Mystique’s Asian Beauties Exposed DVD

Mystique's Asian Beauties Exposed DVD

Asia is a huge and varied region, running all the way from the volcanic mountains of Japan in the northern hemisphere, to the islands of Indonesia and the Phillipines in the southern hemisphere. In Mystique’s Asian Beauties Exposed, you’ll get to know the world’s most stunning women from virtually every region of Asia. Many of them have come to the United States with their families looking for a better life, while others are of mixed cauacasian and asian heritage, often the result of military romances.Get ready to meet Lisa Marie Scott from Japan, Morena Corwin and Natasha Yi from Korea, sultry Vietnamese beauties Christine Nguyen, Cherie Roberts, Linda O’Neil, Maureen Hoang and Leanna Scott. You’ll also meet Chinese seductresses Shannon Lea and Susie Tran, and Thai knockout Kay Sivilay. Plus, heavenly Filipino beauties Angelica Pamintuan, Natalie Keen, and Luana Lani, Cambodian looker Sunisa Kim, and Singapore’s curvy Felicia Tang.

Running time: 55 minutes, Release Year: 2005.

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Mystique's Asian Beauties Exposed DVD

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  1. One big problem I have with Mystique is the outrageous price premium they charge for shipping overseas. There’s been a couple of times when they’ve offered me a free DVD, but I passed when I realised the shipping costs were a multiple of what the DVD itself would normally cost!

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