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Katherine Thom @ KatherineThom.com

Katherine grew up in Hong Kong and immigrated to America at the age of four.

On her site she tells us: “Although my father was an actor in Hong Kong, I never thought I would be interested in the entertainment industry. I was scouted by a well known producer. I thought I would give modeling a try since marketing was my forte. Because I was too petite to do run way, I started doing print-work which lead to swimsuit calendars, posters, magazines, etc. In addition, I signed on to various talent agencies where I landed several international commericials, ad campaigns and spokes model. All in all, I have enjoyed my pastime as an aspiring model and would love to continue to pursue acting and singing.”

There is plenty of material to be found on the web, but I have made a selection for you.Some facts:

Date of birth: November 14th, 1978
Birthplace: Hong Kong, China
Location: Pasadena, CA
Ethnicity: Chinese/British (some sites say Chinese/Dutch)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Measurments: 34C-22-34 / 86C-56-86
Height: 5′ 4″ / 163 cm
Weight: 106 lbs / 49 kg

Katherine Thom on the web:

Katherine Thom @ modelgraphy.com
Katherine Thom @ importicons.com
Katherine Thom @ purehotmodels.com
Katherine Thom @ asianscene.com
Katherine Thom @ eight08.net
Katherine Thom @ onemodelplace.com
Katherine Thom @ groups.yahoo.com
Katherine Thom @ myspace.com

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom

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  1. Yeah, she’s too western looking for me (although she’s mixed, I think there’s a fair bit of surgical ‘enhencement’ too). But a very trim and taut body!

  2. She doesn’t look really Chinese, because she is only half Chinese 😉

    Too western looking?! Doc, you have got to be kidding!?
    And please, are we getting into the surgery issue AGAIN?! 🙁

  3. I like the look, regardless of her heritage. The trailer park tat on the lower back is a turn off though. But I’d probably manage to ignore it. 🙂

  4. I love Katherine! She’s sooo fun to work with. I’m so lucky to get to work with her all the time! You guys should see her body in person… great skin and super firm everywhere… wow I’m starting to sound kinda gay.. hahahahah


  5. Definitely breast implants. Implants are fine by me, but she should have got a size that fit her body more… ie C’s?? It looks like hers are at least D’s.

  6. Actually she might not be mixed. Her bio in one of the links above says her father is Chinese-British. That usually means her father has Chinese blood, but held a British Passport and was a British citizen. Just because you are British, does not mean you are white.

  7. True. But I think she looks kinda mixed. And the fact that the double ‘nationality’ is mentioned everywhere (and sometimes is even Dutch) implies to me that she is proud of some mixed heritage.

    It could also mean that her father was of mixed ethnicity also. I once had a father in law who was mostly black, but part Chinese. He looked quite black, but had some Chinese blood.

    Maybe Katherine herself could shed some light on this issue? 😉

  8. If she’s full-blood, then she must have had a lot of surgery! 😉 Seriously though, I think she’s mixed no question – if I wasn’t told she had Asian blood I probably wouldn’t have known from looking at her.

  9. Just being negative would be to say something without any factual or observational basis, which is not the nature of what I write. This girl clearly does not look classically Asian, whether it’s because she’s mixed, has had surgery or (most likely) both. QED.

  10. What kind of BS is that? Of course you can be negative in an observational way.
    But it still is NEGATIVE.

    I am stopping this discussion. If you want to put down the models, that’s your decision. I just think you are not helping Asian Sirens here.

    And did anyone ever tell you are a wiseacre? 😉

  11. Actually Robin, the correct expression is “wise ass” – or as we say it here in Australia, “smart arse”. 😉

    And yes, many people have told me that. 🙂

    And all I said originally before you blew it out of proportion was that I agreed with shokr that she didn’t look very Asian (and I complemented her body highly!). This is merely a factual observation.

  12. And as I looked the term up in a dictionary I rest my case 😉

    I just wished you would be more supportive of this site by not putting down the models with your tiresome ‘surgery’ talk. But I am not getting through to you, so let’s give it a rest. Maybe Marco can talk some sense into you 😉

  13. Once again, it’s only a put down if you interpret it that way. From my point of view, it’s just a factual observation. In my second comment, I used a whink and a “but seriously” – how much clearer can I make it that I’m being flippant? Admitedly though, humour is the thing that comes across least clearly when English is not your first language.

  14. I know. You keep on going on and on and on and on and on…

    I thought you said you were so busy? It seems you have lots of time on your hands… Maybe you could post a model of your own again, instead of putting all your time in debating 😉

  15. Robin, I don’t start a debate about if a girl look asian or not, has big breast or not, has fake breast or not. And certainly not with Lee as I don’t have that much time 😉 And to be honest, I don’t care as it’s all about beauty and that is something in the eye of the beholder.

  16. I’m confused. Does this mean Doc doesn’t like Katherine? And Eurasian folks tend not to look traditional.

    Haha. Doc what’s up? Should I look back and see what you said about Jooty now?


  17. Since you’re asking, the current “shaved eyebrows” look just isn’t to my taste (so I don’t really like Jooty either). But that’s just my taste, and clearly a lot of our readers do like it. Once again though, Katherine does have an impressively trim and taut body!

    I do like a lot of Eurasian looking girls (like Kristen Kreuk, for example), but for the most part I prefer the classic Asian (oriental) look.

  18. Jooty’s not eurasian though 😉 and careful what u say about Jooty 😉 (haha – kidding as usual)

    Good to know Doc. I’ll have a problem sending u a photo xmas card haha.

    I’m sure there more to come and unlike Doc (kidding again Doc) I love my group (Katherine, Jooty, Brandy, Elisa, and Michelle) to pieces.

  19. I didn’t say Jooty was Eurasian (actually she looks very Asian), but she does have shaved eyebrows. And it’s good to see that even though we have different taste, you don’t take it personally. Beauty is a purely subjective issue after all!

  20. Agreed Doc. Now let’s back to staying on the subject of Katherine (positive stuff please – haha)!

  21. Yes I think we all agree. Let just talk about Katherine. She does look more Asian in some other pictures from the other links. Maybe she just tells people she is half Dutch or British to get herself more well known since many people think Eurasians are hot??? Hell I’m half Canadian and half Chinese (by blood only, not citizenship nor culture)… does that make me Eurasian?

  22. Yes, it does. In this case European refers to your blood, not your country of birth. That is of course assuming that the Canadian side of your heritage is from European stock!

  23. I’m just surprised that the Doc couldn’t spot Asian in her without being told. I think she has very definitive Asin features. She is just red hot gorgeous though.

  24. I know a lot of white women who have “Asian features” – it doesn’t necessarily mean they have Asian heritage. And surgery blurs the lines even further.

  25. yep, shockr. you’re a eurasian.

    europeans share at leat 60% of their genes with asians & that percentage dramatically increases as one travels north & east in europe. if one of your canadian parents came from say, hungary, estonia or poland you might be 75% plus asian 😉

    2 of my nieces have slight epicanthic (mongolian) eyefold. yet both are lt.blonde with bright blue eyes. blue spot on our butts appears often too…

  26. Best of both worlds for the most part I think.

    Eurasians add variety and the exotic look that is so in fashion nowadays from people I have talked to.

    I’m glad we’re talking about katherine again folks (for the most part I think). Katherine is a great person and sharp criticism should be constructive if used and probably best left alone.

  27. That’s what I mean. I’m NOT eurasian. I’m 100% Asian but Canadian. Just because someone says they are British, Dutch, American, Canadian, or whatever, does NOT make them white or mixed.

  28. I don’t get it. You aid you were
    half Canadian and half Chinese (by blood only, not citizenship nor culture).

    I think that there is a difference between where a person lives (geographically) and where ‘the roots’ of a person lies.

    Like you can be Asian by race but be born in Canada and hold a Canadian passport. Then you are as well Asian as Canadian. But definitely NOT Eurasian. Because Eurasian implies that you are of mixed blood: Caucasian (that’s what Europe is) and Asian.

    Well, that’s just my vision on it :-\

  29. Ah! I see my typo. What I meant to say is that I’m both Canadian and Chinese. I identify my culture and nationality as being Canadian first. Therefore, the only Chinese in me, is blood. I can’t identify myself as Chinese as I live in China now and see no resemblance in culture or personalty between myself and the communist Chinese.

    But if you really think about it, saying you are Chinese doesn’t really mean “Chinese”. What most people mean is that you are a Han person. I assume most people here have seen the movie “Hero” by Jet Li. China thousands of years ago was like Europe today… separated by many countries where many people look similar but different in some ways. ie language, height, skin color, facial structure etc.

    Northern Chinese probably have Russian blood in them and so they are generally taller. Southern Chinese are more like the Vietnamese so they tend to have darker skin. Of course I’m generalizing, but if you live here long enough, you can tell the difference.

    Ever eat Sichuan food? These girls tend to have big breasts for some reason. Some have really firm round breasts!

    Dalian girls are from nothern China and they tend to have really nice long legs with nice skin. 🙂 Could be because there was lots of Korean mixing going on in that area before?

    Damn. I just realized I’ve gone off topic! Haha

  30. It’s nice to see Katherine has inspired us to speak in such volume about assorted topics. I’m sure she will be pleased with her contribution to our intellectual stimulation. =)

  31. K. To answer the question about Katherine background Katherine is Chinese-Dutch more than Chinese British. As Katherine explained to me, and she was amused we spent so much time chatting about this, her grandfather is a Brit by citizenship who was adopted and is believed to of Dutch origins. Hope that helps.

  32. Great. I’ll share the feeling of joy with Katherine 😉 Glad to be able to answer a life’s question 😉

  33. Cool! I’ve used Katherine’s Van Gogh picture is my desktop background for a week now. 🙂 I like that shot as it shows her nice legs.

  34. That’s what they all say. 😉

    Her face has a certain ‘oddness’ about it that is almost always associated with surgery (as is the single facial expression). If it isn’t surgery then she has one of the most unusual natural faces I’ve seen.

  35. I’ll have to side with my own. We can go on forever and unless Katherine says otherwise I’ll have to disagree with you on this Doc.

  36. What’s her blood type? Are we compatible? Does she like dogs or cats? Does she work out and where? Does she want kids if she ain’t got any? What’s her favorite perfume? Does she like to drink and carry on? Is she available? Will she like packing up and moving every 4 to 7 years due to my job? Will she love me the same way I love her? Does she even like white guys? There’s a few things I would like to know about the beautiful Katherine. Thanks for asking. Do you know her?

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