Boob the bell

Boob the bell

Talking about crazy Japan, after Which one doesn’t simulate?, I just found Boob the bell, another weird Japanse tv-show.

Can someone explain me how and when these tv-showed are aired? I guess it’s not on the national tv channels?

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  1. Boob the bell was relatively tame I thought so I could imagine it being aired on regular TV. After all, even topless is allowed on regular TV in Japan.

    I liked the other clip better although the quality isn’t very good but it would seem less likely to be shown on regular TV given its more sexual nature.

    I have seen other clips of more pornographic Japanese game shows which involved sex with contestants and/or female audience members.

  2. When I lived in Japan, there was a show on late nights called “EX Osaka” that previewed the latest porn videos. I also saw a clip on the evening news, I kid you not, that showed a lactating grandmother breastfeeding a monkey. Then the female reporter took a taste of her breast milk as well.

    Nothing surprises me about Japanese TV.

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