Model ID Request – Tumblr Problem


I know you guys love these, yeah? Here, again, we go back to the issue in Tumblr. Is this even a model? Does she have a name? How do we find this name?

And so, as usual, I turn to you guys – if she’s a model, let me know if you can find her name and at least one other photo so that I can feature her here in the future.

Also, since I don’t like the idea of this sitting up for a few days without any other images, go ahead and post your own “Who is this model from Tumblr?” questions in the thread below. Make sure that it’s a model from Tumblr though. The posts have to have a theme, of course.Made you look.

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  1. Funny seeing this here, cuz I saw an profile the other day with this picture. Unfortunately the profile only has that one picture, under the name jennyolo, age 21. Doesn’t mention anything about modelling, only that she just graduated and is trying to figure out what to do.

  2. If I saw that photo on an OKcupid profile with some vague generic text I’d report it as fake to the administrator.

  3. Not a day goes by on Tumblr that I do not see a new face that should be modeling, if she is not already. Wondering how many posts you will get on this topic. Maybe a hot link somewhere else on your site where we can post the picture/link and your followers can solve the mystery.

    Here is my mystery woman of the day:

  4. Yes Travis, you made me look 🙂

    I say Vietnamese now living in Southern California in the USA….

    Kinda hot, I like how her teeth aren’t perfect and that she wears too much eye makeup. I love too much eye makeup on a girl. Love it.

  5. @jleetechie: that is an awesome link, just clink on the index. It is an embarrassment of Asian amateur riches!!

  6. @mcantrell: amateur pornography links may not count as model request links, but they are always welcome:-)

  7. Holy crap, someone find her and post pictures. She’s so cute. Wow French, you noticed one little tooth was just not quite perfect? That’s really picking things apart:) Actually, I like girls with little imperfections, it makes them real.

  8. Slackerking: I’m glad we were never roommates- we would have fought for the same woman. I too am a fan of the little imperfections, and WAY TOO MUCH eye makeup.

    Speaking of the tooth, my Dentist buddy saw this woman’s photo and said she had braces, but probably did not get her molars removed before they began to crowd her then-perfect teeth. He told me the tooth number that is not lined up with the rest but I forgot that number.

    jleetechie: thanks for posting that link. Once again I will show my bias (and stupidity) and say many of those women look SoCal Viet to me…..Lots of iPhone owners in this group 🙂

  9. that “jenny wei” doesnt look so great. her big tits from the blonde pic disappear in a bikini (so what, push up bra?) her hair/face look terrible in the second pic, and she looks like a pretty typical asian in the 3rd. she is above average, but her hot ‘blonde’ pic is clearly not representative.

  10. @lawfin: although I would tend to agree with your assessment of this girl, I think the overall tone of your comment is a little too harsh, and the last sentence was totally uncalled for – I had to edit it out. Please make sure you comply with the guidelines at the bottom of the page.

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