Find Asian babes with Findr!

Find Asian babes with Findr!

On Fresh Creation I read about a new handy tool. Findr is a tool which has been created to easily find pictures on It works simple: enter an initial tag, ‘Asian’ for example, click ‘go’ and related pictures appear. At the same time related tags appear on your screen. Click a related tag, ‘Babe’ for example, and pics tagged with both the initial and the related tag are shown on the screen. Have fun! 🙂

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  1. sorry boys..this has nothing to do with asian chick..I read about Joe Cole of Chelsea FC getting death threats because he is pursuing to date this chick KEELY HAZELL , so I googled her and….HOLY CRAP !! she is smoking HOT screen is melting !! and those natural tits.. no wonder someone would kill to get her !! here are the links

  2. Not only has it got nothing to do with Asian girls, it hasn’t got anything to do with Findr either… :-\
    How off-topic can you get? 😉

    (But since you are a valuabled member, I will let it slip this time! ;-))

  3. Teardrop shaped implants could produce breasts that look like this, but on the basis of these photos I’d say they’re natural – I’d need to see more to be certain, preferably first hand ;-). One thing’s for sure though: natural or not, Asian or not, she is totally awesome! Maybe we can feature her as an ‘exotic’ looking babe?

  4. The video has me pretty much convinced she’s natural. The best part though is that she seems quite intelligent! However, she doesn’t need to study psychology to find out why men like big boobs: Freud figured it out long ago!

  5. that video is so sexy ! she loves talking about her boobs and showing them, nice ass too , she enjoys being nude and of course…pretty face ! those boobs are the best natural ones i’ve ever seen !

  6. I guess I am somewhat of a purist. I only feature girls who have at least 25% Asian heritage 😉 So doc, she’s all yours! 😉

    (Have to admit, she does look nice and exotic though!)

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