Japanese designer: Yoshie Watanabe

Yoshie Watanabe

I found this strange and colorful advertisement in the book Japanese Graphics Now. I wasn’t sure what is was supposed to mean, untill I found this on the web:Yoshie Watanabe was born in Yamaguchi. Belongs to DRAFT Co.,Ltd. She designed the advertisement of Mos Burger and Lacoste, and awarded for, JAGDA New Designer Award, Tokyo ADC Award, Hiromu Hara Award and NY ADC Gold Prize. As the main designer of D-BROS, she produces postcards and calendars which are popular and known for its unique design. She has been widening her working fields in the store development project of the cafe “caslon” and branding of the Wacoal underwear shop “une nana cool”.
Source: littlemore.co.jp

The ads shown here are for that underwear shop 😉 I have no idea who the model is…

Yoshie Watanabe

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