My Asian Model Top 5

My Asian Model Top 5

Although it’s allmost a mission impossible to name my favourite Asian models, I will give it a shot anyway. Here we go! My current top 5:

1. Sung Hi Lee
2. Natasha Yi
3. Audrey Quock
4. Tiara Lestar
5. Hiromi Oshima

This top 5 is based on looks (and my current state of mind ;-)) only. Unfortunately I don’t know them personally (well, maybe Tiara, if e-mail counts), so I cannot really include ‘character’ as reference. I do like the ‘Korean type’ I guess, since 2 out of 5 are Korean… (Also read Why do we love Asian women to learn more about my fascination with Asian women.)

Do you want to share your own top 5 with us? Go ahead, make my day and comment! 🙂

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  1. Great list Robin!

    I dunno. There are so many models out there. A top 5 is really tough. I’m finding it hard to come up with a list myself. It’s hard not to consider extraneous information like history, personality, character, tattoos, and cosmetic surgery. I prefer that models that have not had cosmetic surgery out of principle, but it’s so ubiquitous now that, as many of you have said before, it’s hard to find a model that *hasn’t* had any. Besides, you can’t have a list that doesn’t include Sung Hi Lee.

    My list (also, based only on looks):

    1. Natasha Yi
    2. Sung Hi Lee
    3. Yuki Love
    4. Tila Nguyen
    5. Kelly Hu (she models some)

    On Robin’s list I can only disagree with Audrey Quock. That particular picture is good, but I’ve seen several in which she looks much more like Lucy Liu (ugh). Hiromi Oshima really caught me by surprise last year, but I haven’t seen enough shots to put her in my top 5. Tiara Lestar is even more of a mystery to me. There has been quite a bit of traffic here about her lately, but I await seeing more of her work before judging. Lots of potential there.

    I think that I too have a preference for the ‘Korean type’ (I can’t figure out why), but I married a Malaysian.

    I can’t wait to see others’ lists.

  2. ok i try to list my fav:

    1. natasha yi
    2. Tila nguyen
    3. kaila yu (i haven’t seen her post in asian-sirens)
    4. Yen hoang
    5. Hiromi Oshima

    sorry i don’t include sung hi lee, but i think her “time” gone

  3. As you can probably guess, my taste is biased toward Japanese and big tits. Of course there’s Sachiko McLean – yes I am her webmaster and photographer, but I honestly think she has one of the best bodies of any model in the world, Asian or otherwise. Plus she has beautiful long hair, a great personality, amazing talent (multilingual singer, pianist and belly dancer) and brains. Quite a package!

    Speaking of great bodies, the greatest body ever (especially considering she’s all natural) was Jun Kusanagi in her prime, but she’s too skinny now. Still, when she was at her best she was my all-time fave.

    If you can call Mash a model she’d be in there too – her body’s the closest thing to Jun I’ve seen, and boy is she interesting!

    Another favourite is Shiori Fujitani – she’s just so cute and pretty, and she has the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen (even if she isn’t as slim as I normally like). She also has an outstandingly cute personality on video.

    To round out the list, I guess I’d have to nominate Sakura Sena – yes, her breasts are super fake, but they’re perfect super fake breasts, and perfectly proportioned with her nice trim and taut body.

    If you’d asked me a few months ago, I would have nominated Lena Li. Although her legs are too stocky for my taste, she’s so outstanding from the waist up I can forgive that. But her navel scar in her recent photos really grosses me out! I know that sounds ridiculously fussy, but I am a stomach fetishist (Sachiko has a really beautiful stomach, and Jun has the most beautiful waist in history), and we are talking about all-time faves here. And while her over-inflated lips are very sexy, they can also make her look quite ugly sometimes – I don’t think I’d want to see her without make-up! All the romantic fluff in her blog is really starting to put me off too – she says so much without saying anything, which is really annoying.

    BTW, if you want a really good laugh, check out the comments from “D. Terrance” in Lena’s blog. What a dork! (Her blog seems to attract them.)

  4. Audrey Quock is probably one of the most financially successful Asian models given that she has posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue/calendar/etc. a number of times. One of my favorite photos of her is wearing a paint-on bikini. I believe I have that calendar as well (unopened). Even though I like her, she doesn’t make my top 5 list which I will post in a seperate comment.

  5. Hmmm, that’s a difficult one. So many beautiful models, so little votes but okay, here are 5 of my all time favorites:

    1. Sung Hi Lee
    2. Jun Kasangi
    3. Vivian Hsu
    4. Jup Salakjit
    5. Tia Carrere

    Sorry Robin, no Kaily Yu in my top-5 list 😉

  6. Hmmm, a couple of interesting choices here. I knew you’d pick the first two, but Vivian and Jup are interesting. I really like Jup too, but she’s so rare it’s frustrating. And I don’t recall you posting on Vivian in the past. For me Vivian was always like a lesser version of Hsu Chi – I strongly considered Hsu Chi for my list actually.

  7. I considered Tia Carrere, but then I thought of the recent picture marco found were she was pregnant and looked kinda old, and everything was clear… sorry Tia…

  8. Lee, you’re right and perhaps I should consider Hsu Chi in my top 5. On the other hand, I like them both and as I mentioned before, it’s difficult to chose only 5 models while there are so many really beautiful Asians. Take for example Miyako Miyazaki, the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2003.

    Will do a post on her in a few minutes 😉

  9. My list would be:

    1. Sung Hi Lee – her scans got me into all of this.
    2. Jun Kasangi – definately the best body ever.
    3. Maiko Kazano – her nipple drive me nuts.
    4. Sakura Sakurada – she projects a great attitude in her films.
    5. Yinling – I love the goth/leather/fetish look.


  10. I don’t base my top 5 list purely on physical beauty although that is an important component. I also judge a model’s beauty on their inner beauty as well. Limiting it to 5 is difficult though.

    1. Khwan a true overall beautiful woman originally from Thailand but now in Los Angeles. She has become much more than a model at this point though. I plan to post more about her on Asian Sirens in the future.

    2. Anastasia who I have already written about on Asian Sirens. I knew Anastasia before she was a model and she hasn’t changed significantly like many models do for the worse. She is still down to earth and friendly.

    3. Tia Kai again who I have written about on Asian Sirens. Another very caring and warm person who happens to be so damn sexy for such a petite package. It is also refreshing that she is not afraid to talk about sex even though she would never perform sex on-screen. Looking forward to seeing her and Anastasia at this Sunday’s Model Showcase Event.

    I will leave the final 2 based on looks alone as everyone else has for their top 5s:

    4. Ryoko Mitake

    5. Shu Qi aks Hsu Chi

    Honorable mentions too many to mention but I also like the photos of Vivian Hsu (almost equally as much as those of Hsu Chi) so can understand why she made Marco’s top 5. Jun Kusanagi had an amazing body combined with some great photography in some of her most memorable photos so she is deservedly on quite a few top 5s as well.

  11. If you re-read my list you will see it isn’t based entirely on looks either, although given the nature if this list it is of course the key consideration.

  12. I stand corrected Dr. Lee. I should have written almost everyone else rather than made such a blanket statement. Of course, I could also be wrong about the criteria used by the others as well. They could have also factored in more than just physical beauty.

  13. Badboy and Lee, I have judged my top 5 just only on physical beauty because on this list I only know Sung Hi personally. When I should select my top 5 on inner beauty than none of them would be in my list. Nope, also not Sung Hi. She still is one of my favorites but I’ve never had a warm feeling with her. That is totally different with models like Aiko Tanaka, Akira Lane, Kaila Yu, Natasha Yi and Mika Tan (just to name a few). I’ve met all of them a few years ago and they are all very down to earth and when they would live here in Amsterdam I definitely could be friends with them.

    So a second list based on inner beauty would be (in random order):

    1. Aiko Tanaka
    2. Akira Lane
    3. Kaila Yu
    4. Natasha Yi
    5. Mika Tan

    Hey, now Kaila Yu is on my list Robin 😉

  14. o.k., here’s my list.
    although it changes from week to week

    Miki Munemasa
    Linda O’Neil
    Patricia Ford
    Sasha Singleton

  15. Marco, badboy, Robin, Zamscan, Dr. Lee, Adam Yurman (if he’s reading) — you guys need to come up with a ‘model personalities’ blog entry of some kind. I really like how Marco describes personality in his comment above. I’m sure most of us readers haven’t had near the contact you guys have had with our precious models. I’ve only had the opportunity to meet a handful of them, and it would be interesting to see what you guys think. In some ways it could provide a voice of stature (as opposed to the general yahoo/xanga horde).

    For example, I’ve heard over and over (various places) that Natasha Yi is a bitch, but my experience with her has been quite the opposite. I’ve met her several times, and talked to her many more. I never saw any bitchy tendencies. She’s very reserved. She clearly seperates her personal life from her work, but that’s a far cry from being a bitch.

    What do you think?

  16. who are these women?…oh i get it …they are only known in Asia, sadly enough only Lucy Liu that made it big.

  17. As Sachiko is the only one I know personally (although I am getting to know Tiara), my perception of the models’ personalities is largely based on how they present themselves, which in my case seriously affects how attractive I find them.

    For example, one of the reasons Sung Hi didn’t make my list is the way she comes across in her videos (as Marco confirmed when he met her!), which turns me off somewhat. One model I almost certainly would have included on looks alone is Akira Fubuki – her face and breasts are almost as pretty as Shiori Fujitani’s, and she has a nice trim body to boot! But in some of her photos and especially her videos she really comes across as dumb, which really turns me off.

  18. Madtrader, to answer your question; I do not (yet) know any models personally. I Just started helping Marco with this blog last July! 😉

    Tiara is the only exception. By e-mail she seems very friendly and interested.

    Ohw, and I have some contact with Feya Sue. She seemed friendly in the beginning, but I am not so sure now. She probably is very busy and doesn’t think modeling is her future. She wants to focus on study. Although that is a good thing, I really think she should also consider modeling… I saw some great material on her private photo pages…

  19. To clarify what I was saying earlier, Robin’s original question was: who are your favourite Asian models? I think everyone should just use whatever criteria matters to them to make this judgement.

    P.S. That Feya Sue really is a honey. I’m increasingly finding that I really prefer non-American Asian models – I really don’t like the sort of facial surgery they usually have, and they often give me the impression that they think they’re better than they actually are.

  20. I have to admit Masuimi is a very verstaile model, but boy is she is an arrogant, ‘know-it-all’ bitch!

    I also have to say that I’ve never been able to see what all the fuss is about with Gong Li. Yeah, she’s attractive, but so are a lot of other Chinese women – I don’t feel she’s especially outstanding amongst them.

  21. too much photoshop thesedays !!!

    I did mention Gong Li was more an actress…but for her age (40’s) she does an awesome job still…I was looking more at versatility…(yea yea i know this was supposed to be a top 5 MODEL thread)

    bad boy: as for the other 3…hmmm i’ll agree with sung hi…but having difficulties with the rest of my list ..can’t think of any others at the moment…

  22. asciance, we certainly don’t mind you promoting your magazine here (as I’m sure it will be of interest to our readers), but posting the same message more than once is spam, and will not be tolerated here. Continued viloations will result in your membership being deleted.

  23. stephanie ly
    natasha yi
    felicia tang
    francine dee
    leanna scott

    seeing how i’m posting on a 2 year old post, many of my favs are relatively new

  24. Sung Hi Lee
    Thitima Charoenmak
    Natasha Yi
    Kay Sivilay(even though she’s retired)
    Rashel Piazza

    Sung Hi, is about the sweetest person. I don’t understand the negative comments about her. She is always nice. What is the reason for it? I love her videos, she’s great in them. Her newer ones she interacts more with the camera and the are wonderful.

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