Jackie Chan protests racy magazine pics of Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung

Jackie Chan and fellow stars marched silently Tuesday to Hong Kong’s government headquarters, protesting against a gossip magazine that featured a cover photo of pop singer Gillian Chung changing backstage.

The celebrities, wearing black T-shirts, handed over a petition denouncing the photos that were secretly taken of Hong Kong pop singer Chung, part of the popular female duo Twins. The stars urged the government to tighten laws governing racy publications. Chung was shown adjusting her bra backstage after a concert in Malaysia’s Genting Highlands. It appeared on the cover of the current issue of Easy Finder weekly.

Full story at Yahoo Movies and WomenDiary (with the photos!)

Gillian Chung changing pic

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0 thoughts on “Jackie Chan protests racy magazine pics of Gillian Chung”

  1. This “Twins” act seems to be absolutely massive in Chinese countries – I can’t walk into a Chinese video store without seeing them everywhere!

  2. While I hate tabloids (and this specific event is pathetic), some celebrities think they can control the media and strongarm photographers. Here in the US the Supreme Court has ruled (correctly IMHO) that you forfeit your right to privacy when you leave your home. So celebs ordering their bodyguards to beat up photographers and steal their cameras are being egotistical jerks and seem to think they are above the law.

    Gillian does have a very attractive face.

  3. They have to put on the waterworks to show how mortified they are – and generate massive amounts of publicity! (Not to mention the sympathy of their gullible fans!)

  4. Good grief. The next person to mention “puritanism” regarding sex in the States is gonna get such a smack…

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