My new desktop girl: Merina Vo

Merina Vo

I found Merina Tram Vo (an immigrant from Vietnam, now living in Canada) on after Nik2 mentioned her in a comment on my Kyara Nguyen posting. There sure are some great photo’s on her pages! Check it out. (Do take your time, there are 1250! ;-)) She is on most of the pictures, so I wonder who is taking them… Some of the photo’s are quite ‘classy’ and Merina (as well as some other models) looks beautiful.

After I read her profile I am sure she doesn’t mind being featured on Asian-Sirens (and on my desktop). According to her it’s all about “Living Famously”. She even wrote an e-book about it: Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame: An 8-Step Roadmap to Living Famously. Well, here’s to you Merina! ;-)Her Gifts: “Creative, entrepreneur, leader and a natural life coach.”
Her Goals: “Become an ‘Asian Oprah’ and a powerful brand name. Help thousands of people to reach their dreams and live famously.”

Merina’s official site
Merina’s MySpace
Merina @
Merina interviewed by FunHi

Merina Vo

Merina Vo

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  1. and on my screen is her sole pic from oct.20. that site is tresure throve of beautiful pics. merina’s friend amy, is hot too.

  2. A big thankyou to Nik2 for bringing this one to our attention! If you’re reading this and you’d like to be a poster at AS, please send me an email. Just go to one of my posts and click on my “profile” link. Then click on the “email” link to send me an email.

  3. Actually, Merina’s book reminds me of ‘get rich quick’ schemes. It seems the best way to get rich quick is to sell a book telling people how to do it, and I guess the best way to get famous is to sell a book telling people how to get famous! Still, I’d never heard of her before Nik2’s post…

  4. Mother of God. I have to admit, I looked at every photo of this woman’s porfolio. She’s painfully sexy. Though–and maybe this is my age showing–I find naval jewelry fashionably vulgar, right up there with ankle bracelets and ‘designer’ nails.

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