is third from the right. The second one from the right looks very familiar, but I can’t quite place her. I have to know who she is!

  2. Aha, I see Robin has found the D1 Grand Prix Umbrella Girls!

    Just try a Google-search on and I’m sure you will find many pics of these beauties, e.g.
    link 1
    link 2
    link 3
    link 4

    #5 is not Sabrine Maui; I can know as I had her once on my lap (for free) 😉

  3. Wow #5 is Sabrine Maui…but she there is something different. lips, nose or she may have gained some weight. But I agree she is almost unrecognizable.

    whose #7 she looks the best.

  4. I foudn this pic not too long ago myself as I am a D1 fanatic. I recognised and found it interesting that Nautica became an umbrella gurl, porn star to drift umbrella girl…. hmmm. Kinda like Lexington Steel entering Mr Universe (well extreme analogy haha), but she doesnt look out of place. Always debated whether she was filo or hawaiian, didnt look total asian to me (filos in my mind are half asianish half spanish kinda).
    Still think best D1 gurl is the japanese Option video girl that they Tsuchiya etc all tease, Kasumi Kondo…

    Wow my first post has been useless rambling…. haha 5am!

  5. Thanks Charisse! Now we only need a name for model 8. She doesn’t look very Asian on this photo… And she is also VERY short. Look at the size of her high heels! Model 8? Anyone?

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