Naked News breaking into Japanese market

Naked News breaking into Japanese market

Naked News. In case you have never heard of this ingenious production, it is a news show out of Canada that essentially provides network-like (24-hour) news via newscasters, anchors and correspondents who strip, or are already nude.

Now, while one would have assumed that this may have been considered a mainstay in Japan during even the last century (when Naked News was founded), somehow the West beat Japan on this one.

Now naked news is coming to Japan! At at the head of their effort will surely be the Asian, sexy, naked newscaster Lily Kwan (photo above). But is there video (without the pesky byline name bar covering her bits) you ask…?Indeed there is. In Asian Sex Gazette’s on-going effort to keep people abreast of developments in Asia related to sex, we’ve seen fit to provide readers with a sample of Ms Kwan’s news bits (along with the other bits).

Full story and video here.

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  1. Nice vid! Cut it off too early though, would’ve loved to watch her walk away for a few seconds!

  2. I’m submitting my news stories to Naked News too. Import models Christine Nguyen and Lena Yada appear in my DVD, “Naked in the 21st Century” on sale March 7, everywhere.

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