Alexis Kobayashi


I don’t remember where I found Alexis Kobayashi, but I’m not complaining. She’s sort of an import model, sort of a regular model, sort of a lot of things. You can find her DSport interview here, and several photos here. There is also Tumblr for those that like Tumblr, which can be followed here.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: California








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  1. She looks better in some pics than others. For some reason the 2nd pic seems very Conan the Barbarian-ish to me, but that’s crazy hot. There’s something about the outfit that reminds me of it. Yes, I know that’s a weird fetish.

  2. Ha ha ha, good one.

    Hey, I just realized that “Kobayashi” was the name of the mysterious guy in the movie the Usual Suspects. I wonder if that’s her real name….

  3. Doc, other than the doll eyes, what do you find artificial?

    Do women from different countries favor certain changes once on US shores? Does one group favor implants, nose jobs, chin implants, etc. more than another?

  4. The makeup, the hair, the nose, the chin…

    It isn’t just Asian girls who come to the US – indeed, it’s probably most common within Asia itself these days.

  5. French wasn’t that Kaiser Soze?
    Wylde8 I agree with the barbarian fetish, I have great memories of Kate Bush in the Babooshka video.
    I love all the photos here and find it nice that she still looks very Japanese for a US car show model but after looking at other images and a couple of videos she was in I am leaning towards the Doc’s side.

  6. I thought Kobayashi was Kaiser’s right hand man?

    The more I stare at this girl the more confused I get. Pretty, but this “doll” look is reminding me of those Chucky movies where the doll comes to life and stabs everyone.

    Man, I didn’t even play with G.I. Joe dolls when I was a kid. Like clowns and mimes, dolls are just “wrong”.

  7. Kobayashi was Soze’s lawyer in the story, but in fact the name made up and coined up from a logo on the bottom of a coffee cup… Famous scene and no more spoilers. 🙂

    Alexis was looking kinda normal to me, until I saw her smile on pic #5. Wow! She has this cute smile in some her pics in the interview, also.
    That smile alone could command me to do things, lol.

    dbldipper, I don’t think her interview is that awesome. Just the normal things a 22yo would say? But I liked to read that she does some volunteer work, that’s very positive.

  8. She’s a stunner. DSport magazine often has really, really hot asian models.

    Doc, I don’t get the artificial putdown. You’re ok with the big oversize boobs that look fake, but not with understated nose and chin jobs that really don’t? Seems somewhat hypocritical.

    Also, not saying she hasn’t had work, she probably has but I know quite a few girls here that have a very similar look but aren’t models and most certainly haven’t and can’t afford to have surgery. This is a very common look in Socal.

  9. We’ve been over this before slackerking. In spite of what many posters here say, it’s a statistical fact that most men prefer bigger tits, regardless of whether they’re natural or enhanced (even if natural is preferred). But the same does not apply to artificial faces – we almost always prefer a natural look in this case. Compare how frequently men say they like big tits with how often they say they like artificial looking faces (never).

  10. not disagreeing per se re the breasts though I think you oversell this point a lot. I think you prefer them so think everyone else does, but in real life I don’t know many who prefer giant breasts, most prefer healthy normal size. Men who prefer big and say buty the big boob magazines are generally more vocal about it, but most definitely a small niche. if you polled a hundred men, there is no way that 51 of them would prefer very large breasts, sorry I do not believe that for a minute.

    That wasn’t really my point though, my point was you find fake ok in one part but not in another. Nothing wrong with that we all like different things, just interesting. She doesn’t look artificial at all to me, except maybe the eyes and by the majority of positive posts I’d say most everyone found her beautiful not artificial. In fact it was 14 positive to 1 negative.

    Almost every model has work done, and the few that don’t probably should. People don’t say they like artificial faces, but they certainly like them or we wouldn’t have models who do it. In fact, every time a regular girl gets posted, someone comments on some flaw or another. Check the next post where French noticed a tiny snaggletooth. So people might not verbalize that they want an artificially perfect face, but they expect it.

  11. If you could see Asian Sirens’ stats, you’d know most like prefer big tits, fake or not – regardless of what they might say. My point though is that in this case surgery can give us something many of us desire (bigger breasts), but virtually nobody wants to look at an artificial looking face. I think it’s only desirable to reverse ageing or to make a face prettier – not to make a pretty face look plastic. Do you understand my position now?

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