More Asian Hometown Hotties


And again Badboy has posted 15 photos of the Asian contestants in this week’s Maxim’s Hometown Hotties in his group! Check out Kathy, Jasmine, Jen, Soucki and Stephanie at Asiandivas.

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  1. Sorry guys – as Robin posted this during the server move, the image appears to have been lost. I’m sure Robin will re-post the image as soon as he sees this!

  2. Thanks for featuring Kathy and this week’s Maxim Hometown Hotties contestants again!

    With a bit of help from google, I discovered that Kathy Lee is part of
    Prestigious Models and travels around the US to participate in Hot Import Night shows.

    She is also on MySpace of course and her page is (lots more pictures of her there
    and a short bio)

    She wrote this in her MySpace blog about the Hometown Hotties contest:

    “I was looking through Maxim’s hometown hotties winners… And no
    ASIAN winners!!! one got in tenth place once psssh… well I wanna get on top!! So I need every vote I can get!! Please vote for me!! And tell you friends to vote too! … thanks guys!”

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