Miss Vietnam wins ‘Miss Asia USA pageant’

Jennifer Pham

Almost 1,500 watched 28 contestants representing countries from Asia and Asia Minor compete. In the end, the crown went to Jennifer Pham, 20, of Orange County, who represented Vietnam in the pageant.

“I look forward to bridging the multitudes of cultures that surround us and are now rooted and woven in America,” said Pham, who also holds the titles of Miss Vietnam USA and Miss Vietnam Model of the World. “I am excited to fulfill my year-long reign as the ambassador of culture and goodwill for the Asian communities in America.”

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0 thoughts on “Miss Vietnam wins ‘Miss Asia USA pageant’”

  1. Man, that Miss Vietnam USA site is depressing. The winner has had so much surgery that not only does she not look Vietnamese, she doesn’t even look Asian! Indeed, for me she isn’t at all attractive either, and the other contestants aren’t much better. How can the most beautiful women in the world be represented by this?

  2. I went to this contest in the year 2000. It was fun. The crowd is pretty small – like this year there were 1,500, that year maybe 1,000. So I got to sit very close.

    The girls were very cute. Except…uh…I never understood why Armenia was included. I guess because there are so many Armenians in the L.A. area where the contest is held. They have a different kind of…beauty? Not the petite features like the Asian girls.

  3. Yeah, Armenia is not on our list of women to feature here at Asian-Sirens! 😉

    A list that should give you an idea what we consider to be Asian-Sirens material: Burmese – Cambodian – Chinese – Filipino – Hawaiian – Hmong – Indian – Indonesian – Japanese – Korean – Laotian – Malaysian – Mongolian – Nepalese – Pacific Islander – Pakistani – Singaporean – Taiwanese – Tibetan – Thai – Vietnamese.

    Miss any?

  4. Agreed Dr. Lee (and likely the only time).

    It’s simple…as soon as I read she was from Orange County I knew disappointment would prevail.

    It’s the warped mindset of the Asian chicks living in the US to try and look as white as they can.

    It’s the same reason I find 99% of all Asian porn chicks in the US to be total turn-offs.

  5. Theyre not Japenese or Korean..why the hell do you want them to look like that? When youre in competition like this no matter what race, ethinicity you probably had something done.

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