Motor show wardrobe malfunctions

Motor show almost nip slip

I love the motor shows in Bangkok, not for the cars, but for all the cute booth babes. From what I see on the internet the motor shows in Korea and Japan are just as fun, and maybe more because they seem to wear skimpier outfits than in Thailand. And with all those tiny outfits there are bound to be some wardrobe malfunctions. Like this almost nip slip above. And some bigger slips after the jump…

Motor show nip slip

Motor show skirt malfunction

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  1. “nipple slips” and “upskirts” have been happening for years.
    Janet Jackson does it and it is forever renamed as a “WARDROBE MALFUNCTION” – that’s how society works nowadays… LABELING

    That last pic is AWESOME – I’d fuck the saki outta that chick.

  2. arf, I doubt we’ll miss you. And it’s not only the US where some people have a problem with nudity (I certainly don’t). You must have missed the Asian-sirens coverage of the Playboy flap in Asia.

    And ChineseLoverMan, the reason the JJ ‘event’ is infamous because it was during our Super Bowl halftime show – over a billion people watching. To compare that to a breeze lifting an Import Models skirt and showing a very attractive trim is ludicrous.

  3. arf…leaving the US… for ASIA… for… nudity?

    sweety, try south america. You won’t have to wait for an accident to see see T&A!!! You know how how scandalized everyone was if my stomach showed an inch? (in China) … not to mention cleavage!!!

    I don’t know about elsewhere in Asia – but in China it’s still like the 50’s…


  4. i’m like lost after reading WestCoast and ranacubana’s comment. i don’t mind being missed and i’ve been to thailand, malasia and singapore. not quite south america i guess, but nice and raunchy. i had a pleasant with the T&A there. ALL SMILES

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